Ministry To The Rescue

Here is an interesting tidbit for you. Right before Vampires: The Masquerade – Bloodlines was due to be released, Rob Zombie pulled out of doing the theme song. In a pinch, Activision asked Ministrys main man, Al Jourgensen to fill in. Lucky for Activision, Ministry was working on their latest album. So Al jumped on a plane and headed to Activisions headquarters to check out the game. He was so blown away that he wrote the song in his head on the plane coming back from his trip.

Dont count on Bloodlines being on the new Ministry album, Houses of the Mole as it didnt make it in time. They did state their is a chance you might hear it on tour and you will deffinately hear it on the game.

Rockn The News – September 27, 2004

Manson Injury
AP reports: Shock rocker Marilyn Mansons drummer broke his wrist and suffered a slight concussion in a fall from the stage at an event in Germany, organizers said Saturday.

Drummer Ginger Fish was taken to a hospital in Cologne for treatment after the incident Friday night and was released Saturday, the Viva television channel said in a statement.

Slipknot Toothache
Blabbermouth reports: SLIPKNOTs “samples and media” guy, Craig Jones #133 (a.k.a. #5), has been forced to sit out the early portion of the groups current European tour due to a “medical emergency.” The bands official statement on the matter reads as follows:

“Weve made it thru 10 years without a member of SLIPKNOT missing a single show, but due to emergency medical reasons one of our brothers has been forced to return to Des Moines, IA.

“Craig Jones #133 ( #5), has been suffering incredible pain during the first week of our European tour and has been unable to eat or sleep properly. Therefore, a decision was made for him to return to the States for emergency dental surgery. [see full story for more]

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LoTR: Return Of The King Extended DVD Now Available

Well, kind of. You can preorder it starting October 1st, with an expected delivery date of December 14. Here are a few items that excite me:

FEATURE (approx. 250 minutes) – A new version of the final installment in the epic trilogy! The Academy-Award® winning film now has 50 minutes of never-before-seen footage incorporated into the film for this highly-anticipated video release:


Cast commentary also features dialogue between split-personality characters Gollum and Smeagol (Andy Serkis)!

Get the full scoop at

Forgotten Hope Released v0.65!

Forgotten Hope v0.65 has been released!

For those of you that dont know about this amazing BattleField 1942 mod:

“This mod takes place in the time around 1940 and 1941, when the power of the Wehrmacht was reaching its peak. Forgotten Hope will bring you two new armies: The French and Italian Forces. But there are also new weapons for the Germans and British armies planned, and later on also other new nations will make their way into the mod. “

Note: This is a HUGE modification to BF1942! File size is 1.7gig. There are many ways to download the modification. Three seperate files, one large file or BitTorent.

Visit their website here: FH Homepage

Half-Life 2 – Another delay???

Well, GameSpot has an article talking about how Vivendi Universal Games has the right to hold onto the much anticipated Half-Life 2 for another six months.

“Court filings show VU Games has the right to sit on finished Half-Life 2 code for up to six months. Could it be deja vu all over again?”

Could this be yet another addition to the soapopera of Half-Life 2?

Read the full article here: GameSpot – Half-Life 2 held hostage Continue reading Half-Life 2 – Another delay???

Rockn The News – September 23, 2004

We fell behind on the music news, so this one is a biggie. Click Read More…. for all the rest.

Stapps Hopes For Reunion
Rockdirt reports: Although Scott Stapp is in the midst of launching his solo career, the singer has not ruled out a future Creed reunion. “I think me and [guitarist] Mark [Tremonti] together are way better than we are individually,” asserts Scott. “As far as Im concerned, the door is always open. If hes ever wanting to get back together, Im sure thats a definite reality and possibility.”

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Labels Making A Killing From Downloads?
tinfoil music reports: Record labels are now making more per track with digital music downloads then they are on CDs in stores. Because of this, the minimal margins that a digital music service makes on each track will most likely cause a serious shake down on the digital music industry in five years.

Figures from Apples US iTunes state that about 62 cents or more go to the record companies while only 4 cents go to support the company selling the music, in this case iTunes. This leaves about 8 cents for the music publisher.

It is also now known that with digital music over CDs, the record companies have doubled their share of the royalties even though the manufacturing cost has gone to almost nothing for digital downloads. [see full story for more]

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Ozzy Gagged For Charity
Blabbermouth reports: World Entertainment News Network is reporting that Ozzy Osbourne has poked fun at his reputation as a foul-mouthed rocker by appearing gagged in an advertisement for a British television charity event Children In Need.

The BLACK SABBATH singer is rendered silent by tape covering his mouth in the sketch, while his wife Sharon promises viewers Osbourne will raise funds by abstaining from swearing for 24 hours.

