FNF – Custom Map Reviews

Another Friday Night Fights, Custom Map Night is on the books. With nearly 20 players for 6 hours, I would say this was a success. Of course, we would not of had that many people if it wasn’t for great support from our own Gamers Radio Battaltion, Isamu and the ATF clan, Ringo and the {HSC}clan, Tman and the {PDX}clan and GreatXScott and Cipher from 304. I would also like to thank Evil Homer from PlanetBattlefield for helping us promote this event.

As always, I have put together my opinion of the maps. Please keep in mind; we at Gamers Radio appreciate the hard work custom map makers put into building their maps. Please understand, we only pick those maps we think are worthy of playing. Even if we say things that seem negative, you should be proud of your work because there was something that caught our attention to begin with. With that said, click Read More… for the full reviews. Continue reading FNF – Custom Map Reviews

Single Player Demo Modd

Based on ephils review of the FarCry demo, I started reading up on it. I found a few really cool nuggets. There are two more vehicles locked in the single player demo and someone has created a mod to access the Humvee and Hanglider.

There are a few other mods that give you access to more of the island and the best one of all, adds a quicksave function using f5 and a quickload key of f6. This is my biggest complaint for this incredible game and I am glad to see there is a work around. Having to find checkpoints to save a game like this is very frustrating. Lets hope this same mod will work in the final version.

Every single one of these mods can be found at FarCry Arena.

FNF – Custom Map Night – February 27th, 2004

Its that time again boys and girls. Friday Night Fights, Custom Map Night. This Friday night, we will bring you 5 new maps, ranging from small maps with intense infantry fights to major tank battles and even a few maps with plenty of planes to get your adrenaline pumping.

We reviewed over 20 maps this month and narrowed it down these five:

Battle Mountain
Fields of the Fallen

Drop by GamersRadio.com to download the single installer put together by ephil. The action should start up between 7pm-8pm CST this Friday night. See you there…

Ultima 5: Lazarus Interview

I recently had the chance to sit down with Ian Tiberius Frazier, the Developer of Ultima 5: Lazarus, a mod for Dungeon Siege to discuss this great project.

I enjoyed interviewing him and hope you enjoy reading the interview just as much. As for the raving Ultima fans with pitchforks, I have moved to the North Pole. 🙂

When you are done reading the interview, drop by their great looking website and check out the incredible screenshots.

Bioware Announces The Community Expansion Pack

For all you custom module makers of Neverwinter Nights, Bioware is releasing an impressive list of in-game content for you to add to your own modules.

From the Bioware website: The Community Expansion Pack (CEP), brought to you by the CEP Team, is the culmination of two years of community development, experimentation, and contribution. The CEP is the best of the best. It provides you with a single, integrated source of high-quality custom content for Neverwinter Nights.

Dice Has Selected BF42 Mapping Contest Winners

Its no secret that we are big fans of the custom maps for Battlefield 1942. I for one am very excited by Dices Custom Map contest and it looks like we have some good news from EAs official website.

Map Contest – We have our winners!
It took longer than we anticipated to get through all 130+ submissions for the map contest. The quantity and quality meant we had to take extra care that we selected maps which combined gameplay and visual quality. Well be contacting the winners first, and then well make our public announcement. The turnout for the map contest was exceptional and everyone should be proud of their efforts.