Matrix Online gets some added talent

As reported on, The Matrix Online is adding the voices and faces of some of the actors in the movie.

“Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and SEGA have confirmed that talent from The Matrix film series will appear on the massively multiplayer online game, The Matrix Online.”

The game is still scheduled to launch on Jan. 18th 2005. Good luck to them in what is showing to be a HUGE month of game releases.

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S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl Delayed

S.T.A.L.K.E.R has been delayed from 2005 Q1 to 2005 Q2 due to further optimization of the games dynamic life simulation system, which uses complex routines.

THQs online content manager Max Steller also said that the game has technically been finished and all features have been completed, but due to the complex nature of the dynamic life simulation routines, it will take GSC World additional time to make sure it works properly, as it is a crucial part of the game.

ABIT Unlocks Overclocking Boundaries with Fatal1ty Mainboards

How would you like a mobo named after you?
In an attempt to improve its positions in the high-end market ABIT Computer, a company that is mostly known for its mainboards designed for overclockers, is said to introduce its Fatal1ty mainboard-series shortly, bringing extreme speed and feature-set, but only for those, who can afford this.

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Interview with Battlefield 2 Executive Producer Scott Evans

Just one of many question here:

Question sent in by: MaSaKaRi
Its been mentioned that a player can select different looks for his character, as well as weapons. What does this mean exactly? Will we have a kit system like Battlefield Vietnam, but expanded? Or will a player class be able to fully outfit himself from a list of weapons and clothes (like, choosing from 5 pistols, 6 machine guns, etc, a real list of items)?

Scott Evans: Players will go up in rank from Private through the various military officer ranks. As players do so they will unlock new weapons and equipment which they can outfit their soldier with. Better players will naturally progress more quickly. However, we are changing the scoring system to reward those previously thankless people who role played within their kit. Rewarding engineers who repair vehicles and medics who heal teammates fosters a greater sense of teamwork.

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Check out 12 new screenshots. 6 are below and the other 6 are in the gallery, located here.

Doom the Movie is in Production

Doom Scheduled to be in theaters Aug. 5 2005

When the home-computer game “DOOM” was first launched in 1993, no one could have forseen the legion of fans it would create and the mania surrounding its every new permutation.
Now, the game that made history is jumping from computer screens to the motion picture screen: get ready for Doom. Set countless years in the future and told in the hyper-kinetic, kamikaze style that made its gaming predecessor a global phenomenon, the science fiction action adventure Doom takes the viewer to the far corners of the galaxy with a fully-realized vision of a dark and disturbing future.

Doom will serve as the feature film directorial debut of Enda McCallion, and is based on the id Software and Activision video game “Doom 3”


Howard Stern Confronts FCC Commisioner On Air

In a strange twist of events, Howard Stern called into a San Francisco talk show during an interview with the FCC Chairman Michael Powell. Here the whole thing as Howard questions him about how he got his job, why Howards fines are preventing Viacom from buying more radio stations and why Oprah has not been fined for doing the same thing Howard did and received one of the largest fines ever given by the FCC.

South Park Korn

labbermouth reports: KORN frontman Jonathan Davis will be presenting a special “South Park” Halloween episode this Thursday (Oct. 28) on Comedy Central at 9:30 p.m. EST. [see full story for more]

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Ashlee Lip Sync Excuse

liveDaily reports: [A bit of a follow up to the story in yesterdays Day in Rock about Ashlee Simpsons lip sync adventure on SNL.] In a Monday (10/25) interview on New York City radio station Z100 FM, Joe Simpson, Ashlees father and manager, said that he convinced Ashlee to use backing tracks when acid reflux caused her vocal cords to swell.

“[Ashlee] sang in the rehearsal–theres a full rehearsal right before the show, which is with a live audience–and by the end of that time she was so scratchy and her throat was hurting her so bad she started crying,” Joe Simpson said. “We called … her doctor in L.A.; he said, Dont let her sing. I said, Theres no way I can not let her sing–weve got to sing the show.

“So we made the decision to pull up backing tracks to help her push through the song, because otherwise she wouldve sounded just like a frog–and no one wants to hear a frog on Saturday Night Live unless its a skit.” [see full story for more]

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