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Battlegroup 42 Update

The Battlegroup42 mod team for Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield Vietnam has posted some news today regarding progress on their next releases for both Battlefield titles.

The 1.2 update for Battlegroup42 includes tweaks to weapons and maps as well as a new custom map pack that includes conversions of the EA Match Map Pack to fit the mod. The GamersRadio Batallion |GRB|, has been helping to beta test these maps and there are some very good ones! Testing is expected to be wrapped up soon and a release will follow.

The work for Battlegroup42 for Battlefield Vietnam continues with the mod team showing off new small arms and armor models. We here at GamersRadio are going to be helping with the beta testing for this release as well and are excited to see what Battlegroup can do on the Vietnam engine!

read the entire news release

and discuss it in the Battlegroup42 Forums

Custom Map Blowout!

Our BF42 GRB Custom Map blowout was so successful, we decided to release the rest of our Battlefield Vietnam maps and do another Friday Night Fights Custom Map blowout for BFV! There will 8 maps this time around. Some of them have been released, some of them are never seen before except by the GRBs. These maps are great, but keep in mind they have not been through our extensive testing and may not 100% complete. Either way, this will be a fun night and you only get one shot, so spread the word! Here is your map line up.

Smokey Falls | Assualt Island | City In The Sewers | Operation Hanoi Garden
No Remorse | Guadalnam | Ghost In The Darkness | Sacred Grounds

Download HERE!

Friday, March 18th starting at 7pm
Server: |GRB|

Our thanks go out to |GRB| LoU-Cipher, |GRB| Raze, |GRB| GreatXScott and |GRB| ehil for all the hard work they put into these maps and custom map nights to make them a success! And to all the |GRB|s that come to these events to support there buds, we salute you!

Linux Server Patch Available Soon for BF42 and BFV

Good news from the EA Battlefield Vietnam Website:

“12.3.04 – Community Update

Listen Up Soldiers,
News from the front lines tells me that Linux server versions of the latest update is coming early next week. While I can’t say exactly when it will hit, I can tell you that you won’t have to wait too much longer for it. Both Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield Vietnam will be supported with an update.

Punk Buster
EvenBalance has resolved any issues that were occurring between PunkBuster and the latest Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield Vietnam updates. To this point, you shouldn’t be seeing any further issues with the update and PunkBuster.

Until next week, this is EAComMike signing off for the rest of the Battlefield team!”

Battlecraft 1.2

Battlecraft 1.2 is ready for download. Here are some of the changes they mentioned. It can be downloaded at

Version 1.2 Changelog
-Changed mouse-over routines in BCV to be more accurate
-Added tunnel code and tunnel properties dialog for BFV 1.2
-Added new object tab system
-Added graphical icons to entity tree
-Added new objects
-Tweaked Camera On Ground code to be more at player eye view to feel more like walking around the level
-Added code to generate in-game map for underground
-Many other various tweeks

EOD mod for BFV – Review of a Preview

A review of the EOD mod for Battlefield Vietnam has been posted at Hells Special Forces website. This is based on a press preview version of the mod that includes 4 maps, 3 of which inlude bot support. Here is his take on a couple of the maps:

Operation Hastings – I am sure everyone remembers this map from the BF42 version of EoD. The map, by design, is the same thing. Control points, bases, all in the same places as before. The difference in this map is the vegatation along the river beds. It also has a few new toys for the players to enjoy, one of which being the A1 Skyraider, which EoD had done a long while back, that was expected to be in the 42 version. The USA also get a different variant of the M113, an ACAV version which is decked out with 2 rear mounted M60 and a MG turret. The NVA will also get a new bird in the sky along with the new BTR60 model.”

Stream – I am sure this is a big fan favourite among many EoD players from the BF42 version. The EoD team has taken the original version and made it crazier, in a good way. There is so much vegatation in this map that a large army of enemy sodliers could creep up on you without detection. Choke points can easily be made using either sides booby-traps. If you enjoyed the battle which Stream on 42 gave you, you are going to want to marry the battles Stream will give you on EoD:V.”

