Pantera Side Projects Invade America

After basically touring non-stop for roughly 12 years, the boys in Pantera are ready to take a break. But, it looks like a break for Pantera doesn’t necessarily mean a break for the members. The cowboys from hell will be spitting out side projects left and right this coming year. Starting with a New Year’s Eve performance at the Bronco Bowl in Dallas, TX by Gasoline – a metallic southern rock side project of Vinnie Paul and Dimebag Darrell.
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Metal Legend Chuck Schuldiner Loses Battle With Cancer…

This is late news, but I thought it should still be posted.

Metal legend Chuck Schuldiner, founder of the band Death and a pioneer in the “Death Metal” genre, lost his battle with cancer on December 13th.

Chuck helped define the brutal death metal sound and will be greatly missed in the metal world. Click on “Read More” for the full story… Continue reading Metal Legend Chuck Schuldiner Loses Battle With Cancer…

Unofficial MOD adds 30+ hours to BG II

I just found out about a great FREE add on mod for Baldurs Gate II.
The name of the mod is The Darkest Day and you can download it for free or pay $9 and receive a CD copy of the module. If you get the CD, they will throw in an additional mod for BG I, The Dark Side of the Sword Coast for free.

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Big changes for The Final Step

Hi, this is Tom. I am the on-line promoter and writer for The Final Step(TFS). Well, to get to it. David Dodson, the drummer for TFS is the only original member of the band left. Robby Ayers(singer/frontman) left to go off into a different musical direction while Dave Touchet(Lead guitar) and Joe Simpson(Bass Guitar) left for personal reasons. David has since hired Dan Jopling on bass, Lonnie Billings and Scott(oops, I forgot his last name) at lead guitars. David has expanded his search for a new singer from Lawton to OKC and south to Dallas. The bands music direction is still going to be in the metal genre. Well, thats it for now. Ill post more news as it happens. Thank you and keep it metal.

New Music Added

As you may know, the station is back on the air. During the time we were offline, we worked hard to get as much music as possible for our return. You can check out the complete playlist over on the left side of our site.

Just to highlight a few additions, We have the new albums from the following:


Rob Zombie



Drowning Pool


Fenix Tx



No One

Puddle of Mudd



Sum 41

System of a Down

The Cult

Along with new music from a couple of unsigned Local Artists from the Midwest:

Huver (The Nixons with a new lead singer)


I should have a few more big name acts added shortly, as well as a few more Independent Artists who just emailed me links to their songs. As always, put your requests in through the playlist.

Until next time, ROCK ON!

Better late than never…

I just posted my review of The Pledge of Allegiance Tour featuring Slipknot, System of a Down, Rammstein and No One. This show was in Oklahoma City and the line up changed a lot during the course of the tour. If you saw it in another city and want to post your review, please feel free to send it to us.

You can check out the review here.