Friday Night Fights – Custom Map Night

Its that time again boys and girls. We are breaking out the custom maps and this time around, it is our First ever Battlefield Vietnam Custom Map Night. This Friday Night, May 28th, starting at 8pm EST, 7pm CST, 6pm MST, 5pm PST will be 6 custom maps for BFV. We will play into the early hours of the morning, so drop by any time.

The Line Up!

GRB No Remorse
GRB No Rest for the Wicked
Doing The Village
Hill Nine Three Seven
Lao Thu Isle
The Junglehunt

For you fans of 304 Fields of the Fallen and 304 House of Hellsing, you better be there because the first two are incredible work from none other than GRB’s LoU-Cipher and GreatXScott with testing done by all of us in the Gamers Radio Battalion. You expect quality custom maps from us and you are going to get it. These maps have Custom Load Screens, Custom Insignias, some of the bluest water this side of FarCry and get this…… We have an underwater Tunnel System. Thats right, its cheesy, but its cool. The entrance is hidden well, so you better ask a GRB how to get into it. As a tease, we are working on at least 6 more maps, including 2 vanilla BF42 inspired maps, a remake of our own Ghost Front from BF42 and some of the sickest mapping ever seen for Battlefield Vietnam!

We are working on the single custom installer right now. As soon as it is ready, we will post it in the download section. See you Friday night!

HydroRacers Server is up!

Ok, so they gave props to every other gaming related website and magazine, except for Gamers Radio. What the heck, its fun and no one is running a server for the HydroRacer BF42 mod. We decided to throw up an 4 on 4 server for your water flying, cannon shooting, enjoyment.

If you dont have this ingenious mod for BF42, grab it at Dont worry about the patch. Its an older version. You just need this one file.

Server info is on the side <------ or look for HydroRacers in your favorite game browser. Im sorry, but I had to take this down. It was eating 70% of our CPU with no one playing. Cool mod, crappy resources.

Battlefield 2 Information Update

Everyone is trying to learn as much as possible about the upcoming DICE game, Battlefield 2. We are no different than you my friend. We want to know everything we can get our grubby little hands on. (Dont believe the rumors, small hands and, well you know….) To help feed the frenzy, we put together a mini FAQ of sorts from our various news sources. These are the tidbits we thought were unique to BF2 and interesting. We even included classes and weapons.

One thing is for certain, this in not your Grandfathers WWII Battlefield Game
Continue reading Battlefield 2 Information Update

Just How Good Is My Video Card?

Its called Frames Per Second (FPS) and no matter how good your video card was when you bought it, new games are pushing the limits of your long term investment. Ever wonder how good your card actually is?

But wait! FarCry doesnt have the ability to show my Frames Per Second.

There is an answer. Check out and see if your $400 investment is still worth it.

You just might find its time to throw down another $400. Oh and if you do, would you donate your old card to Atomm, C/O 🙂 My GeForce 4 TI4200 just isnt cutting it any more.

Battlefield 2 Video

GameSpy sends us word about not one, but three videos taken of Battlefield 2 at E3.

A few things I noticed right off the bat:

– Destroyable Objects
– Movable objects, like barrels
– Shoot through certain materials, like Aluminum buildings
– Heavy Machine Gunner is firing standing up. (Come on guys, learn from the M60 in BFV)
– Team Communication has switched to an on screen radius type selector
– More options when choosing class
– Feel appears to be more like BFV than BF42 has all three for download. If youve got the time, check them all out. If you want to see class selection, watch video 1. If you want to see destroyable objects, watch video 2. If you want a good shot of movable objects and an Airstrike, watch video 3.

Quang Tri Hanoi Jane Speech

I saw this on the forums. It is one of the funniest things I have seen in a while, and I wanted to make sure everyone saw it.

(SAQ)Arcand wrote it based on the GI-Jane speech in game:

Gamer, buggy code falls from the sky like broken birds
They do not want to spend money testing your system specs at their company, gamer.
They come to bomb your system.

Gamer, EA has abandoned you.
They have ordered you to be a beta tester
Do not trust them

Defect, gamer
It is a very good idea to leave a sinking ship.

They lie to you, gamer.
You know you cannot fix this game.
EA grows richer while you optimise your system, gamer.
They will give you a patch but only after you are dead.

EA lies to you every day, poor gamer.
You have lost this war, gamer.
EA will leave you behind.

EA marketing makes you buy this game, gamer.
They do not care about you.

Gamer, EA has betrayed you.
They will not return with a patch for you.

Gamer, the buggy code bombs your system.
You are not safe playing.
The game code is dangerous, gamer.
It will crash tonight.

The developers do not care that you are crashing, gamer.
You cannot use firewalls to hide behind, gamer.
Their buggy code will find you.

BFV Update

Version 1.085 of the PB Server for BFV has been released to our PB Master Servers for auto-update and to our website download page. Release Notes for PB Server v1.085:

– addressed intermittent bug with pb_sv_protecttag and pb_sv_protectname commands causing incorrect kicking of registered players

Some information at E3 2004!!!

More Trailers and Information for 2 games that I hear will be coming out. Now, with that said you be the judge for yourself.

Check out FilePlanet out for the latest on Doom3 and Half-Life 2 presented at E3 2004.

OBW, for all of the Warcraft III peeps, might download the latest patch 1.15 while you are there.

FarCry Modifications

Are you looking for some great mods for FarCry? Well, Ubisoft has a section just for you with information and links to quite a few FarCry mods.

Check out the mod section: FarCry Community Mods

Noted is the currently featured “The Forgotten War” mod. This group talks about some great features that they are working on for their Korean War era mod. From destructible landscapes and buildings to collecting supply points and researching, this team has some great ideas to keep people interested for a long time.

Check out TFW: The Forgotten War – FC