New And Improved Site!

Let me be the first to welcome you to the new and improved Gamers Radio website. I am sure the new Green design may catch you off guard at first, but give it time and I know it will grow on you. We have worked hard to bring you an interesting theme, while doing everything we can to speed up the load time of the site. I think you will agree the new theme runs much smoother.

Be sure and drop by our Forums as they are completely redesigned to match the new theme. Keep your eye out for our easter egg, hidden somewhere in the forums. For you Firefox users, you will notice the Forums Block on the left now scrolls just like it has always done with IE. Keep it here for more interesting additions including a new Interviews module and Flash Enabled Games. For those of you that complained about the site logging you out, that should now be fixed as well.

Of course, I could not have done this without the help of Raze. I owe him all the credit for the great artwork and new design. Without him, none of this would be here. Thanks Raze!

BF2 Jungle Screenshots

EA released 10 screenshots from a Jungle map named Songhua. I am glad to hear we are going to get more than Desert maps. All that brown gets boring after a while and it is so much more fun to hide in the deep brush, than to stand out in the middle of a desert. 🙂

All I can say about these pics is WOW! I am really, really impressed at how great the jungle looks. And look at that temple. Amazing!

Click here to see all 10.

Custom Map Blowout!

Our BF42 GRB Custom Map blowout was so successful, we decided to release the rest of our Battlefield Vietnam maps and do another Friday Night Fights Custom Map blowout for BFV! There will 8 maps this time around. Some of them have been released, some of them are never seen before except by the GRBs. These maps are great, but keep in mind they have not been through our extensive testing and may not 100% complete. Either way, this will be a fun night and you only get one shot, so spread the word! Here is your map line up.

Smokey Falls | Assualt Island | City In The Sewers | Operation Hanoi Garden
No Remorse | Guadalnam | Ghost In The Darkness | Sacred Grounds

Download HERE!

Friday, March 18th starting at 7pm
Server: |GRB|

Our thanks go out to |GRB| LoU-Cipher, |GRB| Raze, |GRB| GreatXScott and |GRB| ehil for all the hard work they put into these maps and custom map nights to make them a success! And to all the |GRB|s that come to these events to support there buds, we salute you!

Live365 2005 Broadcaster Award Nominations

If you are a Live365 member, you can nominate your favorite broadcasters in a wide variety of categories for the Live365 2005 Broadcaster Awards. So go and support GamersRadio (which is your favorite station of course) with a vote in the “Metal and Hard Rock” as well as the “Best New Station (<1 year old)" categories.

Deadline: March 15, 2005

you can enter your nomination at Live365

Bad Move Apple

According to this article on Information Week, a judge ruled that the three sites being sued by Apple over the leak of the MiniMac must reveal their sources.

This is the part that ticks me off the most.

“Apple maintains that Californias Shield Law, which protects journalists from being forced to reveal sources, should not apply to Internet sites. In addition, the firm stated in court filings that free speech protections likewise should not apply to the three Internet sites.”

Apple is arguing that the one place in the whole world that you have the most rights to free speech should not be protected by the Right Of Free Speech. All I can say is Up Yours Apple!

Huge Battlegroup 42 News Update

The Battlegroup 42 mod team has posted a significant update on their activities for both their BF42 and BFV mods. This includes tweaks to specific tanks, anti-tank rifles and rockets, better heavy machinegun kits, and changes to both older and newer maps for the upcoming BG42 1.1.1 patch.

They also show off some of their mapping work for the BG42:V mod which will focus on the pacific theatre to start, will include the Battlefield Vietnam style kit choices, and includes at least one map with tunnels (cool!).

Also included is information on forum location changes and personnel changes.

Read the entire release and look at the screenshots here

I must say I am excited for some new work from these guys. Will let everyone know if I find a release date or the like for these mods.