Napster sells out…

“Todays announcement underscores one key fact: the real questions about Napsters future are economic, not technical or legal,” Napster Interim Chief Executive Hank Barry said in a statement.

I think that one statement sums it up. Napster is working with the record companies to offer a similiar service which requires users to pay for its use. It was never about artists rights, but rather about the recording industries money. Continue reading Napster sells out…

MUD Fever

I also want to look at a text based game today. Ever play the old fashioned MUD? Well I have found one thats not only newbie friendly, but alot of fun. It currently does not have a high player base. This fact makes it a less competitive environment, making it easier to progress. Not sure if they need builders, but you may feel free to speak with Rhys the implementer and hell let you know. This fun little circle mud (v 3.0 to anyone anal retentive that just HAS to know ;)) can be found at 9000. Continue reading MUD Fever


Hey Gamers! Into nostalgia? Would you have liked to play a more fun version of the original Diablo? Kinda like Diablo with better graphics, better classes, more of a cartoony type of feel? Wouldnt we all. Well, a not as popular game called Darkstone came out in 1999 that has all this. The one major difference in the two? Randomized quests. You never play the same group of quests twice. Throw them into a deck, shuffle them, then splash them on the screen. Cant get any better than that. The kicker is, though, you can make your toon look exactly as you wish. Thats right, folks! Just get Photoshop ™ or any program that allows you to edit a targa file and you can create your own personalized character making it look like anything from g.i. joe to ryu. This takes a bit of creativity on your part as it is not like playing paper dolls. 😉 This process is also very tedious and very time consuming. But its worth it.

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Courts decide Monday if Napster stays online…

Looks like Napster will either be shutdown on Monday, or have to start working out a possible subscription based service.

You know, in a way I can see where people who never buy cds and just download everything for free may hurt artist sales, but I believe these people are the minority. Most people probably do as I do, download a track and then if they like it then they go buy the CD. Which in turn, helps the artists and brings them exposure they might not otherwise get.

Just another example of big business trying to run our lives. Click HERE for the complete story.

peace! Continue reading Courts decide Monday if Napster stays online…

Stream News II

OK. The streams are now the exact same song. The currently playing song is also correct (as long as you have done a refresh on the website lately). If your curious, the popup was a way to show the current song without refreshing the whole website. You can resize it if you like. It refreshes every 2 minutes, so it may not always be correct. Right click on it and hit refresh and you will see what is currently playing. Continue reading Stream News II

Virgin Releases a second APC album?

I was surfing around and ran across a release date for the second A Perfect Circle album. The date listed was February 13th, 2001. The album is titled Remixes. I have been unable to find any further information on any of the “official” or “unofficial” websites for Tool or APC. Knowing how Tool feels about bootlegs, I have a feeling this album is being released to put a stop to the current frenzy of remixes floating around on the web. That is if the release information was actually real. If anyone has any further info, please post here.

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2nd Stream!!!!

Its late and Im dead beat tired, but I wanted to make sure you saw the new stream up at the top. The 56k is more for DSL/Cable and faster, with the new 32k stream being perfect for 56k dialups. Pick your poison. Right now, they play from the same piles of songs, but they still operate independent of each other. Expect to hear different songs on them.

One other important thing. The currently playing song will be the last song started by either stream. If you really want to hear the currently playing song, you will have to switch. Ill fix it soon.

New Music added: Coldplay – Yellow, Tool: Prison Sex and Sober, Disturbed: (Cant remember) and a ton of Incubus. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Continue reading 2nd Stream!!!!