Farewell To Great Indie Band

Since 1989, Manifest Destiny has been kicking Metal Ass in one form or another. At one time, they had a European record deal and ranked higher than Metallica on the Metal charts in a European country (Denmark, Sweden or something similar, cant remember).

Tragically loosing their front man to a fatal car accident the day before his birthday and in-between the first and second album, they persevere with a new front man, Russ Pace.

Deemed too heavy for their market, MD parts ways with their label after releasing their second album to much critical acclaim world wide. To this day, you can still find import copies of Manifest Destinys first two albums floating around on the net.

Lets move along to the year 2000. Ive been working with Russ for almost a year before I find out he is the singer in a Metal band. I think hes joking. Hes rather quiet and keeps to himself, not at all like the front man for an up your ass Metal Band. Was I in for a shock. Not only was he the lead singer, but it was a great band. I enjoyed the music so much, I debuted their last album on my own station, even before it was released. It rocked! (Funny side note: The guys in the band freaked out because some internet radio station was playing their stuff before it was released. Luckily, Russ filled them in on how we knew each other and the fact that he was actually the assistant music director for the station.)

Back to business…. Last week, I dropped by their site to find out they were going their separate ways. Even though, I only knew the band for a little less than three years, I honestly feel they were a great live Metal band and put out kick ass original Metal music. I for one was looking forward to their next album. Thanks for the great shows and the great tunes guys, you will be missed. And if I ever get my damn station back online, you will be in rotation….

To quote Russ, Peace Out….

Atomm Nihilo

Jack On The Big Screen!

Our boy Jack is rumored to be a new movie with none other than the Olsen twins. In the new movie, Jack will play the manager of a band featuring a 17 year old punk rebel named Roxy. Roxy will be played by Mary-Kate Olsen. (Is she the pretty one?)

Ashley will play her twin sister, an intellectual who wants to attend college.

All I can say is….. Jack, Hes a ladies man….