Black Sabbath Recording Again

All four original members of Black Sabbath are in the UK where they are currently writing and recording a new album. Meanwhile, Ozzys band is back in the USA recording the music for his next solo album. “No More Tours” Indeed! ::snicker::

Its great to see them actually colaborating on a new album. I will be excited to hear some of the new work. How about you? What do you think?

Shadows of Luclin – Bombastikas Opinion!!

Every night that I spend wandering the lands of Norrath, I look to the skies and the heavens, and wonder, in utter awe and fear, what new adventure or horror the God-Known-Only-As-V will next drop upon us, its poor and ill-prepared champions. Now, I will fear no more when I look up to that night sky, and revel in the glory that is the moon of Norrath

For the Shadows of Luclin are coming, and bringing with it everything I love and hate about Norrath, and Everquest. Continue reading Shadows of Luclin – Bombastikas Opinion!!

Metallica Dishes the Dirt in Playboy

I picked up the March (Hey, its a long boat ride from the UK.) issue of Kerrang! the other day and saw some highlights of the April Playboy Magazine interview of Metallica. The interview was done two months before Jason announced he was leaving the band. I believe it also sheds some light on why Jason actually left. In case you missed it, I would suggest finding a buddies issue that isnt sticky and ::gasp:: actually “READ” the Playboy interview. I know no one will ever believe you, but when Kerrang! said the only person to remain remotely diplomatic was Kirk Hammett, I thought everyone should know.

Site Update

I hope you like the new site a little better. I have streamlined everything in an attempt to make the site easier to navigate. I added a new option to the users information to opt out of future email from us. We are committed to your privacy and we want to make sure you have the option to tell us you do not want email on future stories, music and gaming news, new songs on the broadcast, Bombastikas new article or Skahlds latest movie. We understand and respect your privacy. If you are a registered user, please take the time to set the newsletter option however you choose. Just click on “Your Account” on the left hand side.

I would like to take this oppurtunity to introduce our newest staff member, The Camelion. He will be joining us to write about First Person Shooters, Music and Computer Hardware. As always, we are looking for people to join our staff. Take a look at our openings and let us know if you want to join us.

Fallen Age – For Real? Dare We Believe?

I wanted to play Dawn, really badly…I wanted to seriously roleplay. And I wanted Death to walk the land with me. My friends and I had plans. We had the blueprints of a wonderful village. We had everything set! Gods, language, all of it!

But…*sighs quietly* I am beginning to lose my faith in Dawn.

So, in light of my need to game and to roleplay, my very dear friend “Archaice” *waves at him* sent me this link:

Fallen Age

I went to it…

I read about it…



But once I look over the site…will this be a game I play with enough relish to have Everquest fade into history? Continue reading Fallen Age – For Real? Dare We Believe?

New Music Release For April…

April 2001
Date Artist Title Label
2nd Mayhem Seasons Of Mist
3rd Eye Hate God 10 Years Of Abuse And Still Broke Century Media
3rd Cathedral Endtyme Earache
3rd Savatage Poets And Madmen Nuclear Blast
3rd Susperia Pre-Dominance Nuclear Blast
3rd Amorphis Am Universum Relapse
3rd Journey Arrival Sony
3rd Britney Fox Best Of Spitfire
3rd Enuff ZNuff Best Of Spitfire
9th W.A.S.P. Unholy Terror
9th Astroqueen Astroqueen Pavement
9th Murder Squad Unsane, Insane, And Mentally Deranged Pavement
10th Cydonia Cydonia Metal Blade
10th Dies Irae Immolated Metal Blade
10th God Dethroned Ravenous Metal Blade
11th Harem Scarem Rocks Warner Japan
17th L.A. Guns Man In The Moon Spitfire
24th Circle Of Dead Children The Genocide Machine Century Media
24th Fear Factory Digimortal Roadrunner

All dates are tentative.


Jason Newsted jams with young duo…

In his first live appearance since leaving Metallica, Jason Newsted performs with the Moss Brothers. The Moss are comprised of 12 year old guitarist Reuben and 15 year old drummer Evan.

Hmmm… Maybe Newsted just wanted jam with more mature musicians, especially after dealing with 14 years of Lars.

Click HERE for the complete story.


When Everquest Becomes More Than Just a Game – Part III

When Everquest becomes more than just a game to someone, I have often wondered how they manage to still find it as fun as it was before.

I have argued, stewed and scoffed at powergamers and l33t d00ds alike face-to-face often enough to have some really interesting and exciting conversations with them. Id like to take this chance to share them with you. I hope you find these excerpts as exciting as I do. Continue reading When Everquest Becomes More Than Just a Game – Part III

Account Sign-Up Works Once More

Well, Slap my ass and call me Sally!

Dont even think of it you perv!

First, Let me apologize to those of you who tried to sign up for an account with us, but were unable too. Yours truly jacked the users database up and didnt even realize it. Guess that will teach me to play with fire. {UGH – Fire GOOD!} Shut up James! (Those of you who saw the infamous Flash Movie featuring Lars Ulcerous and James Hatefield of the band Metalinapster should understand that last joke.)

Second, I would like to thank Curt Kliewer publicly for taking the time to find my email address and then emailing me to let me know exactly what the error was. For his help and effort, I will be sending him a copy of Manifest Destinys latest release, Within. You can check it out on

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Poorly coded or just stingy with funds? Todays slam.

When you go into a retail game seller, you more than likely expect to come out with something that you can get into, spend more time on than you like, and maybe gain an addiction. The last thing you want, however, is to come out with something that is more trouble than earning the money you spent on it. This just happened to me last night when I purchased a game called summoner.

Find out about my experience here as well as how I felt about this annoyance. Continue reading Poorly coded or just stingy with funds? Todays slam.