XP Blows! How about gaming on Linux?!?

I am not real happy with the current release of Windows XP by Microsoft. It seams with every new OS release, they get one step closer to really living up to the Anti-trust lawsuit currently winding down in the courts. I really do not want to rent my software. It is bad enough to pay a monthly subscription rate for Online Games, but at least I can understand the cost involved with Bandwidth and operations. I can respect the fact that my $10 is going to pay for an ongoing business and not just someones greedy attempt to swindle me out of even more money.

With that said, I would like to discuss the future of gaming on alternate OSs. Continue reading XP Blows! How about gaming on Linux?!?

Bert and Osama?!?

It seems a mistake at the printing press has caused quite a stir on the web. You see, several websites were making fun of Bert (of Sesame Street Fame) and Osama being pals. All of the original pictures were doctored. There are several theories on how the Bert/Osama picture wound up on the poster. One includes a printing press that got in a hurry, pulled one of the doctored photos from the web and didnt pay attention to what they were putting on the poster. There are several more that can be found all over the web. Continue reading Bert and Osama?!?

Top 20 Games for August, 2001 Released

NPD Intelect released the top 20 selling games for August. A very “deserving” add-on takes the #1 spot. The Sims continues to amaze me as three offerings stay in the top 10. (You better believe Sims Online is going to make some major cash!) The boys at Interplay round out the bottom rung at number 20. Guess they did such a good job with the main game, people didnt need the add-on to make it look and play better, unlike our number one contender, which was a necessary update to the outdated engine used in Diablo II. Continue reading Top 20 Games for August, 2001 Released

Concert Review

Erthdawg and I had a kick ass time as the Pledge of Allegiance Tour. I am working on the review and will try to have it up soon. Until you get the full scoop, let me give you the Cliff Notes version and just say it was a show worth seeing.


I Pledge Allegiance…..


Hello Maggots! Yep, thats right, tomorrow night I am officially a Maggot! On the way back into work today, I saw the tour buses that announce when an artist has arrived for their next show. The next show is The Pledge of Allegiance Tour, with Slipknot, Mudvayne, System of a Down and the ever explosive Rammstein.

Hell Yea, I am excited! Erthdawg and I got to see Slipknot and Mudvayne at Ozzfest. They kicked some major ass! I can not wait to see all of these guys play again. I was thinking, that with all those buses out there, I wonder if they would mind me taping a few GRN flyers to the website to the bus doors. Still not sure if I have the balls to do it?!?!? If any of you guys drop by, say something damn it!!!!!

Ill tell you this weekend how the show went….