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Battlegroup 42 Tuesday June 20, 2006

Just a heads up to anyone who hasnt seen this. If you are interested in playing and dont have the files yet make sure you start downloading early as they are big.

Click read more for the full posting from the -=NC=- forums or look here: Napalm Cowboyz BG Thread

Battlegroup42 Night on -=NC=-Bar & Grill
1st & 3rd Tuesday of every month – 9PM EST : 14567

Anyone who has some free time on Tuesday nights should consider stopping by the Bar & Grill for some BG42 1.3. Were doing it the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month. Very Happy

Well have a fun lineup of maps in the rotation: a mix of NC infantry-only favorites, some tank battle maps and some new maps from 1.3. After a few runs through the maps well refine the map rotation to everyones liking.

Im coordinating with |GRB|Sarge to post the monthly BG42 schedule in the several different forums so we can all meet up and enjoy BG42 on a populated server, one that will give decent pings to us folks in North America.

Make sure you upgrade to the latest version which is 1.3. The 3 files you need are pretty big, but VERY worth it!!!

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Battlegroup42 1.3 Released

Anyone feel like going old-school for a bit?

The Battlegroup team has continued to work on their fantastic mod for Battlefield 1942 while they prepare an offereing for Battlefield 2. Version 1.3 was released earlier today and contains a large number of changes from the 1.2 version.

12 New Maps, including “Ghost Front” designed by Raze and Atomm(woohoo!)
5 Reworked maps
7 new maps with Co-op support
20 new weapons including Molotov Cocktail, Incendiary Grenade, M14 Thermite Grenade which are effective sabotage tools.
Many new effects and sounds.

Visit the Battlegroup42 website for download and installation info, as well as a detailed change list.

I know our friends over at the Napalm Cowboys Clan are running BG 1.3 on their “-=NC=- Bar and Grille” server. IP is so go and give it a try.

Battlegroup 42 1.2 Update released for BF42

From the Battlegroup 42 Website:

Rejoin the war in Europe and the Pacific with Battlegroup42 for BF:1942! The Battlegroup42 team releases the next update to the original Battlegroup42 mod including 16 new maps, a readjustment of the Tiger, IS-2 and Panther-D to BG42 1.0 values, many numerous fixes to armor, AI, and weapons – including further adjustments to the AT weapons and map corrections and balancing of previous BG42 maps.

15 New Maps: The update includes 15 maps from the map makers at Clan MOB, including 9 never-seen-before maps, 2 modifications to classic BF maps, and Battlegroup42 adaptations of 4 maps from the EA Match Map Pack. (The EA Match Map Pack is required to play these last four maps. You can get the pack from EA.) Screenshots from these maps have been shared in earlier news postings, but in addition to screenshots already shown, there are some new ones from Operation U-Go, the last map added to the update.

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Battlefield Mod Status for Battlefield 2

Its no secret that we at Gamers Radio are huge Battlefield fans. Beyond that, we are big fans of all the mods available for Battlefield. Even after playing the game since the beginning, we always find something new to amaze us because of all the great mods available for Battlefield 42 and Battlefield Vietnam. They have provided us hours well beyond our original investment in the game and for that we are grateful.

With the upcoming release of Battlefield 2, we are looking to the mod community to extend the playability of what we hope will be a great game. Without the support of the mod community, it would be just another game, but through the hard work of these selfless guys, gamers like us get to have more fun than the original developers intended.

So, the question that was on our minds was what great BF42/BFV mods are moving their project to BF2 when its released? We emailed a bunch of mods and probably missed more than we wanted, but these guys took the time to answer our questions and provide us a hint at what to expect in the future. We hope you enjoy these mini-interviews.

— Atomm and Sarge

BattleGroup 42

Strummer –

Gamers Radio: Do you plan on moving your mod to BF2?
BG42: The team is currently focusing our primary efforts on our upcoming BG42 on BF:V release. This release will focus on World War II Pacific Theater combat. We are currently working on converting all of the BG42 Pacific Theater maps over to the BF:V engine and does a great job capturing the feel of the Pacific Theater!

There are things we can do with the BF:V engine that we are unable to do with the BF:1942 engine and we have taken advantage of those features as well. As this product continues the delay of the BF:2 product and the expectation that not everyone will convert over to BF:2 right away We’re showcasing two popular maps from BG on BF:1942 in the first release of BG for BF:V. Gavutu Island and Anguar will both be included and both are never-before seen maps for WWII on the BF:V engine. We’re also completing the first BF:V conversions of Guadalcanal out the maps have all been made – Iwo features our new dynamic lighting for the vehicles and is also our first map – and the first WWII map for BF:V – with tunnels. It also features our amphibious tanks! Lastly we’ve added our first subterranian map and the first \”tunnels\” map for a Battlefield WWII mod.

