Interviews: Keith Morris (OFF!, Black Flag, Circle Jerks)

If there’s a punk rock Valhalla, then surely there is a spot at the head of the table reserved for Keith Morris. Morris shaped the very essence of hardcore punk when he cut the vocals for Black Flag‘s seminal debut release, “Nervous Breakdown”, an EP that sent shock waves across the country and beyond. After a short love/hate relationship with the band, Morris split and founded the Circle Jerks with Greg Hetson, and released the frantic 15 minute Group Sex LP. Later on, Morris would continue to push the boundaries of punk by releasing the the jazz meets spoken word LP Midget Handjob while continuing with the Circle Jerks and outlasting many of his early punk peers. Just a few months ago, Morris started a new band called Off! which he is touting as a return to the short, snappy, vicious sound of early Black Flag. Since Off! recently debuted live at SxSW (and tore the place up). Punknews interviewer John Gentile sat down with Keith to get the inside scoop on his new band, Off!, the story with the Circle Jerks, and a history lesson or two.

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