Singularity? Released on Steam


Learn the truth behind a massive cover-up of the catastrophic SINGULARITY, an event that fractured time and threatens the world as we know it. Armed with powerful, advanced weaponry and the experimental Time Manipulation Device, fight enemies from the past, the present, and abominations caught somewhere in between.

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Interviews: Mike Haliechuk (F*cked Up)

Fucked UpIf you’ve ever seen Fucked Up live, then you know that between their gigantic, bald, half naked singer, their THREE guitars, and wall of sound attack, they put on one hell of a raucous show. But, despite the chaos all around him, founding member and lead guitarist Mike Haliechuk never seems to flinch. While bodies are flying all about (including his own) Haliechuk never seems to smile or grimace or sneer- he just stares nearly unblinkingly at the audience… like a Canadian terminator. Frankly, it kind of creeps me out!

Just what is going inside that head? Haliechuk has been responsible for taking punk to a new level, writing songs about illegal police searches as well as the effervescence of the sun. He’s been adamant in supporting local charities and has also been fiercely ardent in the concept of bands controlling their own destinies as opposed to being the subject of whims and record labels. But on the other hand, for years he spread mis-information about the band, released records in obscure and outdated formats… all while remaining 100 percent accessible via e-mail. Punknews interviewer John Gentile recently talked with Haliechuck in an attempt to clear up some of the mysteries still surrounding the band and we fear that he may have simply found myself to be a rat in a maze…

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Do you hear that? That ominous, otherworldly silence? That’s what we in the game biz call the calm before a storm. And keep listening… do you hear that distant rumble? We call that thunder. It happens during a storm whenever it’s not quiet.

All of these portents can only mean one thing: Something big is happening. The fact that everybody else on the team keeps telling me that it’s only weather, and that weather can’t talk to you, tells me they’re all in on it. (And possibly not human? More on this later.)

Perhaps it’s the upcoming Polycount Pack update making the hair on the back of my neck stand up, and the Australia-shaped hair on my back matte itself back down, since it means we’ll be shipping the best of the amazing Polycount Contest entries. Be glad you’re not one of us, forced to order that list of magnificent items into some kind of hierarchy. Maybe we’ll just announce they’ve all won first place.

Or maybe it’s the release of the Official TF2 Wiki that’s made weather choose me as its emissary on Earth. Developed by the administrators of the unofficial TF2 wiki, it’s a perfect place to find out everything you ever wanted to know about TF2, but were too afraid to type into Google. Head over there and see if you can help them out. If you’re a useful enough contributor, the weather might talk to you too. It might even point out which of the people on your team aren’t real humans. Then we could compare notes.

Or maybe, just maybe, it’s something else entirely.

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Justin Sane: “Solidarity In The Face Of Anti-Progressives”

Justin Sane of Anti-Flag visited Toronto this past week for the controversial G20 demonstrations and recorded a song based on his experiences titled “Solidarity In The Face Of Anti-Progressives.” With regards to the protests, Justin explained his feelings on the widely criticized police response to protestors:

Toronto was turned into a police state by the G20, with over a billion dollars spent on “security” or more accurately “oppression measures.” As is often the case, the police were incredibly brutal in their attempt to silence dissent by those of us who believe that the G20 summit is anti-democratic and only concerned with maintaining corporate dominance over the world. While the police oppression was unnerving and enraging, seeing people stand up for their rights and fighting for survival of the world was inspiring. More inspiration came from viewing Sounds Like A Revolution in its final cut! It is an incredible film that in the words of the great Micheal Franti, “enrages, enlightens and inspires.

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Win music from Alice in Chains, Deftones and Mastodon

This fall, Alice in Chains, Deftones and Mastodon will be hitting the road together for the Black Diamond Skye tour. The tour kicks off mid-September and will see the three bands hitting venues in the US and Canada through mid-October.

To warm you up for the tour, we’ve got a prize package featuring the latest albums from each of the three touring bands.
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Fourth studio update comes in from Underoath

Underoath have posted thefourth video update from the studio as they record their new album with a new drummer. The band is recording with producers Matt Goldman (Lost In The Sound Of Separation and Define The Great Line) and Jeremy SH Griffith. The band also recently announced that Daniel Davison (ex-Norma Jean) will be handling the drumming duties on both the new record as well as the upcoming COOL TOUR with As I Lay Dying, Blessthefall, Between The Buried And Me, The Acacia Strain, Architects, Cancer Bats, and War Of Ages.

The album will be the first since Lost in the Sound of Separation. The band will be on the road this summer with As I Lay Dying, Between The Buried And Me, Blessthefall, The Acacia Strain, Architects, Cancer Bats and War Of Ages. Check out the update here.
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Gabe Saporta named PETA’s Sexiest Vegetarian

That's right. It's a picture of Midtown because Cobra Starship is f*@ng terrible. Gabe Saporta of Cobra Starship and Midtown fame has been named PETA2‘s sexiest vegetarian. Nominees were unveiled two weeks ago and included members of Youth of Today, Shelter, Against Me!, AFI, Comeback Kid, Earth Crisis, My Chemical Romance, Paint It Black, Lifetime , Silverstein, The Black Keys , The Swellers , Fugazi and many more.

Details about the process can be found here.
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Broken Social Scene’s Scott Pilgrim songs reference D.R.I., Napalm Death

In a recent interview at Pitchfork, Broken Social Scene‘s Brendan Canning discussed his band’s role in the film. The Toronto indie rock act wrote the music for the fictional act Crash And The Boys, with actor Erik Knudsen (aka Crash) providing vocals. Brendan described the songs to Pitchfork:

They’re really short punk rock jams. One tune is four seconds long– it’s in Napalm Death territory. After that one, someone in the movie yells, “Hey, it’s not a race!” The longest tune we recorded for it was 42 seconds. Another one is a little more in D.R.I. territory. We’re all fans of that type of thrashy music– Charles [Spearin] and Ohad [Benchetrit] played in a metal band growing up. I definitely bought Suicidal Tendencies‘ first record when it came out.

The soundtrack to Edgar Wright’s adaption of Bryan Lee O’Malley’s comic series will feature contributions from Frank Black of the Pixies, the Black Lips and Metric as well. As previously reported Beck is writing the music for the title character’s band Sex Bob-Omb.
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