BG on BF:2 has certainly been discussed BF:2 to be like. This said neither have we ruled it out!

Gamers Radio: If yes from scratch?
BG42: Should we undertake to develop BG42 for BF:2 many items that we have already done and further refined and enhanced. Every update to the BF family of game engines has opened new exciting possibilities for Battlegroup and we expect that it will be a combination of ported items and newly created items should we go ahead with BG on BF:2.

Gamers Radio: If no the release of BF2?
BG42: Again is under consideration on the new BG for BF:V mod. While we are focused on this mod as the future of BG in order to keep BG on BF:1942 in low-level development after the upcomning patch which addresses patching many items identified in our latest releases – some of which have been longstanding items on our \”to do\” lists. We can state that there is at least one official map pack in development.

Gamers Radio: Do you have any new work that you want to share with us as an example of where the mod is going?
BG42: We certainly do and we have made a commitment to share our work-in-progress items with the community on a regular basis.

At the time of this interview some big news about BG for BF:V and the future of BG for BF:42 should be posted on our website along with pictures of our work-in-progress for BG:V.

I’m collecting much media as the team builds new models as we test our beta maps. We’ll be sharing a lot with the community and we may be able to provide Gamers Radio with an exlusive sometime in the future.

BF Conversion Team

Sexcalibur –

Gamers Radio: Do you plan on moving your mod to BF2?
BCT: Not at this time. We plan on keeping on task to release to the vietnam engine. Then once released BF2

Gamers Radio: If no the release of BF2?
BCT: That is unclear at the moment. We plan on releasing to the vietnam engine and change/patch the mod accordingly as the public brings in the mods and their requests/suggestions.

Gamers Radio: Do you have any new work that you want to share with us as an example of where the mod is going?
BCT: Not at the moment

Dice City

Gamers Radio: Do you plan on moving your mod to BF2?
Dice City: YES

Gamers Radio: Do you plan on porting your existing work or starting from scratch?
Dice City: We would like to provide the mod to both games.

Gamers Radio: Do you have any new work that you want to share with us as an example of where the mod is going?
Dice City: Not at the moment

Forgotten Hope

ArminAce –

Gamers Radio: Do you plan on moving your mod to BF2?
FH: It’s hard to answer this question without exactly knowing what BF2 will feature. So for now – we are planning to port to a more modern engine sooner or later and currently we are doing the first administrative works for that. At the moment we cannot say if FH2 will be for BFGamers Radio: We have first to get the game in our hands and take a closer look at what BF2 is cappable of.
Much has changed since the releasedate of BF1942..we can choose between more engines & games ๐Ÿ˜‰

Gamers Radio: If yes from scratch?
FH: A little bit of both. Our newer models can be used as basis and can be improved so that they will fit the new standards. Older models will have to be done from the scratch – their polycount is just too low that it would look odd within a newer engine. For the maps it’s hard to tell if we can port our old maps as easily as it was possible from BF42 to BV:V. Mapping principles have changed in BF2 and we will need to see. The most difficult stuff anyway might be the new needed playermodels and especially their animations. That will be a lot of work.

Gamers Radio: If no the release of BF2?
FH: If we arent going to port to BF2 we have to check different games & engines out. In fact we are already trying to get some contacts to different developers. Maybe we will get some support or at least infos from them. Sadly a few of them seem not to read or just ignore our mails.

Gamers Radio: Do you have any new work that you want to share with us as an example of the direction the mod is taking?
FH: Well search for any WW2 pics in the web …. maybe you will see those scenarios / vehicles / equipment in one of the next releases
When we decided to which engine we will move… then you should see a bit more specific stuff.
And dont forget…. we have still our weekly updates!

Recruit Snyder

Recruit Snyder –

Gamers Radio: Do you plan on moving your mod to BF2?
No. Reasons: First of all I’ve come to BF 42 because of the WW 2 setting adding helicopters plus a few adjustments would still leave room for WW2 like gameplay. I was still working on my BF 42 Anthology months after BFV was out and I never was interested in Modern Day Warfare. I’ve never played the Modern Day Warfare mods for BF 42 or BFV guided missiles Second reason and taking into consideration that my mods always were based on the standard game it would take a very long time until my \”BF2 mod\” would run on an average PC system smoothly. Latest pre-test showed that \”Vanilla\” BF2 isn’t running smoothly on high-end test computers although several features were still missing in the test version.

Gamers Radio: What future plans do you have for your mod after the release of BF2?
I’ve got a BF42 mod and a BFV mod so there’s plenty of room for modding acitivities. I don’t think that the release of another Battlefield game would have any effect on my work. Although I’m quite familiar with the Battlefield/Refractor game engine after 2 1/2 years of BF modding of considering BF2 as a basis for future mods.