However, as soon as Sharon makes the pledge, Osbourne rips off the tape and is partially censored as he screams, “No swear f**king words? Youve got to be f**king joking.

“Im the Prince of Darkness – they expect me to f**king swear.” [see full story for more]

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Metallica Vs Megadeth
Chart Attack reports: Megadeth founder/singer/guitarist Dave Mustaine has every right to be pissed. The original lead guitarist for Metallica 20 years ago, hes been getting screwed over by them via taunting and/or being outright ignored for years.

And now theyre screwing with him again. This time around, the kick in the ass comes prior to the release of Megadeths 10th official studio effort This System Has Failed (Sanctuary/EMI). While Mustaine has a number of lucid comments on This System Has Failed [the album speaks for itself frankly], the sordid Megadeth history and his own career, its when hes able to vent about the Metallica movie Some Kind Of Monster that his wit and frustration truly come out.

“Everyone says how the part with me [in the movie] is the most intense. Yeah, because Im the only one who thinks Lars is a punk,” he continues. “Everyone else is afraid of him. He looks like a fuckin Eminem wannabe right now. Anyone who watches that movie and doesnt realize that whoever comes into contact with Lars hates him… If you watch the movie closely, you see that Lars treats everyone so badly. They all end up in therapy! Even the counselor ended up in therapy!” [see full story for more]

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New Van Halen CD Plans?
Blabbermouth reports: According to a posting at, VAN HALEN drummer Alex Van Halen told radio station Q95 (Indianapolis) earlier this week that tentative plans exist for the group to record a new studio album in the near future. Current VAN HALEN rumors suggest a slew of tour dates outside the USA for 2005, including Europe, Japan and Australia and also that Eddie Van Halen might have parted company with Peavy guitars.

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Murderdoll Snags Amen Axe
Blabbermouth reports: MURDERDOLLS frontman Wednesday 13 has secured the services of former AMEN guitarist Matt “Pig” Montgomery for the his “Look What The Bats Dragged In” November European solo tour.

Commented Wednesday: ” Pig is the perfect guy for this. Were both horror movie junkies, and the whole reason we got into music in the first place was ALICE COOPER…this tour is going to be so much more exciting now that hes on board.”

The former AMEN guitarist will take a well-deserved “holiday from hell” on the 14-date “trick or treat” alongside “13”. [see full story for more]

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Friday Night Fights – Custom Map Night – Sept. 24th

Grab your guns! Its that time again! Friday Night Fights – Custom Map Night returns for Battlefield Vietnam! This time around, we bring you six quality maps. If you havent been to a custom map night, you are missing out! If you have been, then you know how much fun they can be! Show the mappers of the Battlefield community that you support what they are doing. Join us for Friday Night Fights – Custom Map Night on Friday, September 24th, 2004. The action starts at 7:00pm CST and goes until the early morning! Oh yea, Here are your maps:

GRB Operation Hanoi Garden
Bay of Dragons
Operation Oxbow
Green Hell
Camp Lovely
Radio Nguyen

Download will be available later this week.

More Information on Battlefield Vietnam 1.2 Patch

EA posted a community update this afternoon providing more information on the upcoming 1.2 patch which is due out soon. First, the AceGain automatic update utility has been replaced by ByteSwarm LiveUpdate which you can read more about here

In addition to the information released a couple of weeks ago, here are some highlights from the 1.2 Readme noting several community issues DICE has been working to address:

* They have added a Spectator Mode to the Game
* Tank splash damage against light and heavy vehicles now works.
* Minimap sorting order altered so players are visible above the CP flags.
* Performance problems resolved at the temple in HoChiMinh Trail and Cambodian Incursion. This will gain them lots of points from the community
* Repeating napalm sound bug has been resolved. This also will be very popular
* The bug with grenades that goes through bridges has been resolved.
* Parachute not opening properly on first key press.
* Missing icon flashes for radio commands resolved.


* Helicopter pads at main bases will not reload or repair helicopters occupied by enemy players, even after the control point is taken by the enemy. Note that this is determined by the team the player is on, not by the vehicle they are in.
* Mi8 hitpoints reduced from 125 to 100. Rocket reload time increased from 3 to 4.5 seconds.

Full Community Update

Rockn The News – September 14, 2004

****** KMFDM 20th Anniversary Tour ******

liveDaily reports: KMFDM marks the 20th anniversary of its formation with an ambitious North American tour, and a collection of archived music.

The outing kicks off in Canada in early October, and is scheduled to wrap up with a mid-November, two-night stand in Seattle.