The reviewer also makes note of the use of a Medivac Huey in the game which could be a useful addition in the right hands (not mine clearly). The huey has an interesting bit of eye candy with side doors that automatically close and open as you descend and ascend. Keeps you from shooting out, but also keeps folks from shooting in too. Pretty cool looking if I do say so myself.

Read the full preview review here: EOD Preview

Mission reports on all of the maps included with this release of the EOD Mod for BFV are here:
Eve of Destruction Missions Info

Still no word on a release date for the mod, but I must say this is looking pretty sweet. The only thing that has me more excited is the fact that the Red Sox are in the World Series. So Go Red Sox and come on EOD!

Point of Existence 1.5 Released

Point of Existence .1.5 Released

The POE team has released their newest patch to the ever so popular Point of Existence modification for Battlefield Vietnam.

This update tweaks a few thing and adds quite a few weapons suggested by you, the fan.

Click read more for the updates and head over to their web site to grab the download.

Official PoE Web Site
PlanetBattlefield PoE Mod Web Site Continue reading Point of Existence 1.5 Released

Its Finally Here

Community Update Battlefield Vietnam 1.2 is finally here on the EA site. See for all the updates. This should fix the temple on Ho Chi Mihn and to some extent helo raping. Full Patch is 295 Mb but there is a ver 1.1 -> 1.2 Update as well. Good luck the download link isnt working for me right now.

So, what do you think? Is it worth it? Ed. Continue reading Its Finally Here

Battlefield Vietnam 1.2 Patch Release Date Announced

In a Community Update, EA and DICE announced today that the 1.2 patch for Battlefield Vietnam will be available for download on Thursday October 7th, 2004 (about time dont you think?). To further tease us, they are releasing clips of some of the new weapons, maps and features. Three are out so far on the AC-47 Gunship, the T-72, and the new map “Saigon Sewers” (LoU I think they stole your map idea!).

I would post some of the pictures, but it is late and I am feeling lazy so all you get is a link.


Battlefield Vietnam Community Update

Friday Night Fights – Custom Map Night – Sept. 24th

Grab your guns! Its that time again! Friday Night Fights – Custom Map Night returns for Battlefield Vietnam! This time around, we bring you six quality maps. If you havent been to a custom map night, you are missing out! If you have been, then you know how much fun they can be! Show the mappers of the Battlefield community that you support what they are doing. Join us for Friday Night Fights – Custom Map Night on Friday, September 24th, 2004. The action starts at 7:00pm CST and goes until the early morning! Oh yea, Here are your maps:

GRB Operation Hanoi Garden
Bay of Dragons
Operation Oxbow
Green Hell
Camp Lovely
Radio Nguyen

Download will be available later this week.

More Information on Battlefield Vietnam 1.2 Patch

EA posted a community update this afternoon providing more information on the upcoming 1.2 patch which is due out soon. First, the AceGain automatic update utility has been replaced by ByteSwarm LiveUpdate which you can read more about here

In addition to the information released a couple of weeks ago, here are some highlights from the 1.2 Readme noting several community issues DICE has been working to address:

* They have added a Spectator Mode to the Game
* Tank splash damage against light and heavy vehicles now works.
* Minimap sorting order altered so players are visible above the CP flags.
* Performance problems resolved at the temple in HoChiMinh Trail and Cambodian Incursion. This will gain them lots of points from the community
* Repeating napalm sound bug has been resolved. This also will be very popular
* The bug with grenades that goes through bridges has been resolved.
* Parachute not opening properly on first key press.
* Missing icon flashes for radio commands resolved.


* Helicopter pads at main bases will not reload or repair helicopters occupied by enemy players, even after the control point is taken by the enemy. Note that this is determined by the team the player is on, not by the vehicle they are in.
* Mi8 hitpoints reduced from 125 to 100. Rocket reload time increased from 3 to 4.5 seconds.

Full Community Update