5 New Screenshots

I just got home from work and what do I find in my inbox? 5 Hot new screenshots from EA for Battlefield 2. The detail of the last one with the city is absolutely amazing. Click and Enjoy!

In addition to the screenshots, they have a small interview with Josh Hendren, producer of the Console Game, Battlefield: Modern Combat. Get the full scoop here.

IE Users Beware!

Popups are executing malicious code using a flaw in IE to place a trojan horse on your computer. This trojan horse looks for websites where you might transmit important data, like bank websites, then captures your information as you enter it. This is very serious because there is not a patch issued from Microsoft for this problem.

Get the full story at ZDNet.

If you continue to use IE, at least put your security settings at High. Otherwise, I would suggest using an alternate browser, like Firefox or Mozilla.

Custom Map – GRB Ghost in the Darkness

We wanted to show off another custom map, GRB Ghost in the Darkness. It is based off of our BF42 map called Ghost Front. While it uses the same height map, it is really a very different map. We played this map Friday during our custom map night and it was a blast. It is designed to force the battles in a tug of war fashion, with both sides pouring onto the Temple, for control. You can still grab it from the download section. Look for the custom map pack #7.

Some interesting notes about this map:

– The tunnel is very detailed, with wind sounds once you enter and a capturable flag. The smoke/fog adds an eerie effect. There were some intense battles for this flag.

– The Temple is the midpoint on the map. This capture point does not have a spawn, so you need to constantly feed troops to defend it. There were some great battles for this flag also.

– There is an Easter egg on this map. Watch for broken birds, falling from the sky GI. They will hurt you. 🙂

– Speaking of birds, see if you can find the spot in the jungle where you scare off a whole mess of them. It scared me the first time I heard it. Very cool effect.


I just received word from Aaron over at Texas Pain about their CTF mod for BFV. This was something DICE should have put in from the beginning, but it is great to see the community doing something about it. Click read more for the full scoop and a download link.

BFV CTF MOD Beta Ver 0.5 Released (Testers needed)


BFV CTF MOD – Battlefield Vietnam Capture The Flag (CTF) Gametype mod – about 51% complete.

Version 0.5, fixed the capture announcements, added more maps, and much more. The capture the flag code does work In CTF game mode the conquest flags do not function as conquest flags they seem to operate the same as a flag cap. So we made all conqest flags un-cappable so they are just spawns. We still need some help with the menu adding the option to start a CTF server in game. more details will follow about running a dedicated server. Continue reading BFV CTF

Custom Map Night Was A Hit!

I just wanted to give a big thank you to everyone who dropped by and played some of the best custom maps we have ever had. Not a single bad map in the mix. Everyone was saying great things.

Raze was also happy to hear how many people enjoyed Ghost in the Darkness and Guadalnam. We will be releasing Guadalnam and No Remorse from last months event as single downloads soon. If anyone gets these maps and puts them in rotation on a server, please let us know. We would love to play them some more. Ghost in the Darkness is currently being reviewed for possible changes. If we do make changes, make sure you grab the new version when it comes out.

To all the map makers whose maps we played. You did a great job and we really enjoyed playing your maps. To all those who played and put up with the slight lag, we are currenlty pulling our money together and trying to puchase a more powerful server. It seems that all of the custom maps were more taxing on the server than anything we have ever experienced.

We want these events to be fun and lag free. With a newer server, things should be even bigger and better. As always, we couldnt have done it without you. Thanks for playing and we will see you again on July 30th! Mark your calendars and tell your friends.

Battlefield Vietnam 1.1 Update

Dice posted a new update today on their website. They appear to be listening to the BFV community. Way to go DICE!

Battlefield Vietnam 1.1 Update Coming Soon
As mentioned in previous community updates, DICE has been hard at work putting the 1.1 update together for a pending release. So far weve featured screenshots of the new vehicles and map included in the update (The Defense of Con Thien). Today, we are going to share with you a list of some of the tweaks and fixes coming in 1.1. Continue reading Battlefield Vietnam 1.1 Update

FNF CMN Map Pack Is Available

Login! Click Downloads! Look in the Battlefield Vietnam Map folder and download away. The maps are already in rotation on the server, so feel free to check them out before tomorrow night.

We will see you at 7pm CST!

Oh and if you want to see screenshots of some of our maps currently in development, drop by our Photo Gallery.

Servername: GamersRadio.com 1.02
Port: 15567

TeamSpeak Server
Port: 8767

Doom 3 Release Date?

Could it be true? Is this the real date that is making everyone all crazy about right now in just about every gaming forum you can find? Gamestop.com is quoted as saying “Official launch date of August 3rd, 2004 confirmed!

Searching all over the place it is seeming that getting information from Activision and id Software is not resulting any any REAL proof. And the official Doom 3 website still says “Coming Soon“.

The most recent release date information we really have from Activision is here.

We are keeping a very close eye on this as we are all very excited about this game… More to come as soon as we find it!

Custom Map Night Line Up

Here is the final round up. There are some really good maps this time around. It should be fun!

GRB Ghost in the Darkness
GRB Guadalnam
Valley Assualt
Hillside Assualt
Battle of Dong Ap Bia
Tri Nan High Ground

ephil is uploading the custom installer. Ill test it tomorrow and if all is well, you will be able to download it sometime late tomorrow night.

WineX 4.0 released

We snagged this from the press release on TransGamings website. If anyone is able to get BFV working through this, please let us know. With support for World of Warcraft, it really interests us.

TransGaming today unveils the milestone release of version 4.0 of its flagship product, WineX, which has been renamed to Cedega. Cedega allows Windows ® games to seamlessly and transparently run under Linux, out-of-the-box, with outstanding performance and equivalent game-play. Cedega 4.0 includes support for Microsoft ® DirectX ® 9.0, significantly broadening the scope and availability of the latest triple “A” titles for avid Linux gamers. The landmark release of Cedega 4.0 adds support for new blockbuster DirectX 9.0 titles such as EAsâ„¢ Battlefield Vietnamâ„¢, Eidosâ„¢ Hitman: Contracts ©, and LucasArts © Star Warsâ„¢Galaxiesâ„¢, bringing the total number of games supported under Cedega to well over 300. Furthermore, Cedega features unprecedented support for NCSofts ® recently released massive multiplayer online game, City of Heroes ® and Blizzard Entertainments ® unreleased but highly anticipated World of WarCraft ®.

Friday Night Fights – Custom Map Night

This Friday night, June 25th, starting at 7pm CST will be another installment of our BFV Custom Map Nights. We are still working on the map list. As soon as it is ready, we will update the site and post a download for everyone to grab. I can tell you three maps we expect to play Friday night. They include Tri Nan High Ground by [MoX]Rage and GRB Ghost in the Darkness and GRB Guadalnam by our own |GRB|Raze. You can see screenshots of both of these maps, including the really cool tunnel system in Ghost in the Darkness, in our Custom Map Screenshot Gallery.

Keep it here for further updates and we cant wait to see you Friday night.