EA/Dice announces Battlefield Vietnam

In a previous article, I mentioned the registration of Battlefield Vietnam in the copyright office by EA/Dice. Today we find out it was actually true. EA/Dice are developing the next generation Battlefield game using a new engine. This time around, the theatre of war will be Vietnam.

If you want to get your Vietnam kicks now, check out the Battlefield 1942 mod, Eve of Destruction or Read More for the full press release on Battlefield Vietnam. Continue reading EA/Dice announces Battlefield Vietnam

Is downloading copyright music equal to stealing?

There is a great debate on the PBS (GASP!) website on whether downloading music from the Internet is actually stealing. The questions were possed by readers of Slashdot. Representing the side that this aurthor falls on is Lawrence Lessig from Stanford Law School. Representing the RIAA is one of their lawyers, Matt Oppenheim. When you read the article, pay attention to the questions and the answers. I wonder if you get the same creepy feeling that I do when you read Matts responses that he is somehow avoiding actually answering the question in only the way a lawyer can do? Tell us what you think when you are done reading it.

Eve of Destruction released

If you are like me, you can not wait to get Eve of Destruction, a new mod for Battlefield 1942. Lets face it, Desert Combat is getting old and we want something new to play. Now is our chance.

I tried to put together a list of places to download the update, but every link I tried was disconnected. Even the main EoD site on BF Central is down (As is BFCentral.com). Guess this one took them by suprise.

As I write this, I am waiting 10 more minutes to download it from Fileplanet (Part of Gamespy and you must register). I am not a big fan of Fileplanet, but it was my last choice. My suggestion for you is to do the same and either suck up the wait time or pay for the no-wait premium service because it doesnt look like anyone else was ready for the EoD download onslaught!

Hope to see you soon on an EoD server near you….
Atomm Nihilo

Bassist For Slipknot Arrested

Paul Gray, Bassist for Slipknot was arrested Sunday in Des Moines, Iowa for possession of marijuana, cocaine, drug paraphernalia, and for failure to obey a traffic device.

Billboard.com reports that Gray ran a red light and collided with another car as he was cruising through the intersection. When officers arrived at the accident site not only did they find Gray speaking incoherently next to his mangled Porsche–they also found marijuana, cocaine and two syringes. A police spokesperson said that Gray failed two sobriety tests on the scene and was then taken to a police station where he consented to a urine test. Gray posted bond and will be arraigned June 10.

Slipknot is scheduled to work on its third album, the follow-up to Iowa, in the coming weeks.