Great Archive of Original Neverwinter Nights on AOHell

By now, everyone has heard of Neverwinter Nights by Interplay. How many of you have heard of Neverwinter Nights on AOHell? I am sure a lot of you have heard of it, but how many of you actually had the opportunity to play it?

For me, it was The Game to beat all games. For some reason, the ancient graphics didnt make a bit of difference. The real challenge was in the game and playing with other real life players. To this day, I have not found another game to satisfy my urge.

Recently I stumbled onto an archive of information about the original Neverwinter Nights. If you are interested, take a peek. Its hard to imagine how this game captured the imagination of so many, but it did…..

Manson Hosts Uranium on Halloween

Marylin Manson will host a one hour special of the Canadian MuchMusics USA Metal Show called “Uranium”. You can catch the show on October 31st at 9pm EST on MuchMusic.

As a side benefit, Manson requested everyone who is at the show dress in their best “vaudville/cabret/fetish” outfit. Manson will pick the best dressed and that person will get a signed Watercolor by Marilyn.

Get A Job In The Gaming Industry…

GameRecruiter, a new recruiting firm dedicated to serving the employment needs of the interactive entertainment industry, has opened for business.

GameRecruiter is led by industry veteran-and freshly published author-Marc Mencher. Joining him on the companys staff are Lisa Martin, Marilyn Rebman, Kris Haight, Christine Cicchi and Melanie Cambron, all armed with a wealth of game industry human resource experience.

“Were not a high tech recruiting firm who dabbles in games,” said Mencher.