Gamers want more than cool graphics!

Word on the web is the X-box is doing terrible in Europe. Sales figures, based on the number of units purchased by retailers and for sale does not even come close to intial sales of the PS2.

Its like I told a friend who dogs my PS2 and touts his own mighty X-box. I can care less about graphics. I play games to have fun and one of my favorite games of all time, Original Neverwinter Nights on aohell, was only available in 16 colors.

Long live the Playstation 2!

LoTR: See it again… has the latest scoop on a special preview of The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. You can get the full details here.

The short and sweet version is starting March 29th, there will be a 4 minute preview of LoTR: The Two Towers at the end of LoTR: The Fellowship of The Rings.

I wonder how many people will pay to see the last part of the movie….

Bring In The Suits…

Brian Fargo, the founder and CEO of Interplay has quit. He founded the company in 1984. Interplay has new financial backers, the French owned Titus Interactive. It is rumored that tension between Brian and Titus lead to his resignation.

Good luck Brian. I hope you continue to create more kick ass games in the future…


Thanks to all who made it out last friday…..the ice was fun on the way home but we enjoyed it……..we will be playing Thursday April 7th at Samurai and next Thursday April 14th at the Blue Note…..come check it out……..we are trying to help promote rockboneradio, thus helping promotion of local/indie bands……..thanks for supporting local music!!!!!

Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace!

Think about this. Independent Webcasters are no different than all of the local, Independent Artists that play their hearts out every week because they love what they do. We spend a lot of time and money to bring you music and radio unlike the current Corporate Conglomerates play on the FM dial. In my own case, I buy 2 – 3 cds every week just to keep up with these radio stations, which receive the music for free. Not only do I add more music as often as I can, with money from own pockets, but I endorse local, Independent Artists. Artists that you would never get the opportunity to hear if the RIAA and Big Five music labels get their way.

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