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Linux worm targets PHP packages

In the grand world of keeping systems patched, Windows users are usually singled out for failing to keep their boxes up to date. But the phenomenom of users continuing to use software containing known vulnerabilities is hardly something peculiar to Microsoft. Thats why virus writers have gotten together and done something quite rare: theyve written a worm that targets Linux systems. And its finding targets. [To read more]

IE Users Beware!

Popups are executing malicious code using a flaw in IE to place a trojan horse on your computer. This trojan horse looks for websites where you might transmit important data, like bank websites, then captures your information as you enter it. This is very serious because there is not a patch issued from Microsoft for this problem.

Get the full story at ZDNet.

If you continue to use IE, at least put your security settings at High. Otherwise, I would suggest using an alternate browser, like Firefox or Mozilla.

WineX 4.0 released

We snagged this from the press release on TransGamings website. If anyone is able to get BFV working through this, please let us know. With support for World of Warcraft, it really interests us.

TransGaming today unveils the milestone release of version 4.0 of its flagship product, WineX, which has been renamed to Cedega. Cedega allows Windows ® games to seamlessly and transparently run under Linux, out-of-the-box, with outstanding performance and equivalent game-play. Cedega 4.0 includes support for Microsoft ® DirectX ® 9.0, significantly broadening the scope and availability of the latest triple “A” titles for avid Linux gamers. The landmark release of Cedega 4.0 adds support for new blockbuster DirectX 9.0 titles such as EAsâ„¢ Battlefield Vietnamâ„¢, Eidosâ„¢ Hitman: Contracts ©, and LucasArts © Star Warsâ„¢Galaxiesâ„¢, bringing the total number of games supported under Cedega to well over 300. Furthermore, Cedega features unprecedented support for NCSofts ® recently released massive multiplayer online game, City of Heroes ® and Blizzard Entertainments ® unreleased but highly anticipated World of WarCraft ®.

XP Blows! How about gaming on Linux?!?

I am not real happy with the current release of Windows XP by Microsoft. It seams with every new OS release, they get one step closer to really living up to the Anti-trust lawsuit currently winding down in the courts. I really do not want to rent my software. It is bad enough to pay a monthly subscription rate for Online Games, but at least I can understand the cost involved with Bandwidth and operations. I can respect the fact that my $10 is going to pay for an ongoing business and not just someones greedy attempt to swindle me out of even more money.

With that said, I would like to discuss the future of gaming on alternate OSs. Continue reading XP Blows! How about gaming on Linux?!?

Nimda Worm

I do not usually bring up things like Viruses, except to make fun of different companies, but this one is serious. It targets Microsoft products specifically. More importantly, it is generating so much bandwidth in its quest to infect other systems, it is impacting cable internet providers, webservers (Linux, Unix and Microsoft) and internet use in general. Make sure you protect yourself from it. If you dont you will regret it. As an example, Read On for the details of a test a buddy of mine ran last night. Continue reading Nimda Worm

The latest virus for the PS/2 ?!?!?

I almost shit a brick when I read this one. Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEI) and aohell are teaming up to bring aohell to the Sony Playstation 2. You can check out the full press release here.

You will have to pardon me. I must go take a cold shower and wash away this filth. I feel so violated for even suggesting you go to an aohell site. Mommy….!