Punkbuster no longer supporting Half-life.

For you that dont know punkbuster is 3rd party software used to stop cheaters. Any one that plays half-life (Counter-Strike, Team Fortress) knows it has been plagued with cheaters and has lost a lot of players due to this. Well Sierra/Valve have been saying for months they are working to fix these problems, the hole time punkbuster doing this for them for free. Well the latest release of Halflife come out a week ago and to everyones surprise (not realy) Sierra/Valve didnt even fix one of the cheats in the game. I think is a very bad call by Sierra/Valve as cheats will kill a game faster than anything. Read on for the quote from punkbusters webpage
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Nimda Worm

I do not usually bring up things like Viruses, except to make fun of different companies, but this one is serious. It targets Microsoft products specifically. More importantly, it is generating so much bandwidth in its quest to infect other systems, it is impacting cable internet providers, webservers (Linux, Unix and Microsoft) and internet use in general. Make sure you protect yourself from it. If you dont you will regret it. As an example, Read On for the details of a test a buddy of mine ran last night. Continue reading Nimda Worm

Top 20 Games for July, 2001

NPD Intelect released the top 20 selling games for the month of July. Most of the list is exactly what you would expect to see, Diablo 2, The Sims (everywhere), Black & White. The most interesting item on the list is at number 18. It is the only MMORPG to make the top 20 sellers. What is even more interesting is that it was not in the top 20 last month and in my humble opinion has been one of the slowest growing MMORPG of the first 3 major releases. Could the tides of gaming be changing? If Ive peeked your interested, take a look inside for yourself. As always, your thoughts and opinions are always welcome. Continue reading Top 20 Games for July, 2001

Its about time!

I have been waiting for Interplay to enter the MMORPG scene for quite some time. About 12 months ago, I stumbled across a link for beta testers for a MMORPG made by Interplay. I didnt pay much attention at the time (stupid me), but I did start looking for more information later on. I found nothing but a few hints and rumors that Interplay was actually working on this project.

I will admit to being a little suprised that they chose to use the Warcraft series and not the Diablo series. I have a feeling this is tied to the cancellation of the previous Warcraft Adventures series. Maybe we can dig a little deeper and find out for sure. Continue reading Its about time!