Tool Announces 2006 European Tour!


And we have the complete list of confirmed European dates.

5/26 – Lisbon, Portugal / Superrock Festival
5/27 – Madrid, Spain / Festimad
5/29 – Barcelona, Spain / Razzmatazz
5/30 – Lyon, France / Transbordeur
5/31 – Luxembourg City, Luxembourg / Rockhal
6/2 – Germany / Rock AM Ring
6/3 – Germany / Rock IM Park
6/4 – Landgraaf, Holland / Pink Pop Festival
6/6 – Hamburg, Germany / Sporthalle
6/7 – Berlin, Germany / Columbiahalle
6/8 – Dusseldorf, Germany / Philipshalle
6/11 – Glasgow, Scotland / Academy
6/13 – Hammersmith, UK / Apollo
6/16 – Switzerland / Interlaken Festival
6/17 – Vienna, Austria / Nova Rock Festival
6/19 – Milan, Italy / Filaforum
6/21 – Rome, Italy / Foro Italico
6/22 – Bologna, Italy / L R Arena
6/24 – Poland / Katowice Spodek
6/25 – Prague, Czech Republic / T Mobile Arena
6/27 – Amsterdam, Netherlands / HMH
6/28 – Paris, France / Le Zenith
6/29 – Belgium / Werchter Festival
7/1 – Denmark / Roskilde Festival
7/4 – Kristiansand, Norway / Quart Festival
7/7 – Gothenburg, Sweden / Metal Town Festival
7/9 – Finland / Turku Festival

The Band Cold Calls It Quits

The Gauntlet reports: Cold have decided to break up and call it a day. A statement
below is from frontman Scooter Ward on the bands official message board regarding
the split:

“Today we will no longer survive as cold. sam and i will write new songs, make a new
record and see you guys in due time..we love jeremy .hes my brother and i welcome
him at anytime.we thank the cold army for all their support throughout the years,
the memories the love and the freinds we have made are worth everything…”

This is a shame. I enjoyed their music

Dimebag Darrell Lives on 2 New Releases

all things possible reports: Vinnie Paul, famed drummer from Pantera and Damageplan
has formed Big Vin Records with both a CD and DVD scheduled to debut the label on
May 2ND of this year.

Dimevision, Volume 1, Thats the Fun I Have is a full-length DVD featuring
Pantera/Damageplan guitarist Dimebag Darrell whose untimely death in December of
2004 left a void in both the world of music and his brother Vinnies life. The DVD
features a video cacophony of archival footage both on and offstage taken throughout
the years by Dime as well as various friends and family. Dimebags antics and
appetite for a great joke and laughter were as well known as his masterful guitar

Rebel Meets Rebel is a collaboration between the “Cowboys from Hell,” the late
Dimebag Darrell on guitar, Vinnie Paul on drums, and Rex Brown on bass along with
vocals by country outlaw legend and GRAMMY award-winning songwriter David Allan Coe.
(Pantera fans will recognize Coes classic, “Jack Daniels If You Please” from the
bands concert intro tape.)

Lousiana Supergroup Down Return!

CORROSION OF CONFORMITY guitarist/vocals Pepper Keenan, who
also plays guitar in DOWN, told Frances webzine on January 29, 2006 that the members of DOWN – Keenan, drummer Jimmy Bower (EYEHATEGOD, SUPERJOINT RITUAL guitarist), bassist Rex Brown (ex-PANTERA), guitarist Kirk Windstein (CROWBAR), and vocalist Philip Anselmo (SUPERJOINT RITUAL, ex-PANTERA) – have been in talks about regrouping to write and record the bands much-anticipated third full-length album. “We havent done anything yet, but were talking a lot about coming together again, all of us, and starting to work on stuff,” Keenan is quoted as saying. “DOWN needs to come back and Phil is totally eager to sing again.” [see full story for info on tour plans]

As an extra special treat!

Audio files containing two complete DOWN shows recorded in 2002 have been made available for download via the bands official forum. Check them out:

New Orleans, LA @ Voodoo Fest (Nov. 2, 2002)
Scottsdale, AZ @ Cajun House (May 21, 2002)

Full Story:

Top 13 Tracks As Of February 27, 2006

# Artist Song Title Album
1 Drowning Pool Bodies Sinner
2 Disturbed Down With The Sickness The Sickness
3 Slipknot Duality 9.0: Live [Disc 2]
4 Rammstein Engel Mutter
5 Disturbed Stupify The Sickness
6 Rammstein Amerika Reise, Reise
7 Pantera Walk Vulgar Display Of Power
8 Korn Freak On A Leash Follow The Leader
9 System of a Down Spiders System of a Down
10 Rammstein Links Mutter
11 Nine Inch Nails Hurt The Downward Spiral
12 Drowning Pool Tear Away Sinner
13 Korn No Ones There Untouchables

This list is generated weekly from a ranking based on your votes in the Live365 playlist window.

BF2 Pro 1.2 Mod Released

The 1.2 version of the BF2Pro Mod was released today. Looks like some interesting tweaks to the Vanilla BF2. The BFPro mod for Battlefield 1942 did an excellent job of tweaking vanilla Battlefield 1942 by adjusting some things and adding some new stuff to enhance the game. I plan to check out the BF2 version to see if they have continued in that same vein. From the changes listed, it looks as though they have.

