BF2 Stats

This was just posted to PlanetBattlefield. On second look, this is just pulling data from BFHQ. You still have to play on laggy servers. BLAH!

The programmer KuranesGrey has been working on some Python Code that will allow stats to be displayed on a website. This is still early on but worth mentioning!
This CGI is a proof of concept showing how to make BFHQ data visible
on the web. My hope is that others will pick this code up and develop
cool community tools. For more information and the code, please download or read
README.txt. See also, someone
elses PHP implementation. Includes extra notes on meanings of data items.
You can see it in action in an early state on PlanetBattlefield.

Bite me Monday: Week 2

This is my new weekly rant. I am stealing this idea from famed sports radio talk show host “Papa Joe Chevalier”. He used to have a segment where callers called in and gave “Bite-mes” and “Bite-me nots” to various sport related people. Please feel free to add your “Bite-me” or “Bite-me Not” in the comments portion of this news.

As for my Bite-mes for this week:

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Metal OnDemand

Metal Blade reports: MTV has launched on demand programming available through Comcast and Charter cable providers. Through MTV On Demand viewers can select from a menu with a variety of movies, music and shows. More Metal Blade videos will be available soon through MTV On Demand. Right now you can check out Unearths video for “Zombie Autopilot”. In July look for Into the Moats “Dead Before I Stray”, and in August The Red Chords “Antman” and As I Lay Dyings “Confined”.

Full Story –

Its a shame its come to this, but at least there will be some outlet for cool music.

Drowning Pool/SOiL

siNs metal news reports: According to Harddrive Radio, former SOiL lead singer Ryan McCombs has been enlisted as the replacement for DROWNING POOLs Jason Gong Jones, who recently left the band for “personal” reasons. [see full story for a rumor about the bands fate]

Full Story – Here

I really liked Soil and I dig Drowning Pool. Im just not sure what these guys would sound like together.. Still, I am interested to see.

Stop The 2 Tier Server System for BF2

The current implimentation of the Battlefield 2 (BF2) ranking
feature is of great concern to those of us looking forward to
participating in the BF2 gaming community. It has been stated by
EA representatives that the BF2 ranking feature will point to a
global database which only official EA servers are able to contribute
data. If EA follows through with this implimentation it will have a
negative impact on the BF2 gaming community, the BF2 game server
hosting market, and very likely the overall success of BF2. Continue reading Stop The 2 Tier Server System for BF2

Who can bite me?? EA can!!!

When BF2 was announced as official I was apprehensive at first. After some thinking I decided I would give EA another chance after the BFV mistake. Feeling an impending budget constraint in my household I decided to order BF2 early. At this point EA was claiming to have the game out I think in April. On Jan 17, 2005 I talked my wife into letting me preorder BF2 so I wouldnt be stuck in the cold if I didnt have money when the game came out. I wanted to make sure Id have the game when it was released. Click in the article to read how EA has made sure I am continually unhappy with them. Continue reading Who can bite me?? EA can!!!

New DICE Title Next Spring?

Saw this on PlanetBattlefield earlier today….

Digital Illusions signs new PC contract
Digital Illusions CE AB (publ) 2005-06-20
Digital Illusions signs a new contract for the development of a PC game within the shooter genre. Publisher is Electronic Arts. The game is based on Digital Illusions’ brand and is planned for a spring 2006 debut.

РDigital Illusions is in a strong position within the PC game market. The game is expected to generate royalty incomes to the Company during 2006, said Patrick Șderlund, CEO at Digital Illusions.

The development of the PC game will take place at the Company’s Canadian studio. Digital Illusions receives a development budget from the publisher Electronic Arts.

The game is planned for a spring 2006 debut. So far the product is untitled.

The question is, will the game be the technological and gaming leap forward that Battlefield Vietnam was from Battlefield 1942? [sarcasm for those of you that didnt catch it]

The End of the Century: The Ramones

I just spent the last two hours sitting mesmerized in front of the television. I was watching PBS Independent Lens and the show was “The End of The Century: The Ramones”, and it was awesome to watch. If you have any interest in the Ramones you have to see this. If you have any interest in Rock and Roll you should see this. The Ramones form the roots of so much of the music that is out there today and those who do not know their roots are doomed to put out crappy music.

You can find out more information here: PBS Independent Lens

Blizzard Raises The Bar on MMORPGs

Blizzard just sent us word about the new Battlegrounds system in World of Warcraft. I wanted to say a few things about this.

First, this is probably the most unique and original idea I have seen in a MMORPG since the original Neverwinter Nights on AOL. This adds an element of gameplay straight out of the FPS genre and I think it is great. Even more interesting is it gives you a chance to buy really cool items not available through traditional gameplay. I hope they realize how important the Battlegrounds will be to the future of their game and continue to put out additional maps. Great Job Blizzard! This is why you have been one of the premiere game studios for the last 10 years.

Here is the full scoop.

The team-based combat maps known collectively as Battlegrounds are now open for war! These special, instanced zones allow large armies to wage climactic battles (as in the massive 40 vs 40 map Alterac Valley ) or smaller groups to fight quicker, capture-the-flag conflicts (like Warsong Gulch , a 10 vs 10 map). All of these battles take place between the factions of Horde and Alliance and are perfect zones to advance your character in the honor system and to gain new, specialized gear and rewards.

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GamersRadio Battlefield 2 Demo Server Up!

Look at the top of the main page for the info on our Battlefield 2 server. For now we have the time limit on and bonus weapons locked, but that could change depending on how rebellious we are feeling. With BF2 is out in just a few days, we may hang tight within the limitations that EA/DICE (a.ka. Rat Bastards) would like us to accept.

By the way, if you are too lazy to scroll back to the top of the page the IP is:

BF2 Demo Linux Server Screwed

I finally got the BF2 Demo downlaoded and I was trying to figure out how to get the Linux Server up and running. Strange, I couldnt find anything. I hit Google and this the first thing I find…..

A quick note to all of our community leaders and file partners. We
inadvertently released an out-dated Linux version for todays
Battlefield 2 Demo Server. It is imperative that you not make this
available on your web sites and that you let people from your media
outlets know not to host it for download or run demo servers with it.
We will follow up early next week with a version that works.

Yep, Linux server admins get the short end of the stick again……