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Awesome Crysis Preview

How does 33 Pictures and 13 Movies of the new upcoming Crysis game grab you? Yea, it is deffinately worth a look.


"It goes without saying that Crytek has made a major impact on FPS titles since Far Cry was released over two years ago. While the title had its flaws, such as damn near impossible difficulty toward the end of the game and a save system that could've been much better, it was still a groundbreaking shooter in several ways. Since then, the team has been hard at work on their next title, Crysis, which made its debut at this year's E3 to a great deal of fanfare. Now, a few months later on their home turf, Crytek unveiled a multiplayer demo of their highly anticipated shooter on the showroom floor at Leipzig. Much to the hatred of roughly fifty-plus German youths, we went hands-on with a build specially created for the Games Convention and talked to a few members of the Crytek team."


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