Short list of BF2Pro Changes

Full List of BF2Pro Changes

Download BF2Pro 1.2

More Info on the 1.21 Patch for BF2

Another Community Update from DICE/EA today that provides some details on what is being addressed with the 1.21 patch:

Good day soldiers, We want to let you know that we have been making great progress on patch 1.21 and are happy to share with you some of the issues that are being addressed. The patch will be tested in a limited beta starting the end of this week. Were working around the clock to minimize your wait on the release of 1.21 but at the same time want to make sure that the patch is thoroughly tested before it goes out officially.

Below is a list of the current confirmed fixes

* Crash bug when using Hummer with TOW in the Special Forces expansion pack has been fixed
* Screen capture is now working
* Performance issues with certain ATI cards has been addressed
* Server browser can now filter by map name
* Claymores – the number that can be dropped at any one time has been reduced to 2

Once again thank you for your patience and see you all on the Battlefield!

The team at DICE and EA

Battlefield 2 1.21 Patch to be Released Soon

Glad to see that EA/DICE have recognized that there are some issues with the latest patch for BF2 and are working quickly to correct them.

Community Update – 2/20/06

Listen up Troops,

Although patch 1.2 included several fixes that we know were eagerly awaited, it unfortunately introduced some new issues. These are being addressed immediately and we are working around the clock to resolve those. Patch 1.21 (coming soon) will be tested in a limited beta with select Battlefield community members starting as early as this week. We’re doing this to ensure a clean release of 1.21. In addition, we have decided to postpone the Euro Force Booster Pack until sometime after the release of the updated 1.21 patch.

Stick to this web space for additional information soon.

On a more pleasant note, Battlefield 2 hit somewhat of a milestone last night with over 52,000 simultaneous players. This is the highest number of players we’ve seen at one time for Battlefield 2 and almost 4 times more than the peak number of Battlefield 1942.

Thanks in advance for your patience.

The team at DICE and EA

Thanks to DocJon for the reminder on this one.

Top 13 Tracks As Of February 19th, 2006

# Artist Song Title Album
1 Disturbed Down With The Sickness The Sickness
2 Rammstein Links Mutter
3 Drowning Pool Bodies Sinner
4 System of a Down Spiders System of a Down
5 Pantera Walk Vulgar Display Of Power
6 Disturbed Stupify The Sickness
7 Disturbed Liberate Believe
8 Disturbed Awaken Believe
9 David Draiman of Disturbed Forsaken Queen Of The Damned
10 Rammstein Sonne Mutter
11 Rammstein Engel Mutter
12 Korn Hollow Life Untouchables
13 Korn Freak On A Leash Follow The Leader

This list is generated weekly from a ranking based on your votes in the Live365 playlist window.

EA – We Put The ASSurance In QA

EA had a few announcements about the 1.2 patch. Guess they didnt do enough testing after all….

On a less pleasant note, there is an issue with 1.2 and some Special Forces maps. All variants of Leviathan and the 32 and 64 player variants of Night Flight have a crash bug. We have advised our ranked server providers to remove these maps from their map rotation until a resolution has been set in place. We will be able to provide more news in future updates. I stress, this is only an issue with the Special Forces expansion pack and nothing more.

There have been a few comments regarding AT rockets passing through targets. We have noted the issue and are working towards a solution.

Neverwinter Nights 2 Interview

Its no secret, I love Neverwinter Nights. The original on AOL started me down the road to where I am today. Fans of Baldurs Gate, Icewind Dale or the new Neverwinter Nights should deffinately check out this interview with Obsidians Ferret Baudoin (dig that name!).

Shack: Though the game will still focus on the city of Neverwinter, its obviously inadvisable to simply “port” the city from the original game to the sequel. What changes can we expect to see to the recreated city of Neverwinter?

Baudoin: One of the big map-making changes in Neverwinter Nights 2 is were no longer tile-based, so that opened up whole new vistas for Neverwinter city herself. Hills, winding roads, parks, etc. are now all doable. So the city may not look much like the first game. You visit some of the same districts (like Blacklake and the Docks). [As far as storyline is concerned,] The reason its so different is the construction after the war in the original game.

Read the full 2 page interview, plus awesome looking screenshots at

Battlefield 2142 Next?

The following was posted on Shacknews yesterday.

In the comments section of todays Battlefield 2: Modern Combat interview here on Shack, readers seem to have figured out what exactly producer Dan Blackstone was talking about when he hinted at the future of the Battlefield franchise with the following answer: “3213/3X2. Or said another way: S.R. 4588164.” In hindsight it seems obvious; the first set of numbers comprise mathematical operations equalling 2142. The second phrase indicates the square root of 4588164, which is 2142.

So, what do you think? Is Battlefield heading into the future? If so, would you buy it? With Quake Wars: Enemy Territory coming out this year, is this move aimed at competing with Id?


BF2 Patch 1.2 Download Mirrors

I know it may seem crazy, but I have managed to get some of my best download speeds through International sites, especially when everyone else is hammering the usual places. If you are looking for the BF2 1.2 Patch, you might try these. Just keep in mind, these sites are some of the obscure places we dug up. – BF2_Incremental_Patch_1.12_-_1.2.exe – BF2_Incremental_Patch_1.12_-_1.2.exe – BF2_Incremental_Patch_1.12_-_1.2.exe – BF2_Incremental_Patch_1.12_-_1.2.exe – BF2_Incremental_Patch_1.12_-_1.2.exe – BF2_Incremental_Patch_1.12_-_1.2.exe – BF2_Incremental_Patch_1.12_-_1.2.exe – BF2_Incremental_Patch_1.12_-_1.2.exe – BF2_Incremental_Patch_1.12_-_1.2.exe