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48 Hour Madness Sale at GoGamer

I just got this email. Check out the prices on these games. 


Battlestations: Midway for PC – $28.90

IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946 – $34.90

Maelstorm for PC – $27.90

Call of Juarez for PC – $27.90

Dark Messiah Might and Magic for PC – $14.90

Chronicles of Riddick for Xbox – 7.90

Blackhawk Down for Xbox – 5.90

WWE Smackdown vs. RAW 2007 for PS2 – $37.90

Star Trek: Tactical Assault for Nintendo DS – $14.90

Star Trek: Tactical Assault for PSP – $14.90

Destroy All Humans! 2 for Xbox – $24.90
Sandio 3D Gaming Mouse Grey – $59.90 


Sale ends at  12:01 AM PST Feb. 25. Homepage

Age of Conan Wins Best MMO of E3 Awards

Durham, USA — May 22, 2006 – Funcom is proud to announce that ‘Age of Conan’
received multiple E3 awards as the ‘Best Game of Show’ in the MMO genre. The game
went on to win awards from the three world leading gaming websites IGN, Gamespot and

Gamespot awarded the game ‘Best Massively Multiplayer Game’ of E3 and said “based on
what we saw it’s the most promising massively multiplayer game in development
today”. Gamespy awarded the game ‘Best MMO’ of E3, and stated “every time we see it,
it manages to look better and better.” IGN handed out two awards for Conan, both as
the best overall MMO as well as the best PC MMO, and reasoned “When you talk about
the greatest fantasy writers of the 20th century, theres no disputing the two names
at the top of the list: J.R.R. Tolkien and Robert E. Howard …Weve been waiting for
an authentic Conan game for a long time and Funcoms certainly on track to deliver
an experience worthy of the license.”

Click Here to read more…

Electronic Arts Cuts 5% Of Worldwide Staff

This is how a big game company does business….

From Gamasutra.

According to online reports confirmed by an official statement made to consumer site GameSpot, Electronic Arts has laid off around 5 percent of its staff worldwide, following a cautionary conference call in mid-December regarding the slowing video game market.

Although the EA spokesperson did not specifically reference affected studios, its believed that the EA Redwood Shores, EA Tiburon, and EA Vancouver studios were all affected notably by the layoffs…

Guild Wars: Factions Free-For-All PvP Weekend

The Guild Wars Team would like to invite gamers everywhere to join us on the weekend of January 20th for a Guild Wars: Factions Global Free-For-All PvP Weekend Event! This event will take place on the Battle Isles, the new PvP continent. Players can visit this new area of the world to to try out a brand new arena, to visit the new combat training zones, or to experience the PvP explorable areas. Join us to get an early look at how PvP will evolve with the coming of Guild Wars: Factions!

The Event Schedule
Start of Event: January 20th: Midnight Pacific Time; 8:00 a.m. GMT; 5:00 p.m. Seoul
Closing Time: January 22nd/23rd: 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time January 22nd; 7:59 a.m. GMT January 23rd; 4:50 p.m. Seoul January 23rd

Your Key to PvP*

American Players:

European Players:

Feel free to share this key with your friends, guild mates and gaming partners!

*If you are an existing Guild Wars player, you do not need to acquire an access key for your Guild Wars account; you will automatically receive access to all Global Free-For-All PvP Weekend content when the event begins.

Download The Guildwars: Factions Free Client

Free DDO: Stormreach Preview

Anyone Interested in previewing the new Dungeon & Dragons: Stormreach should drop by FilePlanet for a chance to play.

It should be noted there are two clients available, the Standard Client and the High Res Client. I grabbed the High Res to put my new GeForce 6600GT through the paces.

A FilePlanet account is required to sign up. The good news is it worked with my Free Account. Better hurry!

Play Times and Dates

* We will begin taking signups on a first come first served basis – January 13th
* Tuesday January 17th at 5:00pm – 7:00pm PST/ 8:00pm – 10:00pm EST registration will begin
* Thursday January 19th at 7:00am PST/10:00am EST gameplay servers will go live
* Saturday January 21st at 11:59pm PST/ Sunday January 22nd at 2:59am EST gameplay servers will close