Frag.Ops to appear on UT2004: Editors Choice Edition

– Press Release –

Pandora-Studios signs an agreement with Epic Games, Inc. to publish their mod, Frag.Ops, under a one-time contract for the UT2004 Editors Choice Edition. Frag.Ops, the most played UT2003 mod ever made and currently one of the most popular UT2004 mods, will appear on the special edition with several other well-known mods as a free supplement to Epics highly acclaimed UT2004 game. Frag.Ops is a near-future tactical first-person shooter, and has won several press awards in the mod-making field for both graphical realism and excellent gameplay. In addition, FO has placed as a finalist twice for “Best FPS mod” in the NVidia Make Something Unreal contest, taking 5th place once and again 4th in the most recent judging. It also received several honorable mentions for 3D models, sound, and level design.”

Rockn The News – August 31st, 2004

****** Dave Matthews Band Offer DNA ******

AP reports: The Dave Matthews Band says it is cooperating with authorities to determine what happened when a tour boat with more than 100 passengers was doused with raw sewage.

A lawsuit by Illinois attorney general contends the bands tour bus emptied its septic tank while crossing a grated bridge over the Chicago River on Aug. 8.

The band issued a statement on its Web site saying members have offered to provide DNA evidence to help authorities determine the source of the sewage.

In its statement, the band also said that if its bus is found to be responsible for the incident, the band will “work quickly to make amends, with the people on the boat and with Chicago.”

Yahoo has the full scoop on the poop.

****** Rare Cramps ******

MTV reports: As a treat to fans and a testament to their vast catalog, the New York-bred band [The Cramps] has compiled two discs worth of unreleased rare tracks, alternate takes, demos and live performances. “How to Make a Monster”, due October 19.

Get more Cramps at Mtv.

****** System of a Downs New Album ******

IAYM reports: System Of A Down are now eyeing a December release date for their as-yet-untitled new effort, frontman Serj Tankian offering the following update on the progress made thus far: “Were in the thick of it still, doing a lot of overdubs. Its going great. Im happy with all the songs, the diversity of it.”

I Ate Your Microphone has more. Great name btw…..

****** Eminems Eminent Elation ******

liveDaily reports: Aftermath/Interscope Records has scheduled a Nov. 16 release date for “Encore,” rapper Eminems first full album of new material since 2002s “The Eminem Show.”

Livedaily has more.

The Passion of the Clerks

Strangley enough, Clerks was my 3rd Kevin Smith movie. Dogma was my first and then I worked backwards. Ive been a fan ever since that first movie and when I heard they were doing a sequel to Clerks, I got excited. I figured you would too.

CNN has a great article on the movie. If you are a fan, its worth checking out. Here is a snippet:

“Its about what happens when that lazy, 20-something malaise lasts into your 30s. Those dudes are kind of still mired, not in that same exact situation, but in a place where its time to actually grow up and do something more than just sit around and dissect pop culture and talk about sex,” Smith said during an interview at his Hollywood office. “Its: What happened to these dudes?”

Rockn The News – August 29th, 2004

****** Korn Turns Out Greatests Hits Early ******

MTV reports: Cant wait until October 19 for Korns Greatest Hits Volume 1 to hit stores? Good news: The release date for the 19-track album, which features covers of Cameos “Word Up” and Pink Floyds “Another Brick in the Wall, Parts 1, 2, 3,” has been pushed ahead two weeks and will now hit stores on October 5.

Full Story at

****** Nevermind, The DVD ******

Blabbermouth reports: According to The Internet Nirvana Fan Club, a DVD about NIRVANAs legendary “Nevermind” album is scheduled for an October 25 release. The DVD, which is part of the popular “Classic Albums” series, will most likely follow the recording of the album, based on past and possibly new interviews.

Get the full story at Blabbermouth

****** Vince Gets a Makeover, But Not On Jenny Jones ******

Blabbermouth reports: Former MÖTLEY CRÃœE singer Vince Neil has signed to star in MTVs “The Remaking of Vince Neil”, according to The show, which will premiere on a date to be announced, will document Neils attempt at a career comeback with the help of makeover specialists.

Full story at Blabbermouth

****** VAST Helps Indie Artists ******

Day in Rock reports: Jon Crosby of Vast has been keeping real busy of late. Were not talking touring and recording, Crosby has been spreading his wings a bit. Thought it would good to highlight two of his projects here. One, Crosby is now an author. He is about to release his first book “Turquoise and Crimson”. Details are a bit sketchy but it sounds as if it is a non-fiction Kerouac-esq tome. The book is slated for release in October (preorders are now being taken, first 200 received a personalized, numbered and autographed copy. – see full story link)

Rockers writing a book isnt too out of character, but Crosby other major new project is. He has founded a storefront website called 2blossoms, which is billed as “a multi-media sanctuary for artists”. It appears the idea behind the project is to give indie artists a place to showcase and sell their material. 100% of the profit goes to the artists, all they have to pay is a $5 monthly membership fee. Not a bad deal! Kudos to Jon for doing this. Click the full story link to check it out, preorder the book and if you are Vast fan you can purchase “Turquoise” and “Crimson” – 2 sets of 10 MP3s for only $2.99 per set.

