EA announce next Battlefield 1942 Patch 1.5

EA/Dice has an updated on the next patch (v1.5) for Battlefield 1942. The major item include a fix for the CD swapping. I am glad they are addressing the problem introduced in the 1.45 patch. I have been unable to play the Road To Rome Expansion since they started this crap. There is no release date listed at this time.

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RIAA Screws Up!

The Boston Globe has a story about the RIAA suing a 66 year old Female Mac user for sharing 2,000 songs with Kazaa (which doesnt work on a Mac). One of the songs reportedly shared was “Im a Thug,” by the rapper Trick Daddy. Insert Funny Comment Here

The RIAA dropped the charges, but reserved the right to sue her again if they determine she indeed offered illegal songs for download online.