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NDA Lifted on Everquest II Beta

As reported on the Everquest II Players web site, the NDA forcing the beta testers to not talk much about the game has been lifted.

“As of now, the NDA for the EverQuest II Beta is officially lifted. We encourage our beta testers to share the experiences theyve had in beta with the rest of the EverQuest II community. Many more people who enrolled in the EverQuest II beta program can expect beta keys in their inboxes in the very near future. In addition, in the past few weeks weve let the Legends and Lords of EverQuest players and we would like to thank them for their support. We now have 4 Beta servers up and running including 1 French and 1 German server and weve let in over 30,000 players since July. In the near future that number will grow far past that. Keep an eye on your inbox!”

We are looking forward to seeing much more information posted by the testers to give us a better idea on how the game is going.

Everquest Baseball?!?

We all know how important a “game” can be to someone. If they spend hours and hours playing, then it becomes a labor of love. When that labor of loves starts to influence things you do in real life, then it becomes an obsession. It is easy to imagine that person on the other end of the line as someone just like ourselves, going to school, working a crappy job or listening to our spouse/girlfriend complain because we spend more time with “it”, when we should be spending more time with them.

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Everquest Movies

Like Bombastika, I also have an addiction to EverQuest. I think Ill actually need professional therapy one day. But for now my therapy lies in multimedia.

During times of boredom or inspiration (sometimes one in the same), I set up a web cam, ordered pizza and Mello yellow, and made some EverQuest based movies.

The first 2 are like EQ meets the Real World. Emperor Crush (an orc from Crushbone) comes to stay with me for a few weeks. I plan to do more of these at some point, but I am camera shy. Continue reading Everquest Movies