Check out Johns website for Indie Artists at

****** Manson Does The Cure ******

Drowned in Sound reports: Marilyn Manson will host a live tribute to the kings of glum, The Cure, on September 17th.

The show – part of MTVs Icon series – will feature performances and testimonials from artists and celebrities who cite The Cure as a significant influence upon their work. Itll be held at Old Billingsgate Market in London, and screened in October.

Drowned In Sound has more.

****** Halford Sings Sabbath *****

Blabbermouth reports: Ozzy Osbourne was forced to sit out BLACK SABBATHs performance at Thursday nights (Aug. 26) Ozzfest in Camden, NJ due to an attack of bronchitis. He was replaced at the concert by none other than JUDAS PRIEST frontman Rob Halford. Halford had previously joined SABBATH for two gigs to support Ozzy on his last shows for the “No More Tours” tour in November 1992 in Costa Mesa, CA after SABBATHs singer at the time, Ronnie James Dio, refused to take the stage.

More at Blabbermouth

Friday Night Fights – Custom Map Night!

Grab your gun Soldier! Its time! Friday Night Fights – Custom Map Night Returns. This action starts August 27th at 7:00pm CST and goes until we get tired of playing! This time around, we have a great line up of maps for you.

Server: |GRB|

Radio Nguyen
Last Light
GRB No Remorse
GRB Operation Ebony Eyes
GRB Battleaxe Wetlands

Login and grab the Download.

Ghost In the Shell: Stand Alone Complex for PS2

Click Read More… for trailer link.

Bandai Release “Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex” Trailer

Bandai is proud to present a new trailer from “Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex.” Featuring lightning-fast action and vibrant 3D graphics, this third-person shooter plunges players into a cyberpunk future where Major Kusanagi and the officers of Section 9 stand between Newport City and a host of armed-to-the-teeth criminals.

Gamers can experience the lushly detailed anime world as the female cyborg Major Motoko Kusanagi, her tough-as-nails partner Batou or the quadraped enforcement droid known as Tachikoma. With over 20 minutes of beautifully rendered CGI, the “Ghost in the Shell” game features eye-catching martial arts moves, the ability to hack into machinery, computers, and enemy minds, and 15 different weapons, ranging from sniper rifles to missile launchers. Players can also challenge their friends with four-player multiplayer combat, including both team matches and battle royale.

Slated for a November 2004 release, “Ghost in the Shell: Standalone Complex” is rated “M” for Mature and retails at $49.99.

Continue reading Ghost In the Shell: Stand Alone Complex for PS2

2nd Stone Sour Album a Reality

SLIPKNOT/STONE SOUR frontman Corey Taylor has posted the following message at the STONE SOUR message board

“Id like to give you a little update on the STONE SOUR front as we havent done that in a long time.

1. We have 30 full and partial songs brewing at the moment.
2. Jamey from HATEBREED has expressed his interest in doing a song with us and most definitely will.
3. Plans are being made to start work in September of 2005, or perhaps even earlier, depending on the schedule.”

“Thank you to everyone for keeping the fires lit while [guitarist] Jim [Root] and I indulge our other passion. Commitment has to be total, and at the moment our commitment is to the KNOT. But as soon as were done touring with SLIPKNOT, its on. Im writing, Jims writing, [guitarist] Josh [Rand] is writing, everyone is gearing up for this.”

In more music news……

BODY COUNT, the metal/punk band fronted by legendary rapper Ice T, recently announced plans to record their first album in seven years, tentatively titled “Murder for Hire”.

Will Madden fumble this year???

I very seldom play console games anymore; however, when it comes down to sport games, that is the only media to use. I think this has been the first year that I was not waiting for the new version of Madden NFL to hit the shelfs, and after seeing this preview/review I am glad I didnt.

I got stuck watching G4TechTV the other day and saw the new ESPN NFL 2K5… All I can say is OMG!!!!! But to find out what all the buzz is, read the full article at G4TechTVs website.

Here is a snippet….

“The hierarchy of console football is a funny thing. When it comes to PS2 decks humming in the back of a tricked-out Escalade, EAs Madden still kicks all comers. But down on the street level, where the rest of us live, a competitor has been building strength for a run at the title. The ESPN NFL franchise from Visual Concepts is an increasingly impressive contender, and with the field dramatically narrowed (no NFL Fever or NFL GameDay this year) this may be the year for the balance to shift.

Grokster Cleared in MGM Lawsuit, Big Implication for File Sharers

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) won a preliminary ruling today against MGM studios and several other major Holywood players in their lawsuit against Grokster. If the ruling is upheld, it sets a precedent that file sharing programs such as Grokster, Kazaa, Morpheus, etc. cannot be held responsible for the content on their networks. This ruling will have a huge positive effect on the future of filesharing in general.