Battlefied 1942 1.2 Patch Released

EA announced the latest patch for Battlefield 1942. They addressed a lot of issues, including a few of the cheats. The bad news is they only addressed the cheats that made the game too difficult to play. They failed to address the two biggest cheats. I hope they get something out soon, because I find myself questioning when someone kills me from half way across the map or if they seem to reload too fast. IMHO, this could ruin a great game.

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Cheating in Multiplayer Battlefield 1942

It is no secret. I am a huge fan of Battlefield 1942. I bought Neverwinter Nights and before I could load it, started playing the pre-release Demo for Battlefield 1942. I have been hooked ever since. Did I mention I still have not loaded Neverwinter Nights?

I wanted to write this article to address cheating. I recently discovered there are four cheats for multiplayer BF 1942. Two of them bog your system down too much to be of any use and one is blantantly obvious when in use. The one that concerns me allows you to hit your opponent easier in a fire fight. It creates a situation where you question how “good” someone really is. Personally, I hate cheating. I think it ruins a game. What I would like to know in our latest poll is this: Do you cheat? I know a lot of BF 1942 players visit this site and I want to know, do you cheat. I am curious to see how many players actively cheat.

Doom III For Free, Sort Of…

Apparently, a three level demo of Doom III has found its way into the publics hands. The game is not a full version, but rather the non-interactive demo used at E3. I am sure many of you came to our site to find a copy of Doom III, but I am sorry to say we do not have it. If you do find it, keep in mind it is a very rough version of the game. It may not even work on your system. If you want more info, head over to to read an interesting article about the whole debacle.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

If you loved Grand Theft Auto 3s world, crimes, and missions, well have I got something to tell you! Theres a totally new bigger, bolder, faster, twisted, and more weirder version that will remove all your boredom and heighten your action! Thats right, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City has come for your PS2!

Vice city has more interesting locations, awesome new vehicles, bikes, great 80s music, and even better realistic graphics! Plus, the missions are longer, more interesting, and its always a surprise to see what mission you have next. Either its delivering drugs, breaking windows, killing gangs, or flying around in your chopper. Myself, I just like driving around like a banshee killing anything that moves. =D

This is a “Must Get” game, so make sure to get your copy soon!

The Osbournes Uncensored!

We are just full of Osbourne news today. If you can not get enough of the first season, you will be able to own it on DVD. The box set of The Osbournes season one, expletives and all, will be released on March 4.

In even further news, Sharon has been reported by E Online! to be working on a screenplay . She goes on to say that she envisions Johnny Depp in the lead role.

Axl Vs. Canada

I do not know what it is about Axl and concerts in Canada. Apparently, his plane was delayed, forcing him to miss the opening show of the new GunsNRoses tour kicking off in Vancouver.

Strangely enough, the promoters let the first two bands play before announcing that Axl had not made it to the show. This pissed off a lot of fans. 10 people were arrested as riot police stormed the area.

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Sharon Calls It Quits?

As reported earlier, Sharon Osbourne told Barbara Wawas (Walters) that this was going to be the last season for their hit MTV television show.

Various television shows are now reporting that Sharon had a change of heart and this would not be the last season. Hmmm….. Nothing works better in marketing than controversy, just ask Eminem.

In other Sharon Osbourne news, reports on the web state she is being solicited for an Oprah style talk show. This could be very interesting. I wonder if she will take on Jerry Springer and Ricky Lake, or if she is gunning for Oprahs spotlight. Either way, we will wait and watch .

Sharon Calls It Quits!

In an interview that will be broadcast on 20/20 this Wednesday, Sharon Osbourne said, “This is definitely the last year. We cant do it anymore.”

Not shying away from the cameras just yet, US television network ABC said on Monday that Ozzy, Sharon, Kelly and Jack Osbourne will be hosts of the American Music Awards on January 13.