Concertgoers will have an opportunity to purchase the two-disc set “KMFDM 84-86: The 20th Anniversary Edition” at the shows. The album features a mix of rare and previously unreleased tracks, according to the bands website. [see full story for more, including dates]

Full Story –

****** Prodigy Vs. Madonna & Beastie Boys ******

Ananova reports: The Prodigys Liam Howlett has admitted he thinks Madonnas music is s**t.

Liam accepted Madonnas invitation to DJ for her when she played at Wembley Arena last month.

Howlett, whose band are signed to Madonnas Maverick label, says he did it for the money.

He also says that the Beastie Boys asked him to DJ before their Reading Festival performance telling him what he could and couldnt play.

He told the San Francisco Chronicle, “I think Ive still got a little bit of an issue with the time the Beastie Boys called me up at home before the Reading Festival and said, `You cant play Smack My Bitch Up. You cant do this, you cant do that.

“I hate their new record. Its weak and dated. But, I mean, I dont ring them up and tell them their albums crap, do I.?” [see full story for more]

Full Story –

****** Marky Leave Adema ******

IAYM reports: According to, Adema have parted ways with their frontman Marky Chavez. Auditions for a replacement vocalist are currently being held, and the process of locating a new singer for the group is reportedly being filmed in a reality TV type of way. [see full story for more]

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****** Apartment 26 Split ******

IAYM reports: Apartment 26 have made the decision to break up. An official statement released earlier today cited reasons including the state of the record industry and the loss of bassist Louis Cruden earlier this year as the main reasons for calling it a day…[see full story for the statement]

Full Story –

****** Death Angel Support Deftones ******

IAYM reports: The legendary Death Angel, who reunited in 2002, have been tapped to support the Deftones on their upcoming club tour of North America, which commences on September 27th running through until October 30th.[see full story for more]

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****** Costello DVD ******

Aversion reports: Elvis Costello will tape a couple upcoming shows for a live DVD.

Costellos shows Friday (Sept. 17) at Memphis Hi-Tone Café will be filmed for an upcoming video release. Costello and the Imposters next album, The Delivery Man is due the following Tuesday (Sept. 21). [see full story for more]

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****** Lacuna Coil Catching On ******

BW&BK reports: Italian newcomers LACUNA COIL are fast-approaching the 150,000 sales mark for their recent album Comalies. The album, which reached #9 on Billboards Heatseekers chart, has sold 147,000 copies in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan

“Were really proud to be considered a breakout band, but Im really scared about those names, because its kind of like a bad luck thing,” vocalist Cristina Scabbia told at a recent Ozzfest stop outside Pittsburgh.[see full story for more]

Full Story –

****** Ramones 30th Anniversary Party ******

Reuters reports: There is a flurry of Ramones activity going on right now as the 30th anniversary of the legendary New York punk-pop band is in full swing.

The bands former tour manager has written a book about his experiences, “On the Road With the Ramones”; a film documentary titled “End of the Century: The Story of the Ramones” is in theaters; ex-Ramones drummer Marky Ramone has overseen the recent DVD release of “Ramones Raw”; and Sunday night saw friends and family members get together in Hollywood to perform a lengthy concert tribute to the band.

Sadly, Joey, Dee Dee and Johnny Ramone were not there to share in the abundant love and respect that flowed freely, though host Rob Zombie did read a letter from Johnny that expressed his thanks and appreciation. At one point, Zombie also made an onstage phone call to Johnny, ill with cancer, who had to be heartened by the Zombie-led crowd chants of “Hey ho, lets go!” that resounded through the hall. [see full story for a lot more]

Full Story –

****** Sixx Wants Vans To Pay ******

Metal-Rules reports: Nikki Sixx just made the following post on the Motley Crue messageboard.

The final depo in the vans law suit [was] monday. Im excited to take them to court.They have offered settlements but they have all been a slap in the face.I cant wait to take them to court and set straight that companies cannot and will not be allowed to use celebrities images without permission.

on other new…Vince smoked the 4 new tunes…He sang the best ive heard in in years. [see full story for more]

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****** Papa Roach Murders The Charts ******

press release reports: Papa Roach is back on familiar ground: the upper reaches of the Billboard album charts, thanks to the big debut of “Getting Away With Murder,” the bands new Geffen release. The CD, which premiered at #17 on The Billboard 200 chart, sold in excess of 50,000 copies in its first week.

The CDs release comes on the heels of the hit title track, which was #1 most added at Active Rock radio and #2 at Alternative radio. The achievement is all the more impressive is that the track was already in the Top-20 at Active Rock before the official radio add date. [see full story for more]

Full Story –

****** Bullets and Octane Debut Out Today ******

press release reports: Southern California 5-piece Bullets and Octane have quickly become a major club draw with their incendiary live shows led by charismatic front man Gene Bullets. On their forthcoming debut full-length The Revelry they have managed to brilliantly capture the raw, dynamic energy of their live set.

