The site is still under construction. Keep coming back and you will be able to see it change right before your eyes. Soon, we will start discussing the world of Music and Gaming. I love both, so why not have a website dedicated to both?!?

Some interesting things you can look forward too from the website…..

Synopsis of the latest news in the recording industry, gaming industry as well as Bios, Interviews, and music from Independent bands, Major Label bands, and Game Developers from all over the world.

Some interesting things you can look forward too from the broadcast….

Streaming broadcast of Major Label artists from mostly Rock, some Rap and a little Techno. Kewl, off the wall shit you may have never heard.
Ex. Did you know Ozzy and Dweezil Zappa did the BeeGees, “Staying Alive”, or Busta Rhymes did a song to “Iron Man”, with Ozzy singing backup, or Miss Piggy and Ozzy sang Stepenwolfes, “Born to be Wild”? Ozzy is one crazy dude and they are all in rotation on the live broadcast.

Soon, You will get to hear unsigned bands from all over the world, played with the Hottest Major Label Artists you know and love. Of course, sometimes Ill play whatever the hell I want, but your opinion will always count. You will get to talk about Major Label and unsigned artists and decide which bands will get the most airplay.

Im also working on interviews with Musicians, Gaming Industry Insiders and whoever else will talk to an Internet Broadcaster. So, if you have any connections that you dont mind sharing, let me know. I would appreciate the help.

Atomm Nihilo