The Osbournes a hit?!?

Have you been watching the Osbournes on MTV as much as I have? I have been a huge fan of Ozzy for almost 15 years and I would have never guessed how popular the Real World meets The Devils Spawn would be. I have to give credit to Sharon. After all, she is the brains behind the whole thing and we are all hooked.

I am curious about one thing though, which Osbourne do you prefer? The poll is on the right. Pick your favorite…… I am curious to see who is the real star of this show. What do you think?

Grohl and Novoselic ask Love to prove she is not psycho

In the almost to funny to be real category, ex-Nirvana bandmates Grohl and Novoselics legal batte with Courtney has take a peculiar turn. The Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports that Grohl and Novoselic have asked for Love to submit to a psychiatric examination, in hopes it will prove their claim that she “is irrational, mercurial, self-centered, unmanageable, inconsistent and unpredictable” in her business dealings.

Right On! – Atomm