AVALANCHE: Debut Album To Be Recorded In Early 2009

AVALANCHE, the new project featuring Olof Mörck (NIGHTRAGE, DRAGONLAND), Jake E (ex-DREAM EVIL, DREAMLAND), Andy Solveström (WITHIN Y, EVILDOER, CIPHER SYSTEM) and Morten Lowe Sorensen (THE ARCANE ORDER, SUBMISSION), has issued the following update: “We have been getting quite a good amount of messages from people looking to get the [debut AVALANCHE] album or buy songs from iTunes.
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RAGE Frontman Offers Track-By-Track Breakdown Of New EP

Frontman Peter “Peavy” Wagner of German power metal veterans RAGE has posted a track-by-track breakdown of the band’s upcoming EP, “Gib Dich nie auf”, which will contain German version of the songs “Never Give Up” and “Full Moon” as well as two bonus tracks, one brand new song and a video clip.
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November 30th, 2008

Hello everybody and welcome to Navel Gazing: your look back at the week in Punknews. I’m Adam White and I’ll be your guide through some of the most popular, notable, and otherwise attention getting stories of the past seven days. Each and every Punknews story is built from tips contributed by you fine folks, and here’s what got the strange, slow, old people in the community talking…

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While the music pie is smaller than it once was, digital sales have become an increasingly significant slice. Major imprint Atlantic Records annoucned this past week that digital sales have surpassed the physical on their balance sheets, which is a first for a big label. Against Me! frontman Tom Gabel recently reunited with the band’s original drummer Kevin Mahon for an acoustic performance in New York City. The Bouncing Souls posted an update from the studio where they’re working on their new 12 song digital project. Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong spoke out on that band’s forthcoming album as well. The 2009 Bamboozle festival is starting to come together. We first heard that No Doubt and Fall Out Boy would headline, then saw the lineup expanded to include the Get Up Kids, New Found Glory and Face To Face.

The UK can soon expect a visit from the Gaslight Anthem, Frank Turner and Polar Bear Club. Off With Their Heads is headed out on the road in the US. The Dropkick Murphys confirmed their St.Patrick’s Day shows as well. Coheed and Cambria are planning to tour with Slipknot. NOFX and Smoke Or Fire are set to hit the streets as well. Millencolin has been nominated for a Swedish Grammy, while D.O.A.‘s Joe Shithead Keithley is in the running for “Most Influential Person In BC History.” This week saw a full concert stream from the New Pornographers, a video from I Set My Friends on Fire, and a trailer for the upcoming Warped Tour documentary.

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This week we teamed up with our good friends in the Gaslight Anthem for a charity auction. Head over to eBay to win a rare signed vinyl test-pressing of the band’s debut LP Sink Or Swim. All proceeds are going to benefit The Syrentha Savio Endowment, a charity which provides financial assistance to underprivileged women who cannot afford the expense of fighting breast cancer. As always we brought you new Streaming Music including Virginia-based trio The Two Funerals.

So what’s coming up this week? Look for a live release from Panic! At the Disco, and the Vans Warped Tour 2007 DVD with tours kicking off from Social Distortion‘s Mike Ness (California), Lagwagon (Japan), Taking Back Sunday / Envy On The Coast (US), Isis (Europe), and Evergreen Terrace / This Is Hell / Casey Jones / Four Letter Lie (US).
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