BF2 Patch Update

EA has posted an update on the imminent 1.03 patch
here. The big news is:

Battlefield 2 1.03 Update Enters Final QA Pass
Thats right, troops. Barring any last minute issues, the 1.03 update is only a few days from release now. We thought this occasion warranted a post covering the major features and fixes coming in 1.03, so settle back and enjoy.

click on the link above for the longer list of changes and improvements. It doesnt have the full list, but we are getting closer.

Thanks to Mish at the CAT Scratching Post for pointing this one out.

PBF Interview with Forgotten Hope Mod Team

In the first interesting mod news in a while, PlanetBattlefield has posted an interview that they did with the Forgotten Hope mod team. Contrary to most recent information regarding on going mod development, this interview gets into the dynamics of gameplay and gives us our first indications of how the BF2 engine will be adopted to WWII game play.

Here is an excerpt from the interview posted here

PBF: “What are you going to do with BF 2s Commander Mode? Will it be removed, adapted for a WW II setting, completely changed?”

FH: “FH 2’s command system will be heavily modified from the BF 2 system to better suit FH 2’s gameplay and historical accuracy. New features such as smoke barrages air strikes, and a few others will be added to the commander’s arsenal, as well as a unique “recon system” to provide battlefield intelligence to the command map in place of satellite and UAV scans.”

Forgotten Hope

Shinedow Album Preview

WoW! This one snuck up on me. I cant wait to get it…..

Shinedowns Us and Them will be released next week on Tuesday, October 4th. Two tracks off the new album are now available on Shinedowns MySpace page.

Before you start listening to the songs, scroll down to the small windows media player interview with the band. Its pretty cool to hear a band whose humble about the music and the fans. Keep rocking on Shinedown.

Song one is Titled Save Me. I cant wait to add it to the station. Song Two is Yer Majesty. Heck, both songs are cool. Check them out.

Body Count Live DVD

Being a big fan of music, there are only a few concerts I regret not attending. The first one was Nirvanas In Utero Tour, Stevie Ray Vaughns last tour and missing these guys playing a small old movie theatre in support of their first release. I heard it was a hell of a show, but this may make up for it.

Press Release

Eagle Rock Entertainment, the leading independent source for high quality music audio/visual programming, will release Smoke Out Presents: Body Count, a DVD presentation of a rare live performance from legendary rapper Ice-Ts hardcore punk-thrash metal band. Body Count appeared for San Bernardinos Smoke Out Festival in 2003, in the wake of the worst fires in California history. The DVD arrives in stores on October 4.

Ice-T, who is also known for his work as an actor, including his role on NBCs “Law and Order: SVU,” was already one of the most famous rappers in America when, in 1992, he unveiled Body Count. The band was his tribute to punk/metal bands like Motorhead and Suicidal Tendencies. Almost immediately following the release of their debut, Body Count was denounced by President George H.W. Bush and then-NRA chairman Charlton Heston due to the self-evident sentiments of the song “Cop Killer.” During that election year, Ices record label, Sire, severed all ties to the rapper.

Read On for Tracklist and link to buy it. Continue reading Body Count Live DVD

Antrhax Hosts HeadBangers Ball

In celebration of ANTHRAX September 20th release(s) Bass Player, Frankie Bello, will Host MTV2 Headbangers Ball Airing September 25th at 10:00 pm EST with Special guests Throwdown !!!

This weeks playlist:

Black Label Society- In This River
Underoath- Its Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door
Trivium- A Gunshot To The Head Of Trepidation
Napalm Death- Silence is Deafening
Drowning Pool- Killin Me
Throwdown- Burn
Anthrax- In My World **(might be replaced with “caught in a mosh” from the new DVD)
Clutch- Burning Beard
Chimaira-Nothing Remains
Norma Jean- Absentimental
10 Years- Wasteland
Nevermore- Final Product
In Flames- My Sweet Shadow
The Red Chord- Antman
Darkest Hour- Convalescence

****Bonus Droppable Clips**** Megadeth- Symphony of Destruction
Korn- Shoots & Ladders
Testament- Trial By Fire
Kix- Dont Close Your Eyes

Slipknot Releasing Double Live Album!

