BF Conversion Status Update

A lot of things have happened lately with the Battlefield Conversion Team. The previous lead has left the group. I talked to Ben at EA about taking over this project and he was fine with that. I am doing what I can to revive the team that has worked so hard on this project. I know the previous lead said the project was 98% complete. I can not say if that is true or not, but I do know there are some show stopping bugs that must be addressed before another build is presented to EA. Right now, we are working to figure out what is really left to do, what must be fixed and who can help us get it done.

That brings me to my next point. We may need some experienced help from the Battlefield Community to get this done before BF2 is released. If you are an experienced modder, please contact me and let me know what skills you have and what type of time you think you could provide in the Month of June. I know this is unprecedented, but I would like to issue a request of all the Battlefield mods who have experience with BFV. Would you be willing to help us get this project out the door? The community wants it. They deserve it and they should get it. For just a while, can you work with us to make this happen?

You may be wondering when we think this mod will be released. I am going to be honest about this. EA/DICE is working hard to get Battlefield 2 out the door. Because of this, we may be hard pressed to get QA time until after BF2 has been released. Ben is going to work with us on this, but ultimately it depends on what we have left to do and how long it takes us to get it done. Until we reach that point, I cannot tell you a date. I can tell you I have played an early build and I fell in love with it. I can also tell you a lot of people believe this mod should be completed and released. I agree…….

Atomm Nihilo

Battlegroup 42 1.2 Update released for BF42

From the Battlegroup 42 Website:

Rejoin the war in Europe and the Pacific with Battlegroup42 for BF:1942! The Battlegroup42 team releases the next update to the original Battlegroup42 mod including 16 new maps, a readjustment of the Tiger, IS-2 and Panther-D to BG42 1.0 values, many numerous fixes to armor, AI, and weapons – including further adjustments to the AT weapons and map corrections and balancing of previous BG42 maps.

15 New Maps: The update includes 15 maps from the map makers at Clan MOB, including 9 never-seen-before maps, 2 modifications to classic BF maps, and Battlegroup42 adaptations of 4 maps from the EA Match Map Pack. (The EA Match Map Pack is required to play these last four maps. You can get the pack from EA.) Screenshots from these maps have been shared in earlier news postings, but in addition to screenshots already shown, there are some new ones from Operation U-Go, the last map added to the update.

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Forgotten Hope Announces Move to BF2 Engine

In an update to the short interview that we did with the Forgotten Hope Mod team back in April, they made a big announcement today:

Flying in to the United Kingdom, Armin Ace visited an EA development studio together with several members from other mod teams for a two-day trip full of information, presentations and experiences. Right afterwards, many made a stop at Berlin to join the EA Community Event. News posters from the most known German community pages and developers from all sorts of mods reported in, as did our own news poster BUG$.

Battlefield 2 was no longer an unknown with only rumours and speculation to go on. Battlefield 2 became something tangible as we played the game and used the editor that will be at our disposal once the game is out. Finally we had a chance to see what BF2 is capable of, what it looks like, what it feels like, what tools we can use for modding. Finally we were able to compare BF1942 with BF2 and make an informed decision about porting the mod to the new engine. After this there is no longer a crossroad. The path has turned into a straight highway with only one direction to go: Battlefield 2

Faster Faster

Gaming will never be the same with AGEIAs hardware-accelerated physics technologies. Bridging the gap between beautiful static worlds and responsive physical reality, AGEIA physics technologies enable unlimited creative possibilities for game developers. The result will re-ignite the enthusiasm of gamer and game creators alike, and propel the game industry into unexplored new markets.
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AGEIA Sets Pricing on PhysX Add-In Cards. Physics Processing Unit to Cost Below $300

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Its Now Official: EA owns DICE

A nail in DICEs coffin or new era of great games?

” REDWOOD CITY, Calif. & STOCKHOLM, Sweden–(BUSINESS WIRE)–May 19, 2005–In the period following the close of the acceptance period for Electronic Arts EA Holding ABs (“EA”) offer to the shareholders of Digital Illusions CE AB (publ) (“DICE”) on January 20, 2005, 807,428 DICE shares have been sold to EA in the market.”

“EA now controls a total of 6,852,148 shares, representing 67.8% of the outstanding capital and votes in DICE. On a fully diluted basis, assuming EA exercises its warrant to purchase 2,327,602 additional shares priced at SEK 47.23, this corresponds to 73.8% of the outstanding capital and votes.”

EA Investor Information

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E3 Black Out

It seems that E3 couldnt handle the power load this year. Must be all those teraflops the new PS3 is crunching. Eh, at least it would be interesting finding your way around in the dark. Maybe youll get lucky and "accidentally" bump into a Booth Babe….. Rrrrrrrrrr……

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – It is hard to hold a video game trade show during a power failure, as attendees of the Electronic Entertainment Expo learned the hard way Wednesday, just as the show was getting underway.

Full Scoop at CNN Money.

Nothing In Particular

Sometimes life is really good. For instance, take the other day. I stopped by the Post Office to check my PO Box. Nothing but a bunch of trash. Tear it up and drop it in the trash can. Hey, whats this? Oooohhhh. The latest issue of Stuff Magazine with the WWEs Stacy Keibler on the cover. Hmmmm…. And its not even soiled. Yet….

I jump in my car and turn on the radio. Its my good buddy, The Bladerunner from Rock 100.5, the KATT in Oklahoma City. This is the guy that helped me get my first big break, making me his producer way back in 94. Hes also the same guy who went to bat for me to get a chance to be on air during the weekends. Hes a great guy and very entertaining. So I am listening to him and he plays an interview he did with Gene Simmons of Kiss. He asked Gene what was the greatest present he ever received from a fan. Genes answer? Someones Mom. He goes on to explain it was an 18 year old kid and he brought Gene his mom complete with a Red Bow as a Christmas present. He also mentioned she was very hot. And people wonder why so many teenage boys want to be Rock Stars when they grow up.

Battlefield 2 is right around the corner and we cant wait to play. It will be good to have a new and exciting game to play again. It seems like Battlefield Vietnam just didnt hold the GRBs attention like BF42 did. The Gamers Radio Battalion is looking for more members, so if you are interested in playing BF2 in the TWL or if you like playing custom maps, let us know. Hell, if you just like posting random thoughts to message boards, this is the place for you.

Next Generation Xbox With HDTV Capabilities

Microsoft, whose Xbox gaming console was beat to the market by one full year by the Sony Playstation 2, hopes to trump Sony’s upcoming Playstation 3 this year with the worldwide announcement of their next generation Xbox machine tonight on MTV. Rumors of the name of the new Xbox have surfaced on the Internet with most speculators guessing the system will be called Xbox 360. The Xbox has some distinct advantages over the PS 2 including a built-in hard drive for saving games, however, Microsoft has been playing second fiddle to Sony since entering the videogame market.
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