Top 10 Games for week ending September 7th, 2002.

NPD has released its list of top selling PC games:

  1. The Sims: Vacation – Electronic Arts.
  2. Warcraft III – Vivendi Universal.
  3. The Sims – electronic Arts.
  4. Icewind Dale II – Vivendi Universal.
  5. Backyard Baseball 2003 – Infogrames
  6. Mafia – Gathering of Developers
  7. Medieval: Total War – Activision
  8. Roller Coaster Tycoon – Infogrames
  9. Madden NFL 2003 – Electronic Arts.
  10. Medal of Honor: Allied Assault – Electronic Arts.

Love Takes Over MTV2

MTV is giving Courtney Love complete control of MTV2 this weekend. She will be the VJ and she will pick the music. Whatever she wants, she gets.

I just have one question…. Whose butt does she have her head up?!?!? I mean, come on…. What has she done lately? Other than sue a lot of people, absolutely nothing, yet MTV loves her. In the grand scheme of things, I will not loose any sleep over this, but she makes me sick. YECH!

So, if you are a big fan, check out MTV2 this weekend. I know I wont…..

Rockstar Games Rocks!

True to their name, Rockstar Games is going to release 7 Music Soundtracks to its upcoming game, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. The soundtracks contain the music used in the game for the various radio stations available when you are in a car.

The music ranges from Judas Priest, A Flock of Seagulls, Grandmaster Flash to Kool and The Gang and many more. Overall, there will be 80 songs available in the game.

Eminem and Battlefield 1942

I have been checking my referrer logs lately to see how traffic to GR was going and something interesting started showing up. It seems a lot of people have been searching for Battlefield 1942 and Eminem.

The first time I saw it, I thought it was a fluke, but when it started showing up more and more, I decided to check out google and see why people were looking up this unusual combination of words.

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