SLIPKNOTs has an upcoming live album titled “Slipknot 9.0: Live”

Check out this tracklist:

Disc One:
1. The Blister Exists
2. (sic)
3. Disasterpiece
4. Before I Forget
5. Left Behind
6. Liberate
7. Vermilion
8. Pulse Of The Maggots
9. Purity
10. Eyeless
11. Drum solo
12. Eyeore

Disc Two:

1. Three Nil
2. The Nameless
3. Skin Ticket
4. Everything Ends
5. Iowa
6. The Heretic Anthem
7. Duality
8. Spit It Out
9. People = Shit
10. Get this
11. Wait And Bleed
12. Surfacing

Expect it to hit stores November 1st!

UT2004 $8.98 Shipped!

If you were to ask me what the best game for the money was, I would have said FarCry for under $20. Its a beautiful game with an intriquing storyline. However, that has changed.

Unreal Tournament 2004 is a great game. It has so many different online modes, it is like buying 12 games in one. And for $8.98 (shipped!), it is deffinately the best deal around. Grab it quick!!!!

And be sure to join us for Thursday Night Fights. We are always adding custom maps and mods. Unlike our favorite Battlefield Game, you can auto download custom content directly from a server. Thats right, autodownload and play. Its that easy.

SAW II Soundtrack Out SOON!

MARILYN MANSON, MUDVAYNE and BLOODSIMPLE are among the artists contributing to the upcoming “Saw II” soundtrack, due on October 25 via Treadstone Records.

Commented Treadstone Records president Jonathan Platt: “We were looking for tracks with an edge-of-your-seat intensity to reflect the mood of Saw II. But we didnt want to rely on aggressive vocals and volume. We didnt want to make a heavy metal record, which would have been the obvious choice.”

Treadstone principal Jonathan Scott Miller elaborated: “We wanted the Saw II soundtrack to blend seamlessly with Charlie Clousers score. So we chose music with elements of both organic hard rock and electronic industrial, which creates an atmosphere you can really feel. These songs get under your skin.”

MUDVAYNEs epic “Forget to Remember” was one of the first songs earmarked for the soundtrack. It can also be heard during the initial end titles of “Saw II”. “Forget to Remember” is the second single off MUDVAYNEs current gold-certified album “Lost and Found”. The video for the song was shot in early September by “Saw II” director Darren Lynn Bousman. Said Platt: “We worked closely with the films producers on putting the soundtrack together, and then we collaborated with them on the video, right down to recreating pivotal sets from the movie. The guys in MUDVAYNE are fans of the first Saw, and they were very enthusiastic about tying Forget to Remember in with Saw II.”

“Saw II” soundtrack track listing:

01. MARILYN MANSON – “Irresponsible Hate Anthem” (Venus Head Trap Mix)
02. THE USED – “Sound Effects and Over Dramatics”
03. MUDVAYNE – “Forget To Remember”
04. BLOODSIMPLE – “September”
05. PAPA ROACH – “Blood (Empty Promises)”
06. PUSCIFER – “REV 22:20” (REV 4:20 Mix)
07. SEVENDUST – “Pieces”
08. SKINNY PUPPY – “Rodent” (Ken hiwatt Marshall remix / DDT Mix)
09. QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE – “Burn The Witch” (Unkle Variation)
11. BUCKETHEAD & FRIENDS – “Three Fingers” (Feat. Saul Williams)
12. THE LEGION OF DOOM – “Home Invasion Robbery”
13. REVOLTING COCKS – “Caliente (Dark Entries)” (Feat. Gibby Haynes and Al Jourgensen)
15. CHARLIE CLOUSER – “Dont Forget The Rules”

“There is no question about how lucky we are to have all these artists on one CD,” commented “Saw II” director Darren Lynn Bousman. “To have talents like MUDVAYNE and QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE — both amazing bands, and both bands Ive listened to for years — featured on this soundtrack is a thrill.”

“Saw II” will receive a theatrical release on October 28.