One Reason: “The Hospital,” “Christmas and Thanksgiving”

One Reason have posted a new track. The song is titled “The Hospital” and can be found at their MySpace page. They also posted a track called “Christmas and Thanksgiving” a while ago. Check it out.

The band is recording and planning on releasing another album sometime, but in the meantime Ginger is out on tour with one of her other bands Good Luck.
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Tours: The Ergs (Continental US)

The Ergs! The Ergs are bringing the rock to the nation this summer. Starting at the end of June they’ll be journeying to all points south, east and west in the continental US in support of last year’s Upstairs/Downstairs and probably a dozen vinyl-only releases that I don’t know about. The dates are below.

Additionally, Mikey Erg has started a new band with two friends called Psyched To Die. They’ve posted two tracks, “Permanent Solution” and “Defeated,” for your perusal at their MySpace page.
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MP3 of the Week: Iron Chic, Melvins

Justin: I am pretty stoked about this. Iron Chic features fellow ex-Lattermen Phil Douglas and Brian Crozier on guitar, Lubrano (Small Arms Dealer) singing, John Mee (Agent) on bass and Gordan Lafler drumming. Long Island’s own punkrock supergroup! “In One Ear” starts out the demo in a way that is instantly reminiscent of Phil’s guitar work in Latterman and “Steel Wall Method,” the third track sounds a lot like it could be a forgotten Avoid One Thing track, down to a impressive imitation of Joe Gittleman’s vocals. Overall it sounds like the guitarists have cut out the more wandering and noodling parts from Latterman’s assault while keeping the anthemic feel that brought that band a fair amount of success. I’m not sure I’m 100% into the weird electronic intros to “In One Ear” and “Timecop” but the rest of those songs rip. I won’t lie and say that it feels almost a little too familiar at times, but it’s hard to complain about hearing more music in this vein. “Sensitive Dependence” is a slow-burner that features more Gittleman-esque vocals, crooning about loneliness and chasing happiness in life. Good times for one and all.

You can hear it all for yourself if you cruise over to their website and grab their demo or drop them an email: ironchicsemail[at]

Jesse: You can’t talk about modern music without giving due respect to the Melvins. These dudes have deconstructed everything and Lord knows their 2006 release, (A) Senile Animal, really tickled my fancy (although I’d probably move it up to the number one slot these days). Imagine my bleary, teary eyes when I found that they have a video up featuring two new songs! “Suicide in Progress” and “Billy Fish” will be coming out on their new album Nude With Boots coming out July 8 via Ipecac.

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Tours: Fear Before the March of Flames

Aurora CO’s Fear Before The March Of Flames have been cooking up a new record since their tour last fall. Starting June 6th, the band will kick off a short tour up to the Northwest, where they’ll record their new album with Casey Bates, who recorded their last album.

The group is preparing to play some of the new songs during this tour to feel them out before they get slapped down on tape (or crunched into digital bits). The album should arrive sometime this fall, and the group is planning to keep a studio blog at their MySpace page.

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New AFI, Black Keys, From First to Last on NASCAR 2009 soundtrack

AFI leads the soundtrack of the upcoming NASCAR game, NASCAR 09 with a previously unreleased track, “Ether.” The song is one of those scheduled to appear on the band’s upcoming EP.

Along with AFI, the disc will feature music from The Black Keys and From First to Last as well as several other bands.
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Elliott Brood: “The Body” / “The Valley Town”

Toronto alt-country three piece Elliott Brood have unveiled two new songs online. You can stream “The Body” and “The Valley Town” now via the band’s MySpace. The songs will appear on the band’s new full length, Mountain Meadows, due in Canada and Europe on June 24th via Six Shooter Records. A US date is to be announced. The record follows up 2005’s Ambassador.

As previously announced the band will play CD release shows on June 20th and 21st at the legendary Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto. A fall national tour of Canada and shows in Europe are planned to support the record. In the meantime the group will appear at a number of festivals, including Calgary’s Sled Island, Ottawa’s Blues Festival, the Vancouver Island Music Festival, Folk On The Rock in Yellowknife, NWT, and Guelph’s Hillside Music Festival.
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BBC attempts to distill the essence of “emo”

The Beeb has decided to look into the various inaccuracies and misinformation surrounding the “emo” movement in Britain. The news organization noted:

They’re outraged over their portrayal in newspapers and are planning to march on one tabloid’s headquarters this weekend. But are emos a weird rock cult or as pleasant a group of teenagers as you’re likely to meet?

You can check out the article here.

Recent coverage of the movement in the Daily Mail has polarized pro and anti-emo factions with mainstream newspapers condemning the movement for suicides while young fans and bands attempt to defend the subculture.
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Angels & Airwaves doc due out June 17th

Angels and AirwavesAngels and Airwaves have set a release date for their upcoming first DVD. The disc is titled Start the Machine and is due out June 17, 2008.

In typical AvA style, it promises:

From the break-up of Blink-182 to the genesis of Angels and Airwaves… a Rock and Roll documentary about an experiment of hope and the movement that followed.

You can pre-order the disc here or check out the art on the release detail page.
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Members of Bouncing Souls, My Chemical Romance, Thursday & Let It Burn form Cure tribute act

Pete ‘The Pete’ Steinkop and Michael McDermot of Bouncing Souls, DJ Values of Let It Burn, Frank Iero of My Chemical Romance, Andrew Everding of Thursday and Matt Scara of Pitch Black Blonde have formed a Cure tribute act named The Love Cats.

The band will be making their live debut on June 7, 2008 alongside a “heavy metal Bee Gees tribute” named Tragedy and Anna Copa Cabana at Asbury Park in New Jersey.

You can check out the flyer by clicking Read More.
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Rise Against begin studio blog

Rise Against have posted a lengthy studio blog covering their recently begun recording process:

We spent many weeks in Chicago throughout the end of winter writing new songs in our rehearsal space and we’re pretty stoked on the direction. Too early to tell you what this thing is sounding like, but its got the same energy and power of our past releases and we can’t wait to wrap it up and get it out to you.

We took some time off to play an unannounced Chicago show at the Metro with our friends in the Gallows and Cancer Bats on Superbowl Sunday, which, of course, was awesome and thanks to all who made it a good time (and check out the new Cancer Bats record by the way!) Then, while Zach was home in Texas during South By Southwest. he was invited to play a set of Black Flag songs with Luke from the Gorilla Biscuits, Mike Herrera from MxPx, and our good buddy Sam from Complete Control singing.

We intend to keep you posted with this new fancy Studio Diary, and we’ll include some pics whenever our lazy asses take some. Next post; Colorado and The Blasting Room…

You can check out the full update here.

The as-yet untitled album will follow 2006’s The Sufferer & the Witness.
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