New Name….

When I originally started out with the idea for this website, the name was going to be Both .com and .net were available, but I was too lazy to buy them. When I finally decided to do it, someone else had already registered both name. For two years I watched as the names set there doing absolutely nothing.

Then four months after the names expired, the domains were released back to the public. You better believe I snatched these puppies up as fast as I could.

The end result is Gamers Radio Network is reborn as it was always intended to be, Gamers Radio….. For the record,,,,,, and are all owned by me. One of these days, I will set up all of them to point here. For now, update your bookmarks to use and drop by from time to time. Without you, this site would be worthless…..

In the immortal words of my friend Erthdawg, PEACE!