Unsigned Artists Added to the Station

I recently added several more unsigned artists to the stream. You should check these bands out. They work hard to put out good music.

Here is the complete list:





Fear The Clown (OK, so these guys just got signed, but they are still unknown and an incredible band!)

Forte (Older independent rock! Dig it!)

Huver (3/4th of The Nixons, hell, these guys were the music.)


Little Kingz (They may be little people, but their music is Large!)




Manifest Destinty

Single Bullet Theory

The Final Step

I usually play two songs an hour from unsigned artists. Open your mind and check out the radio station. This is not the same old boring stuff you hear on other stations. Be the first on your block to say, “Hey, I know those Guys!”

Origin Announces Ultima Online: Lord Blackthornes Revenge

Origin recently announced the next add on for Ultima Online, Lord Blackthornes Revenge. According to Origin, you can look for it to be released sometime in early 2002.

I do not know what to say. On one hand I am pissed off because they dropped UO2 and on the other hand I am glad they did not let all of the work go to waste.

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