EA/DICE offers Bonus Map

This time around, I am not going to get as excited as I did about Coral Sea. From what I have read, the new mapped called Operation Aberdeen, is another Coral Sea, but with Tanks instead of planes. I will keep an open mind about it, but I think EA/DICE is playing with us. Rather than releasing crappy maps, why dont they release the Developers Tools. The MOD groups have done an incredible job, but it would be so much easier if they had decent tools to work with. Oh well, Im addicted to the game, so I guess I will stop complaining and go frag someone….. Get the Full scoop from EA by clicking the Read More link.

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What do you wear?!?

2 out of 30 people said they loved to cheat in BF1942. 1 said they cheated and felt guilty and a whopping 27 out of 30 said they did not like cheaters. It seems people really do not cheat in Battlefield 1942. Either that, or we have a lot of liars visiting Gamers Radio. (SIC) If you havent voted, you can still cast your vote here.

I decided it was time to lighten things up a bit. This poll asks a question most people are afraid to ask, but everyone is curious about. This time around, we want to know how you dress when you are playing Games at your computer. I will even fess up and tell you I play in sweats and a t-shirt, but I have been known to play in my underwear and a t-shirt from time to time. As far as being buck naked, that is something I can say I have never done. So the next time you are fraggin online, or you send a Hail to the guy on the other end of the Internet, you might just wonder….. What are they wearing…..

Halo 2 Slips into 2004

Bungie announced Friday that Halo 2 for the X-Box would not be released this year, but should be released in 2004. On the flip side, the original Halo being released for PC and Mac is still on track for a 2003 release. You can get the full details here.