Lotic Shows

Hey whatsup everyone………….Lotic will be playing at the Samurai on Friday,March 1st with Lure at the Samurai………also check us out on March 9th there too……..the new website will also be up soon at www.lotic.net ………thanks for supporting local music!!!!!!!!!!

Initial Thoughts of Warcraft III

I tested Warcraft III this weekend. Its late and Im tired, so Ill just say this game should be entertaining. Ill give you more thoughts some time this week when Im not so tired.

Oh, if anyone really wants to hear what I think of the game, you better say something or might just move on to something else……

Beta Tester

You will not believe what beta I currently have in my grubby hands? Well, I can not really tell you because it came with a nice litte Non-Disclosure Agreement, but if you pay attention to this post, you may get the hint. 🙂 ——————–>>>

I am going to play around with it this weekend and I will give you my takes on the game. Please keep in mind the beta test is online only and I will not have any idea about the single player game. Of course, that is not going to stop me from having fun…

If you have any specific questions about the game, let your comments and I will do my best to check it out.

Black Isle Studio Announces Icewind Dale II

Big fans of the Infinity Bioware Engine, 3rd Edition Dungeons and Dragons and kick ass CRGPs will be happy to know Black Isle is developing another edition to the already incredible list of games available, Icewind Dale II.

You can bet we will bring you any new information about my favorite type of Game by one of my favorite game developers, Interplay/Black Isle. Just keep a watch out for the new icon on the right. —>

The announcement came out three days ago from Interplay/Black Isle and it looks like a kick ass game. Click read more for the complete Press Release from Interplay. Continue reading Black Isle Studio Announces Icewind Dale II

Patent Issued for Temporary CD/DVD

Holy Shit! You are not going to believe this article I found about a recent patent issued for a process that will allow manufacturers to make a CD or DVD unreadable after a certain amount of time. This is a big deal. It can affect everything from Music, to Movies to Software and I for one do not like it at all. Read more for the full story and post your comments. This pisses me off, how about you? Continue reading Patent Issued for Temporary CD/DVD

Playstation 2 Linux

Sony announced a June release for a $300 hard drive kit allowing you to extend the Playstation 2 with Linux programming power and application development.

This is going to be very cool. This may allow us to use our Playstation 2 to listen to Internet Radio Stations without turning on our computer. Would you be intersted in something like that?

Tommy Lee No Longer Wants MoM

Tommy Lee drops Methods of Mayhem and releases his new album under his own name. Guests include Incubus guitarist Mike Einziger and Deftones singer Chino Moreno.

On a side note, Kid Rock was recently quoted saying, “Hey Tommy! Im making home movies with Pam now!”

Atomm: Not really, but I would if I was him! 😉