Bullets and Octanes turbo-charged sound has been described as falling somewhere between the Misfits and Rebel Yell-era Billy Idol and on such crunchy, punk-fueled rock anthems as “Pirates”, “Sweet Dreams” and “Save Me Sorrow” it would be hard to argue with that.

The Revelry is set for release on Sept. 14 on burgeoning indie, Criterion Records (Story of the Year, Hot Like (A) Robot).

On Saturday September 18, Bullets and Octane will open for the Supersuckers at the Roxy on the Sunset Strip. Also watch for the band on tour with Eagles of Death Metal in October. [see full story for more]

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Rockn The News – September 13, 2004

****** Life of Agony Epic Deal ******

siNs metal news reports: LIFE OF AGONY have reportedly signed a deal with Epic Records. The band is getting ready to head into the studio to record the follow up to “Soul Searching Sun”.

Full Story –;

****** Headbangers Ball Tour ******

siNs metal news reports: Tonight on Headbangers Ball it was announced that the 3rd Edition of the tour will be CRADLE OF FILTH headlining with support from ARCH ENEMY, BLEEDING THROUGH, and HIMSA.

Full Story –;

****** Mushroomhead Drop Tour, Vocalist & Label ******

siNs metal news reports: Although not fully confirmed by MUSHROOMHEAD, its apparant that vocalist J-Mann has left the band, and that the group will no longer be taking part in the upcoming ICP tour.

The first floating rumor of a replacement is that Waylon from North Carolina based 3 QUARTERS DEAD will be filling the shoes of J-Mann. 3 QUARTERS DEAD have opened for MUSHROOMHEAD on a mini Northern state tour, as well as on various off shows. [see full story for more]

Full Story –;

****** Punk X-mas ******

MTV reports: New Found Glory, Something Corporate and the Mighty Mighty Bosstones are among the bands banging out Christmas-themed tunes for A Santa Cause: Its a Punk Rock Christmas. A portion of the proceeds from the compilation, due November 2, go to the Pediatric AIDS Foundation.

Full Story –

****** Jackass of Hazzard ******

MTV reports: Move over, Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson: Two young film stars are reprising the roles of another legendary small-screen duo. Johnny Knoxville and Seann William Scott are slated to play Luke and Bo Duke, respectively, in the film version of the 1980s TV series “The Dukes of Hazzard.” Jessica Simpson has screen-tested for the role of Luke and Bos cousin Daisy, and comedy troupe Broken Lizard (“Super Troopers”) will write the film. While plans are in motion, the studio has not yet officially green-lighted the film …[see full story for film news from MTV]

Full Story –

****** De La Rocha MP3 ******

IAYM reports: A rough quality mp3 of former Rage Against The Machine frontman Zack De La Rochas new track We Want It All has been posted online over at fansite The track looks to have been produced by nine inch nails Trent Reznor. [see full story for more]

Full Story –

****** Pixies In No Hurry To Record ******

Xfm reports: After the furore surrounding the internet-only release of their first new material in thirteen years, Bam Thwok, Pixies frontman Frank Black hasnt ruled out the idea of writing more new songs.

Speaking in a new interview, Black has reiterated his claims that while hes in no hurry to record an album of new Pixies material (and his loathing of record companies remains) the idea cant be ruled out.

“I think were aware of the fact that the material would have to be creme de la crème.” he explained to Rolling Stone, “But were not really in a rush to go there yet for a few different reasons: were in the middle of doing a tour, weve got to write some good songs, and the record business being what it is right now its not like we can sell millions and millions of records. [see full story for more]

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****** Ernie Ball RIP ******

AP reports: Ernie Ball, a pioneer maker of rock n roll guitar strings used by legions of artists from the Rolling Stones to Merle Travis, has died. He was 74.

Ball died at his home Thursday after an ongoing illness, the mortuary handling services announced.

His strings and instruments were used by music stars over the past four decades, from B.B. King to Metallica. Beginning with a small music shop in the San Fernando Valley, Ball built a business with annual sales of $40 million and a worldwide reputation. Along the way, he bucked traditional thinking in the music business.

“He changed the way people thought of guitar accessories, and how they sold and marketed them, and to this day the Ernie Ball way is the industry standard,” his son, Sterling Ball, said in a statement.

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Custom Map – GRB Operation Ebony Eyes

We are proud to present to you the Final release of GRB Operation Ebony Eyes by |GRB| Raze for Battlefield Vietnam. This map is great for 10-32 players. In fact, it plays so well, The Team Warfare League has made it an official map for their 5 vs. 5 Ladder. Considering how picky League play can be, I think it is the ultimate compliment to the quality and playability of this map.

Did we mention the skyscapers? They Rock! Grab it now and we will see you online!