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ATI Radeon 6.1 Drivers Released – Omega Drivers Too

ATI released their first driver set for the year today. The 6.1 drivers have no major changes from the 5.13 set released in December, but several game related issues have been resolved including:

BattleField 2 Special Forces: A blooming or ghosting effect is no longer noticed when playing the game in night vision mode.

Beyond Good and Evil: Flickering artifacts are no longer noticed on the game characters after approximately 15 minutes of game play.

Dark Age of Camelot: The game no longer exits to the desktop immediately after launching, or after playing for up to 15 minutes.

Everquest II, The Fall, and World of Warcraft: A VPU Recover event or the operating system failing to respond no longer occur when playing the game.

Half-Life2: Enabling Catalyst AI no longer results in the outer edges of the water appear dark or black in color.

World of Warcraft: Rotating or zooming within the Blackwing Lair or Seering George level of the game no longer results in a VPR Recover occurring after approximately a few minutes of game play.

You can get the 6.1 Drivers at the ATI Support Site. If you do some digging into their support pages, you can get them without the Catalyst Control Center (which requires Microsofts .Net to run) as well.

On the same day, the Omega Drivers based on the Catalyst 6.1 were released. If you dont know what the Omegas are, they are generally acknoledged as an excellent alternative to the official ATI Catalyst drivers and allow for more "tweaking" and customized settings. If you are interested, they can be downloaded from the Omega Drivers website.

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