EoD Update

The creators of Eve of Destruction announced today that they are porting their popular MOD to the new Battlefield Vietnam engine.

Check out their forums for some really good screen shots:
EOD Forums

They plan on keeping both a BF1942 and BFV version so that people who cant play BFV for whatever reason will still be able to enjoy the mod.

We Need Your Help!

Apples iTunes and Pepsi are doing a promotion for free iTunes music. Look for the promo code on all Pepsi and Sierra Mist products. If you drink these products, but dont care about iTunes, send us your numbers. 1 in 3 wins. If its a winner, we will add a new song to the radio station and you will get props for your help.

Use our Contact Us form or post them here.

Australian Music Sales Soar, Despite File Sharing

It appears that the Australian music industry had their best year ever, amazingly enough considering how p2p is hurting record sales (sic). Unfortunately, you wont hear about it on main stream media because they also downplayed the year with a spin that blames p2p for the drop in singles sales.

Here is an interesting article about the situation. I wonder if US sales will have a similiar effect and spin put out by the RIAA?

Putting the Radio Back In Gamers Radio

Thats right folks! The Deathmatch of Internet Radio Returns!

After going radioless for the last 2 years, we have finally brought music back to Gamers Radio. The best part is we are now broadcasting in mp3PRO Stereo quality. If you havent heard mp3PRO, then you are going to be very suprised how clean it sounds.

Just to wet your whistle, here is a snapshot of what we are currently rotating on the station:

A Perfect Circle
Lollipop Lust Kill
Finger Eleven
Marilyn Manson
Rage Against The Machine
Foo Fighters

If you like those bands, then you will love our new station!

Epitaph Records Music News

Spent some time browsing the Epitaph Records website recently and found some things of interest on a number of bands….

Hepcat: For those who dont know Hepcat, they are an L.A. band that play an infectious style of ska that resurrects the rythms and swagger of the Studio One music that came out of Jamaica in the 1960s. They are re-releasing their first album Out of Nowhere and are celebrating with a few rare tour dates. If you are anywhere near any of these shows I recommend that you go see them. I saw them on the original Out of Nowhere tour in the early 1990s and they just blew me away. If you cant see them live, check out the CD or at the very least get the free mp3. You can find out more here. Continue reading Epitaph Records Music News

Photo Gallery setup!

We added a photo gallery to the site and uploaded all of the QuakeCon 2003 pics that Goose and I took last year.

We will be adding a lot of images to that area as we go from event to event. Keep an eye on it! 🙂

Gallery link is located on the left under “Features”

We are also adding some interesting military and commercial airplane pictures. – Atomm

Band of Brothers Returns to TV

As inspiration for mods and maps (not to mention numerous player handles) for Battlefield 1942, the HBO Series Band of Brothers ranks very high. For those of you who did not get to see it on HBO (or on dvd/video since then), you will now have your chance. Beginning on Sunday, April 11, at 9:00pm/8:00c the History Channel will be showing the series in its entirety starting with the “Currahee” episode. No word on whether it will be commercial free or not. You can sign up for an email reminder on the History Channel Website.

Continue reading Band of Brothers Returns to TV

Tasty Music Morsels

Surfing around the web, I stumbled onto some tidbits from RollingStone.com.

SLAYER are recording their first album with the bands original lineup since 1992. On April 19th, the metal vets will perform on the season finale of the Discovery Channels Monster Garage.

A collection of rare material by the SPOOKY KIDS, the early-Nineties band featuring future MARILYN MANSON guitarist SCOTT PUTESKY, will be released on April 20th.

Filmmaker GUS VAN SANT is in talks to direct Last Days, a feature film set in the early-Nineties Seattle music scene that launched bands like NIRVANA.

A new misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct has been filed against COURTNEY LOVE stemming from her October 2nd arrest. She already faces felony drug possession charges and misdemeanor counts of being under the influence of a controlled substance.

OZZY OSBOURNE guitarist ZAKK WYLDE will release his next album, Hangover Music, Vol. VI, on April 20th.

A.F.I. had to cancel the ten remaining dates on their spring tour after singer DAVEY HAVOK suffered a vocal chord injury.

3 DOORS DOWN bassist TODD HARRELL was charged with simple assault after an altercation with a newspaper delivery man in Mississippi last week.

EA Battlefield 1942 Map Contest Winners Announced

EA has announced the winners of their map contest and the top 5 out of the more than 130 entries that they received are:

1st Place – Nuenen by “bleibringer”
2nd Place – Kasserine by Caleb “Danish Monkey” Doughty
3rd Place – Battle for Guam by LSCIncognito of the Lost Sleep Clan
4th Place – St Sauveur by John “PacketlossPete” Buskohl
5th Place – Battle of Hurtgen Forest by Robert Kozura

The full announcement can be found here: http://www.eagames.com/official/battlefield/1942/us/editorial/community_message_45.jsp

Evil Homers Deathtrap and some EA servers have been dedicated to running these maps, and I found some of them populated last night and was able to play a few rounds. So is our server, GamersRadio.com 1.6 Pure .Ed Continue reading EA Battlefield 1942 Map Contest Winners Announced