Judge Denies Testing of Love

This is old news, but since I have been following the story, I thought it would be a good idea to post it anyway. The Judge presiding over Love Vs Grohl and Novaselic denied Grohl and Novaselics request to have Love psychologically tested. In a strange twist, he also stated that Loves attorney could not claim Courtney Love signed the LLC agreement while under mental duress based on their petition to have the psychological evaluation request dismissed.

Dont you just love it. Seems the Bitch screwed herself after all!


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It takes dedication, it takes a depth, and hard work is whats involved with this band. This here is us, this here is our escape, singer/guitarist writes for the band when hes not designing web sites. Chris Demechelle writes for the band when hes not working as one of Toronto best engineers at Smokin Records. Mark Pezz just plays and plays. Dan Prestion is the engineer/producer/guitarist of the band when hes not working as a engineer for Resort Records. So that leaves quite the mix. Its all about the music listen to us and you will understand what we are about. Its real, its blessed, its beautiful…

Mom out of touch with reality…

I debated making this the Up Yours Award winner of the week, but due to the serious nature of this topic, I decided against it.

Let me get this out in the open as quickly as possible. The sad truth of this story is suicide sucks and sometimes people commit suicide because they need help.

Take Shawn Woolley, a 21 year-old EverQuest player who committed suicide last November. His mother Elizabeth Woolley is suing Sony Online Entertainment due to his death.
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Two More Years of The Osbournes

Sharon confirmed the rumors on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, that The Osbournes will do two more seasons. The Internet rumor mill suggests they will receive $20 Million for the next two seasons.

Kelly is quoted as saying the amount is a rumor started by Courtney Love, AKA the “nosey fucking bitch with nothing better to do than talk about other people”.

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MTV-X replaced by MTV Jams!

Not too many things really, really piss me off. The RIAA pisses me off. Child molesters piss me off. Stupid motherfuckers who have no idea what the conversation is about, but try to join in anyway, piss me off.

Then, there are things that really, really piss me off and at the moment, MTV replacing MTV-X with MTV Jams really, really pisses me off. What the fuck are they doing? I pay $12 a month just to get MTV-X through my local cable provider. Its the only video station worth watching any more. Continue reading MTV-X replaced by MTV Jams!

Day of Silence

A Day of Silence has been proposed by many in response to Congress considering the outrageous royalty tax on songs play via Internet Radio Streams or Simulcasts. Many internet radio stations today (May 1st) will not be playing. You can read more about it here.