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Live365 2005 Broadcaster Award Nominations

If you are a Live365 member, you can nominate your favorite broadcasters in a wide variety of categories for the Live365 2005 Broadcaster Awards. So go and support GamersRadio (which is your favorite station of course) with a vote in the “Metal and Hard Rock” as well as the “Best New Station (<1 year old)" categories.

Deadline: March 15, 2005

you can enter your nomination at Live365

BF42/BFV Bug Exposed!

Ever go prone or jump behind some sandbags in BF42/BFV and still get killed even though you were sure you were out of sight? Well, while perusing the Forgotten Hope forums this evening I found an interesting post that lead me to the Silent Heroes BF42 Mod site and a news item that they had written that might shed some light on why that happens. Here is the lead in from the article:

“For some 2 years we have had a feeling that we were shoot when we shouldnt, when we hid by throwing ourselfs behind sandbags – even though we should have been in safety behind the cover. Lagg, net-code, (bad) luck was all blamed and the behavior dubbed by some as the sandbag-bug. And it pretty much continued like this for 2 years. Today Rainbearer showed his discovery that he could shoot anyone, even though he aimed in the air above them, while they where going prone. This made it clear for me that the faulty behavior was connected to animations, not netcode or client delays.” (emphasis added)

“After some initial research it became clear that the problem was a global one. It was NOT limited to players going prone, but actually for every animation-transition performed by the player-character.”

They even created a short video exposing the bug and calling for DICE/EA to correct it. Here is a link to the compressed video and accompanying readme file: The Proof!

Click read more to view the readme text explanation from the Silent Heroes guys. Continue reading BF42/BFV Bug Exposed!

New Patch for both BF42 and BFV

EA Released patches for both Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield Vietnam today to address what is being described as an “undisclosed exploit”. These are must downloads and installs. These are all relatively small files with the largest weighing in at just over 10MB.

Battlefield 1942 1.61b (6.41MB)
Battlefield 1942 Server 1.61b (3.16MB)

Battlefield Vietnam Client 1.21 (10.1MB)

Battlefield Vietnam Server 1.21 (4.07MB)

On the BFV forums at PlanetBattlefield people seem to be having mixed results with the patch including crashes and mass server kicking. One user discovered what is thought to be the exploit in question and it appears to be a server crash/privacy vulnerability. More information can be found here

Ed – After reading more on the PBF forums everyone is having trouble with this one so far. I would hold off on installing it for the moment. – Sarge

Howard Stern Confronts FCC Commisioner On Air

In a strange twist of events, Howard Stern called into a San Francisco talk show during an interview with the FCC Chairman Michael Powell. Here the whole thing as Howard questions him about how he got his job, why Howards fines are preventing Viacom from buying more radio stations and why Oprah has not been fined for doing the same thing Howard did and received one of the largest fines ever given by the FCC.

Ford to offer Sirius radio in more cars

DETROIT–Ford Motor plans to announce on Monday that it will offer Sirius Satellite Radio in more of its cars and trucks and that it will begin installing the satellite radio systems at its factories for the first time.

Read More Here:

Has Howard Stern started the end of terrestrial radio as he claims?
I know Ill be there on the debut of his 1st satellite broadcast! = teh win!

Ok, I have posted about this in the forums… But watching it right now made me come over here and post an article about it… – Check it!!!

Every Friday night they hold live DJ sessions that you can watch either via their web site, or via WinAMP 5. They also host an irc channel that you can jump into and talk to the DJs as they spin. [ #ravetrax]

The DJs on here are VERY good and worth checking out.


Punkbuster no longer supporting Half-life.

For you that dont know punkbuster is 3rd party software used to stop cheaters. Any one that plays half-life (Counter-Strike, Team Fortress) knows it has been plagued with cheaters and has lost a lot of players due to this. Well Sierra/Valve have been saying for months they are working to fix these problems, the hole time punkbuster doing this for them for free. Well the latest release of Halflife come out a week ago and to everyones surprise (not realy) Sierra/Valve didnt even fix one of the cheats in the game. I think is a very bad call by Sierra/Valve as cheats will kill a game faster than anything. Read on for the quote from punkbusters webpage
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