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How to run aol’s nwn on windows 10 using neverwinter nights offline and ssi unlimited adventures

I was showing a friend of mine some of the old school Gold Box Dungeon’s and Dragon’s games on when I thought about AOL’s NWN. For me, NWN’s on AOL was the game that lead me down the path to this site. I made friends on there I still talk to this. There have been a few games in my life that I’ve truly loved playing and being a part of AOL’s NWN was something I will never forget.

I started wondering if anyone had ever figure out a way to make the game playable offline or remade it in another engine.

I found both had happened a while back, but I missed them. There was an online version built in the Bioware Neverwinter Nights engine. Sadly, I’m about 10 years too late as the game has come and went. I would have loved to be in that world again, especially on a new engine.

As I kept digging, I found there was an initiative to recreate the original Gold Box version using AD&D Forgotten Realms Unlimited Adventures aka FRUA. If you are not familiar with FRUA, it was an attempt to give everyone the tools to build their own modules. Over time, there has been an impressive set of recreations and over 30 years later, it’s still active.

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Neverwinter Nights 2 Toolset Available Early With Pre-Order

Atari, Inc., one of the world’s most recognized brands and leading third-party video game publisher, today announced that the Company will support a pre-order campaign for Neverwinter Nights 2 with GameStop and Best Buy. In development by Obsidian Entertainment, the highly-anticipated Neverwinter Nights 2 is set in the DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Forgotten Realms universe created by Wizards of the Coast, a subsidiary of Hasbro, Inc., and will transport players back to the embattled city of Neverwinter. DUNGEONS & DRAGONS is under license from the Hasbro Properties Group, the intellectual property development arm of Hasbro. The pre-order offer is available now and will give participating gamers exclusive access to the Neverwinter Nights 2 toolset one month before the game is available. Additionally, the pre-order offer will include The Merchant’s Friend, a special feature enabling players to obtain powerful items crafted especially for each of the 12 classes.

“The Neverwinter Nights 2 toolset is groundbreaking software that provides players with unprecedented ability to create their own universes, quests and storylines” said Stephen Baer, Senior Product Manager, Atari, Inc. “The Neverwinter Nights 2 community has been extremely supportive of the upcoming game and with this pre-order offer we hope to reward those who are particularly excited to experience the next installment of the Neverwinter epic tale.”

“Atari has certainly set the stage for a very exciting Neverwinter Nights 2 launch,” said Hasbro Properties Group Senior Licensing Manager Jerry Chu. “The pre-sell toolset gives the millions of fanatic Neverwinter Nights players a jump start on the next epic tale and the keys to create new storylines with limitless quests and endings. The level of customized mods will be phenomenal.”

The Neverwinter Nights franchise has sold more than two million copies worldwide, is translated into 10 languages, sold in more than 40 countries and features one of the largest and most active fan communities in all of gaming. To date, fans of the franchise, which includes Neverwinter Nights, Neverwinter Nights: Shadows of Undrentide and Neverwinter Nights: Hordes of the Underdark, have created nearly 4,000 modifications to the original game using the original, award-winning Aurora Toolset. A more robust toolset will be included with the release of Neverwinter Nights 2.

Neverwinter Nights 2 is scheduled for release in October 2006. More information about Neverwinter Nights 2 can be found on the Official Atari NWN 2 site, which includes user forums, project news, development updates and more.

Neverwinter Nights 2 Interview

Its no secret, I love Neverwinter Nights. The original on AOL started me down the road to where I am today. Fans of Baldurs Gate, Icewind Dale or the new Neverwinter Nights should deffinately check out this interview with Obsidians Ferret Baudoin (dig that name!).

Shack: Though the game will still focus on the city of Neverwinter, its obviously inadvisable to simply “port” the city from the original game to the sequel. What changes can we expect to see to the recreated city of Neverwinter?

Baudoin: One of the big map-making changes in Neverwinter Nights 2 is were no longer tile-based, so that opened up whole new vistas for Neverwinter city herself. Hills, winding roads, parks, etc. are now all doable. So the city may not look much like the first game. You visit some of the same districts (like Blacklake and the Docks). [As far as storyline is concerned,] The reason its so different is the construction after the war in the original game.

Read the full 2 page interview, plus awesome looking screenshots at

New D&D Titles on the way or April Fools Joke?

In a remote end of the galaxy, in an obsure community forum, word of three new D&D games was posted, albiet, on April 1st….. Hmmm. The poster claims it is no hoax and that poster is a part of Ataris Public Relations.

Here are the three new games.

NWN2 – Neverwinter Nights 2
BG3 – Baldurs Gate 3 (will I ever finish 2, darn you BFV!)
Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone – News to me….

There is no further information, but the thread is an interesting read. Lets hope there is some truth to this.

Bioware Announces The Community Expansion Pack

For all you custom module makers of Neverwinter Nights, Bioware is releasing an impressive list of in-game content for you to add to your own modules.

From the Bioware website: The Community Expansion Pack (CEP), brought to you by the CEP Team, is the culmination of two years of community development, experimentation, and contribution. The CEP is the best of the best. It provides you with a single, integrated source of high-quality custom content for Neverwinter Nights.

Great Archive of Original Neverwinter Nights on AOHell

By now, everyone has heard of Neverwinter Nights by Interplay. How many of you have heard of Neverwinter Nights on AOHell? I am sure a lot of you have heard of it, but how many of you actually had the opportunity to play it?

For me, it was The Game to beat all games. For some reason, the ancient graphics didnt make a bit of difference. The real challenge was in the game and playing with other real life players. To this day, I have not found another game to satisfy my urge.

Recently I stumbled onto an archive of information about the original Neverwinter Nights. If you are interested, take a peek. Its hard to imagine how this game captured the imagination of so many, but it did…..

June 18th, 2002 – The Day Neverwinter stood still….

Today is N-day folks. It has been many, many years since I first heard of Biowares release of Neverwinter Nights. I can honestly say the only game I have been this anxious to play was Ultima Online. Even then, it was because Aohell closed down the original Neverwinter Nights and I needed a new game to feed my addiction.
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