Dead Streams/Damn the Man

You may have noticed the stream is not always up. I have tried to keep it going, but this box I am using is way over due for a format and reinstall of Windows 98. It likes to give me .dll errors among other things when I am simply streaming. Since I am too busy (lazy?!?) to back up the 40 gig hard drive, I started a fresh system using Windows 2k (more stable? we will see!). It will be dedicated to streaming and nothing else. Once I get the rest of the mp3s transfered over, I will turn it on. My hope is it will stay up 24/7. Im also working on supplying a 24k stream for the dial-up users who visit our site. I know your out there! Stay tuned to the Gamers Radio Network and I know you will not be disappointed!

Website Update

Hola! Its been a busy week and I have not had time to post to the website. I wanted to update everyone on what I have managed to finish in the last week. Join The Staff has been updated and most of the open positions currently available are posted. If you have a talent you would like to use to help us out, but you do not see it listed, feel free to email me, Atomm. Im always open to new ideas.

I added a pop-up window to the site. It will show you what is currently playing in a resizable window. It refreshes every two minutes, so you will not have to worry about it bugging you to death. The banners on the site are actually provided by the people who programmed the streaming broadcast program I use. They are not currently charging me, so it is the least I could do to pay them back. Continue reading Website Update

Its just a game, is it?!?

Todays online games are intriguing, entertaining and addictive. Sometimes, they even blur the lines between Real Life and “Game Life”. EverQuest and Ultima Online are great examples, with EverQuest showing the most visible signs of addiction. Do a search on Google for Everquest Addiction and you will see it is a huge topic of discussion. Now Electronic Arts (EA) has decided to take real life and game life to the next level….. Continue reading Its just a game, is it?!?

Marilyn Manson Denies Video Has Columbine Link…

Anyone drawing parallels between the new Marilyn Manson video for “The Fight Song” and the Columbine High School shootings is simply trying to create scandal, the oft-targeted rocker says.

“People will put into it what they want if it helps them sell newspapers or helps them write a headline,” Manson told MTV News while attending the American Music Awards on Monday. “Theyre gonna want to turn it into something it isnt. Flack is my job.”

Click here for the whole story.

I thought this was a fitting story to follow the “Could you imagine a world without music ?!?” post.


Could you imagine a world without music?!?

The last story I posted made me start thinking about Music and how important it has been in my life. Could you imagine living in a country that censored your music to the point that you could only get 1 or 2 rock albums every 3 years?!? That has to be the most fucked up thing I think I have ever heard. It makes you think really hard about censorship and how far it could go.

(click Read More… for complete rant!) Continue reading Could you imagine a world without music?!?

Baldurs Gate II Review

What do you expect from a RPG? Do you buy a game claiming to have tons of roleplaying capabilities only to find that their idea of roleplaying is having a different face on each character? When is the last time you tossed a game out the window in sheer boredom? Well, let me tell you about a new game on the market: Balders Gate II. This game has everything that youve been looking for. There is no lack of strategy, quests, and even enough hack and slash to carry over even the biggest of brawlers. I have never found a game with the amount of balance between those three elements. I spent several 2-3 day long stints and there are many more yet to come. I, for one, was tired of spending countless amounts of money and hours on a disappointing game that ended with cds in the trash, money in someone elses hand, and alot of frustration from wasted time. You will not be disappointed.

Lana Continue reading Baldurs Gate II Review

Gamespot UKs top 15 of All Time

Palehorse sent this over. Ultima Online and Diablo make Gamespot UKs top 15 games of all time. With a great run down of the top 15 games of all time and a short review of the 10 runners up, this article is a definitely worth a look.