Gamers Radio: Do you have any new work that you want to share with us as an example of the direction your mod is taking?
On my website there’s plenty of material (pics etc.) on my BFV mod(s) and links to my BF 42 Anthology.


Gamers Radio: Do you plan on moving your mod to BF2?
XWW2: Yes

Gamers Radio: Do you plan on porting your existing work or starting from scratch?
XWW2: Both existing and new models and maps.

Gamers Radio: Do you have any new work that you want to share with us as an example of where the mod is going?
XWW2: We Will be posting more news as soon as we have the news post ready. Right now we are compiling and finishing up work for the 2.6 beta for bf1942 release.

Win A Free Copy of Battlefield 2

In appreciation of the upcoming release of Battlefield 2 and to thank the Battlefield community for supporting our Friday Night Fights – Custom Map Nights away a free copy of Battlefield 2. That’s Right! One lucky visitor will win a free copy of the game sent directly to their door. For full details and the rules of winning We would like to thank the mods that took the time to answer our interview. We love the extended play you have provided us for the Battlefield Franchise and hope you will continue to support the gaming community whatever your plans. If you run a mod and would like to be included in this interview these questions and send them to Gamers Radio. We would be happy to include you.

Forgotten Hope 0.67 Release Date

The Forgotten Hope Team has posted release dates for their upcoming patch to their Battlefield 1942 Mod:

Forgotten Hope 0.67 Linux Server (Full): March, 6th at 1800 GMT (12:00 Noon EST)
Forgotten Hope 0.67 Windows Server (Full): March, 6th at 1800 GMT (12:00 Noon EST)
Forgotten Hope 0.67 Windows Client (Update from 0.65 or 0.66): March, 6th at 2000 GM (2:00 PM EST)

The news update contains a lot of information (as well as a cool new wallpaper, and you can read the rest at the Forgotten Hope Website.

BF42 Custom Map Blowout!

In anticipation of the release of BF2, we decided to do a GRB BF42 Custom Map Blowout. Some of these maps have been previously released, while several of them are never before seen maps by our members. These maps have not gone through our normal testing procedure, but it would be a shame to never release them for everyone to enjoy.

So join us for Friday Night Fights on February 25th for a BF42 Custom Map Blowout. From the plane madness that is Pilot School to the intense ground pounding action of Fields of the Fallen to the Skull inspired Curse of Skull Island to the multilevel action of House of Hellsing and the unforgettable forest of Ghost Front. We promise there will something for everyone. The action starts at 7pm CST and goes until the early morning.

Download Available Here!

Fields of the Fallen | House of Hellsing | Ghost Front | Dunes | Infiltration
Pilot School | Down The Barrel | Curse of Skull Island |GRB|


Special thanks goes to |GRB| LoU-Cipher, |GRB| GreatXScott and |GRB| Raze for putting the time and effort into making these maps. Many thanks go to all the |GRB|รขโ‚ฌโ„ขs that have helped test the maps, promote the custom map events and for giving Battlefield 1942 just a little more reason to be the best Battlefield game ever. As always, thanks to |GRB| ephil for putting together this kick ass installer program that makes it so easier to install custom maps.

One last thing, EA/DICE, Get off your asses and give us a way to deliver custom maps via the game. People want custom maps, but there needs to be an easier way to get them into the game. It would be in your best interest to make this happen. The Custom Map Community deserves more support than you are giving us.

More Forgotten Hope Updates

The Forgotten Hope mod has released some more information on their upcoming update. Among other things, they have added the M4A1 Sherman (75mm cannon) in British (shown below) and American colors, as well as the M4A1 that was upgraded with a 76mm cannon to make it a larger threat to the heavier German armor. They have also done some work on the “Battle of Foy” map including adding a snow effect.

you can read all about it at the Forgotten Hope website

Gamers Radio Presents Forgotten Hope Tank Training!

Ever wonder how they do it? You know, the guys who seem to wield a tank like an iron fist. You got them out numbered, but they manage to take you out like a can of sardines under a sledge hammer. Well, here is your chance to get even. We have a top notch Forgotten Hope player ready to teach you all he can about the various tanks in Forgotten Hope and how to use them properly. He lives and breaths this stuff. I cant say for sure, but Id be willing to bet he has full size replicas of these bad boys in his backyard. ๐Ÿ™‚

Join us in TeamSpeak and on our server for evening of fun, mayhem and maybe you will learn a thing or three.

Here are the details:

Friday Febuary 4th 10pm EST

Server: |GRB|

TeamSpeak: (all training will be done here) or