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GameSpy Presents Top 10 PC Games of E3

GameSpy has a round up of all the E3 goodness. In the first article, they list their top 10 picks for PC Games. I must say, 2006 may be a better year than I expected.

10. Medieval 2: Total War
9. Battlefield 2142 (Should we continue to support EAs BF Franchise?)
8. World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade (Get out your tunicate)
7. Company of Heroes (This is an awesome looking WWII RTS)
6. Hellgate: London (From the makers of Diablo, comes a First Person RPG)
5. Crysis (From the makers of FarCry. Supports Ageias PhysX Processor)
4. Enemy Territory: Quake Wars (OH YEA!)
3. Supreme Commander (From Chris “Total Annihilation” Taylor)
2. Spore (Probably one of the most unique things EA has done in a long time. Then again, its actually from the Mind of Will “Sim City” Wright.
1. BioShock (This looks like an incredible original story driven game.)

After reading the article, I can tell you there should be some great games coming out this year. Personally, I am interested in the following:

Battlefield 2142
Company of Heroes
Hellgate: London
Enemy Territory: Quake Wars

If I was still play WOW, I would definately be interested in The Burning Crusades.

How about you? Read the article and give us your thoughts on the upcoming releases. Do any of them sound interesting? What would you like to demo?

Hackers Extort White Wolf Games

We thought you might find this interesting….

White Wolf Publishing Inc., a company responsible for some of the most popular role-playing game brands, has shut down operations after international hackers exploited a software flaw and stole user data that included user names, e-mail addresses and encrypted passwords.

Following the breach, the company, based in Stone Mountain, Ga., said the hackers attempted to extort money by threatening to post the potentially sensitive user data on the Internet.

Read the full story at EWeek.

Faster Faster

Gaming will never be the same with AGEIAs hardware-accelerated physics technologies. Bridging the gap between beautiful static worlds and responsive physical reality, AGEIA physics technologies enable unlimited creative possibilities for game developers. The result will re-ignite the enthusiasm of gamer and game creators alike, and propel the game industry into unexplored new markets.
Faster Faster More More
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And Simplified Here
AGEIA Sets Pricing on PhysX Add-In Cards. Physics Processing Unit to Cost Below $300

Brought to you by AGEIA,, xbit

Hubble May Be Saved

In more news unrelated to gaming or music, I just got word that NASA is considering sending a shuttle mission to service the aging Hubble telescope. I hope this happens. The Hubble is one of the greatest Astronomy tools we have and it would be a shame for it to crash to earth years before a replacement is scheduled to launch.

Get the full scope at

Was John Lennon The Devil?

Blabbermouth reports: Over the last few years there have been two artists that have claimed to have created the famous heavy metal “devils horns” hand signal: Ronnie James Dio (BLACK SABBATH) and Gene Simmons (KISS).

We have discovered irrefutable photographic evidence that is was none other than Beatle John Lennon that created the famous sign in 1967. Furthermore, it was even used in animation for the BEATLES “Yellow Submarine” (just check the original vinyl album cover). These are two photographic images that can be tied down to specific years PRIOR to the 70s. [see full story for more and photos]

Full Story:

Rollins Rocks Shatner

MTV reports: Henry Rollins and Joe Jackson made surprise appearances during William Shatners performance Friday in Los Angeles. Shatner took the stage after Ben Folds 90-minute set and read spoken word over music provided by Folds, who produced the actors new album.

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