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New Vent Server

We have a new 50-slot Ventrillo server to share among all members of the Cabal Gaming Cartel!

PW: darkside

Thanks to our new sponsor for providing us with this new resource!

You can download Ventrillo from our [Downloads] section. The nice thing about Ventrillo is you don't have the 3-second delay that you do with TeamSpeak, which is certainly convenient for gaming!

Long live the cartel!

Tired of the Same Old BF2?

Yea, so are we. Rather than playing Karkand for the millionth time, we decided to switch things up. This Friday Night, we will turn our 32 player server into a Frag Fest like you have never seen in Battlefield 2.

Special Forces maps!
Infantry Only Mode!
Small 16 Player maps with up to 32 players on it for condensed action!

If you are looking for something different to do with Battlefield 2, then you need to join the Gamers Radio Battalion for a Friday Night Fights to remember.

The action starts between 8pm and 9pm EST and goes until the server is empty!


Game Server

Name: SF IO maps!
Port: 16567

We will see you on the Battlefield this Friday Night, March 23rd!

Gamers Radio Battalion

What Is The Gamers Radio Battalion?

We are a group of Gaming nuts who enjoy playing various games, but don't spend every waking minute analyzing every single element of the game. Sure, we want to be good players, but we do have a life offline.

We enjoy playing custom maps and are always looking for new members to help test maps, or even build new maps. We also enjoy playing various games including the Battlefield franchise, Unreal Tournament and Counterstrike. We also plan on playing Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, Unreal Tournament 2007 and future Battlefield games.

Who Are The |GRB|?


To understand who we are, you need to know where we came from. The |GRB| was founded with the release of Battlefield 1942 in 2002 by Atomm and Racer as a way to enjoy the camaraderie and teamwork associated with playing the First Person Shooter. The original members came from Racers Ghost Recon clan and had a good understanding of what teamwork meant.

With this solid core, the |GRB| went on to host many gaming events for the sole purpose of extending the gameplay of BF42 as well as offering the community something more. The first Friday Night Fights, Custom Map Night was held at the end of 2002. Offering a handful of custom maps that had not seen rotation on game servers previously, the event was a success, even gaining support from Evil Homer of Planet Battlefield Fame.

Over the course of the next few years, |GRB| would host many custom map events for Battlefield 1942 and eventually Battlefield Vietnam, reviewing several hundred custom maps along the way. Eventually, our custom map events brought us several game players who enjoyed the challenge of making custom maps. These members would turn out over a dozen custom maps for BF42 and BFV with one of the custom maps even being picked up by a custom gaming league as an official map.

In addition to our love of supporting custom map makers, we have helped beta test battlefield mods including Battlegroup for BF42 and BFV and even the WWII conversion project bringing all of the original BF42 maps to the BFV engine. In fact, a sole member of this clan single handedly finished the WWII conversion project in a effort to make sure it was released back to the Battlefield community.

Along the way, we have also enjoyed playing Unreal Tournament 2004 including over a hundred custom maps for CTF and Bombing Run. Eventually, the interest in UT2004 died down, but we still pick up a game or two now and then.

Up next was Battlefield 2. This was a turning point for our community participation as the tools offered by DICE in support of Battlefield 2 were lacking, not to mention the game engine was too taxing on several members systems. With a strong love of custom maps, we found ourselves devoid of custom mappers for this new game. With little to no outlet to extend the BF2 game, we waited patiently for a decent mod to be released. Unfortunately, the mod tools again reared their ugly head as mods for BF2 have been few and far between. Longing for more than the BF2 engine could offer, we slowly stagnated as gameplay became routine bored.

This brings us to where we are today. We are at a turning point in our evolution as a clan and will soon start our fourth official game with the release of Quake Wars. We are hopeful that the community support will be strong for ETQW, even allowing us to offer those niche gaming events that bring continued life to an aging game.

On the horizon is Unreal Tournament 2007, Frontlines: Fuel of War and Team Fortress 2. Our ranks are starting to gain momentum again with the excitement that a new game offers. If ever there was a good time to join our group of motley fools, this would be it.

How Do I  Join The Gamers Radio Battalion?
Actually, it is pretty simple. Drop by our Introduction Forum and tell us a little about yourself, then post an application in our Recruitment Forum


General Rules and Expectations for |GRB| Members
1. Have fun!
2. Consider other members your friends and treat them as such.
3. Play as a team with whomever you are playing; clan members or otherwise.
4. Be willing to experiment with mods, custom maps, and other games.
5. Be active in gaming and in the forums (discussed below)
6. Don't give out info about your team to the other team.
7. Don't argue with or threaten people in the text chat/squad comms.
8. Let us know if you are not going to be around for more than a week or two.

Gameserver Rules

1. Play fairly and Honorably. No cheats, hacks, exploits or greifing. period.
2. Have Fun!
3. Don't punish for accidental TK's – give the player a chance to say "Sorry" – Especially |GRB| – we don't TK on purpose (mostly).
4. Join a squad and use the squad comms, stick with your squad and obey orders!
5. Commander should generally not be flying or idling in armor.
6. Do not attack uncaps except for spec ops to destroy equipment.
7. Play as a team no matter whom you are playing with.

Teamspeak Rules

1. Your mic should be "Push to Talk" activated
2. Minimize the swearing and yelling.
3. Respect the other players on the server – no taunting (except other GRB's), threatening, or berating.
4. Minimize the complaining.
5. Rules 2-4 are suspended if strippers are on the TS Server.