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GRB as part of the Cabal Gaming Cartel

GRB has merged with DC and NC to form Cabal Gaming Cartel!


Big news today, the Gamer Radio Battalion has joined forces with the Dual Clan and Napalm Cowboys to form the Cabal Gaming Cartel.  Being part of the Cartel allows GRB the opportunity to share servers, and players for the purpose of TWL competition.  We will still continue our boards here and continue on as the same lovable clan as usual.  Go visit the new Cartel website here, our buds at the Napalm Cowboys here or the Dual Clan fellas here.

 As always we are looking for members and are searching for COD4 players to compete in TWL with us.  

 One last note, be careful of Sarge, he bites still. Sometimes when he gets really excited about a new vistor, he has been known to piddle himself a little.







Weekly (Sort of) Links of Interest

Like a bad clock, a week and a half later, we give you another installment of Links of Interest.

Our first link of interest comes straight out of our referral logs. Its not often we see a Hungarian website in our logs, so I decided to check it out. I cant read Hungarian and babelfish does not have a Hungarian translator, so I have no idea what it says. There was one word I did understand and it said Music. Nice of them to link to our site. While my interest in the Hungarian words is more curiosity than anything else, it was the pictures on the site that caught my eye.

I am not sure if these are original works or comments on others work, but I spent quite a lot of time just going through the site to look at the art work. So, check out this Hungarian Blog to see some incredible fantasy artwork.

Our second site comes by way of an accidental encounter. I was trying to find the font used in the Punisher Comic Book and ran across Iconian. This cool website is a comic geeks dream. It has tons of free fonts in tribute to the comic books that inspired their design. It was fun just going through the list to see which Fonts I could associate with the appropriate comic book.

Our third link comes to us from a story I was reading in the latest copy of Wired Magazine. I really wanted to talk about this article and it turns out you can read the whole thing online on the Wired Website. The article is a short brief on a lawsuit filed by the MPAA against Shawn Hogan for allegedly downloading Meet The Fockers. It turns out that not only does Shawn own this movie on DVD, but he happens to be the CEO of a multimillion Internet company called Digital Point. You may be aware of their largely popular Webmaster Forums.

Rather than paying the $2500 settlement fee also know as extortion money, Shawn has decided to take this to court even if it costs him hundreds of thousands of dollars. I am glad the MPAAs illicit RIAA like tactics of suing its own customers is going to be heard in a court of law. Suing your customers is not a smart move and it really needs to stop.

Monday Links of Interest

Welcome to a new tidbit we are doing on Mondays. We will bring you 3-5 links that we find interesting. If you think you have an interesting site, please send us feedback and let us know.

I have to give credit where credit is due. This idea is not my own. I got it from Jason Murphys Blog. He does a segment called Free Links Friday where he puts up 7 links and tells you why he finds them interesting. I think its a great idea and I encourage you to check his blog, especially on Fridays for 7 Sites You Should See. Thanks Jason for linking us in your last list and thanks for a great idea. I hope you dont mind sharing. After all, the Internets a big place. 🙂

Our second link of interest comes directly from Jason Murphy. Hes going to kill me…. heh. But, I thought it was too good of a cause not to put it on our first list.

Let me introduce Michael OConnell. Michael has Muscular Dystrophy. Michael was very fortunate to have been given a Van at the age of 24 back in 1992. Needless to say, it has seen its last days. Michael put up a webpage telling you about himself, why he needs a van with an extremely expensive driving setup.

Michael brings up a point that I personally appreciate. Even though he is handicapped, he works for a living. His van has allowed him to do that. Because of this, he does not require government assistance. I think a lot of us take for granted how much having the ability to get to work increases our quality of life.

Go read Michaels Story. Its very humorous. Check out the pics of the old brown Econoline VAN, then check out the cool new (2002) Van with Starship Enterprise like controls, Blue Flames and a working FM stereo. When you are done, be sure and donate to his van fund.

Rock On Michael!

Our third link of interest is for a site called Fever Gaming. Doesnt sound familiar? It shouldnt, but you may have known it in another life as You see, Fever Gaming is the work of a fella by the name of GameWizard. Now he should be familiar to you. After all, he was the guy that created and made what it is today.

I will not go into boring details, but Fever Gaming is running a copy of the Forums database. It is my understanding that GameWizard was fired from, even though he was actually the owner of the site. It is still to be see what contractual obligations were made between him and MyIS over the purchase of

MyIS are the guys who brought you the Battlefield Rules of Engagement and pushed for EA to make them the official Rules for all Ranked Servers. In addition, they have appointed themselves the keepers of the rules and are taking up violation submissions for their review. If the "bf police" are watching us, then who is watching them?

I liked the TotalBF2 community of the past. If you are like me, then I encourage you to drop by Fever Gaming and become a contributing part of the new Battlefield Community.

Thats it for this week’s Links of Interest. Next week, Sarge or Bubba will tell you about theirs.

Adobe to aquire Macromedia

Its been rumored that Adobe had interest in acquiring Macromedia for quite a while now. Looks like the reality is now.

The webmaster where I work, asked this question:

"I wonder what tools well be working with 5 years from now? Probably not much different. But, Macromedia has always held up the other side of the scale from Adobe. Where Adobe had shortcomings, Macromedia filled the void.

I suppose Adobe is the Microsoft of the multimedia world."

To read the full story from Adobes mouth here.

SETI Discovers Interesting Signal

SETI has discovered an interesting signal out in space. The signal has been detected 3 seperate times all together. In the last instance, the signal actually became stronger. Interestingly, the signal comes from a point in space with no visible Stars within 1000 Light Years of the signal. They are not declaring this to be Alien Life, but it is an interesting repeatable phenomenom.

Named SHGb02+14a, the signal has a frequency of about 1420 megahertz. This happens to be one of the main frequencies at which hydrogen, the most common element in the universe, readily absorbs and emits energy.

Some astronomers have argued that extraterrestrials trying to advertise their presence would be likely to transmit at this frequency, and SETI researchers conventionally scan this part of the radio spectrum.

Read the very interesting article at the New Scientist website.

Bert and Osama?!?

It seems a mistake at the printing press has caused quite a stir on the web. You see, several websites were making fun of Bert (of Sesame Street Fame) and Osama being pals. All of the original pictures were doctored. There are several theories on how the Bert/Osama picture wound up on the poster. One includes a printing press that got in a hurry, pulled one of the doctored photos from the web and didnt pay attention to what they were putting on the poster. There are several more that can be found all over the web. Continue reading Bert and Osama?!?