Battlegroup 42 1.2 Update released for BF42

From the Battlegroup 42 Website:

Rejoin the war in Europe and the Pacific with Battlegroup42 for BF:1942! The Battlegroup42 team releases the next update to the original Battlegroup42 mod including 16 new maps, a readjustment of the Tiger, IS-2 and Panther-D to BG42 1.0 values, many numerous fixes to armor, AI, and weapons – including further adjustments to the AT weapons and map corrections and balancing of previous BG42 maps.

15 New Maps: The update includes 15 maps from the map makers at Clan MOB, including 9 never-seen-before maps, 2 modifications to classic BF maps, and Battlegroup42 adaptations of 4 maps from the EA Match Map Pack. (The EA Match Map Pack is required to play these last four maps. You can get the pack from EA.) Screenshots from these maps have been shared in earlier news postings, but in addition to screenshots already shown, there are some new ones from Operation U-Go, the last map added to the update.

Read more for the 1.2 change list. 1.2 Change List

Release 1.2 provides new maps and a readjustments of some changes introduced in 1.1. It also addresses as many long-standing BG42 known issues as well as significant map re-balancing to several maps. There is a small amount of new content in this build as well.

16 additional maps (9 new maps, 2 modified old maps and 4 conversions from the EA Match Map Pack) thanks to the efforts of Clan MOBs mapping group:

MOB can be reached at: (German Forums) (English Forums)

Online (Conquest mode) play exists for the following maps:

* 4207-kokoda_path
* 4304-final_at_bizerte
* 4306-operation_corkscrew
* 4311-raid_on_rabaul
* 4403-Operation_Ugo
* 4410-battle_of_overloon
* 4410-clash_on_surigao
* 4503-Cologne
* 4504-volkssturm
* berlin_no_tanks
* stalingrad_no_tanks

Limited single player support exists for the following maps from the EA Match Map Pack which requires the installation of EAs Match Map Pack BF1942 maps in order to load. If you do not have the Match Map Pack maps installed, you will experience Crash-To-Desktop (CTD) errors upon map load of these maps. The Match Map Pack can be downloaded from EA at:

* faid_pass
* operation_forager
* remagen

The following EA Map Match Pack map does NOT have Single Player support due to problems with CTD when served as a Battlegroup42 map:

* the_great_pursuit which has been renamed 4312_the_great_pursuit for release in Battlegroup42.

New content:

Infantry changes:

* Fixed deployable MG kit bug where MG could not be picked up and moved
* Increased pip convergence speed for ALL anti-tank weapons
* Adjusted #2 Pistol damage to compensate for slower ROF
* Minor adjustments to PPsh 1.1
* Adjusted the ROF on MP18

Vehicle Changes:

* Turret speed adjusted for Tiger, now returned to BG42 1.0 values
* Land speed for Tiger, IS-2 and Panther-D returned to BG42 1.0 values
* Increased penetration/projectile damage of T-34 and SU-122
* Adjusted hull top and bottom armor of the Tiger to match Real Life specifications of 65mm vs 25mm
* Corrected Firefly armor to match shermans. Additional mesh corrections to improve performance
* DSHK now has proper icon
* JU-87g can now use reverse gears
* Tweaked the sights on the .50 cal on the Allied M3A1 & M5A1 to permit clear LOS to target
* Corrected double reload on torpedo planes
* Corrected LOD on the M10 Achilles
* Fixed the top of the turret armor on the Cromwell
* Adjusted Ho-Ni tank projectile
* Adjusted the KV-85 collision meshes
* Fixed network code in weasel
* Fixed aiming offset bug in Lee and DaimlerCorrected pasenger animation in Kettenkrad
* Adjusted Matilda hull armor
* Adjusted M18 tracks
* Adjusted IL 2M3 Bomblets for more effect

Gameplay changes:

* Adjusted PAK40 LOD
* Adjusted Stationery Gun LOD
* Carriers now rearm planes faster
* SinglePlayer bots do NOT use deployable MG kits due to crash
* Updated almost all tanks and SP guns to permit bots fire the hull guns more frequently
* All artillery adjusted to allow better AI use (adjustment recommendation from MasterChiefRulez)
* Adjusted Greyhound, Stuart, 105 and Sherman to permit AI to use hull guns
* Increased splash damage for Bison, BIshop, Brummbaer, Katyusha, M2A1 Howitzer,Nebelwerfer, Nimrod, Priest, Sexton, sIG33, Wespe and Zrinyi
* Added theater dependent mines (color matches theater)

Notable Map Changes


* Added Destroyer
* Carrier is now the Enterprise, with Corsairs instead of Wildcats
* Adjusted balance by reducing Allied tanks
* Added more AA guns to balance against the Corsairs

o Adjusted bleed
o Removed PAK AT gun at first flag

Battle of Korsun:
o removed German spawns from outpost on Russian side (known problem: although this is a grey flag, it is selectable as a spawn for Germans. Nevertheless, you can not spawn here unless flag has turned to Germans.

o Added Heavy Tanks reinforcements for both sides when forward bases are captured in order to assist in break-out
o Removed Parachutes
o Added Jeeps to middle bases when Russian base is captured by Germans

Dnieper River:
o Eliminated parachutes
o Added DVSS conditional heavy tanks to aid either side in breakout
o Added jeeps when rearmost Russian base is captured
o Eliminated German armor from spawning at rearmost Russian base

Liberation of Caen:
o Added an ammo box to the bridge CP
o Adjusted DVSS to help the allied break out
o Adjusted DVSS for additional British firepower when Germans have all flags
o Added AT guns or artillery placement for paratrooper defense

Market Garden:
o Added Ostwind to Market Garden
o Added of infantry rafts on German side
o Added Artillery on windmill hill, overlooking bunker area on far side of main bridge
o DVSS conditional stronger tanks for Allies
o Removed FLAK36 gun by church

o Balancing to even out Allied deficencies
o Tarp eliminated over Allied M12GMC moved due to interference

Omaha Day 1:
o Removed Anti-Tank Guns (Historical Accuracy adjustment)
o Made midfield flags capturable by both sides
o Adjusted midfield flag locations
o Allied forces may not use Kubelwagons

Operation Battleaxe:
o Adjusted DVSS so that tanks are available when entire midfield is captured by opposing team

Operation Crusader:
o Added more tanks to forward bases via DVSS to reduce boredom of long drives from rear bases
o Added addtional Capture Point midfield
o Additional balancing

Operation Mercury:
o Removed APCs
o Increased Ketterkrad spawn height to prevent damage to vehicles

o Increased spawn time for King Tiger
o Swapped two allied tanks for Jacksons

Pegasus Bridge:
o Increased light levels (new nighttime settings)
o Added new midfield flags
o Significantly improved AI for CoOp play (thanks to beta tester, -=NC=-Larva)

Pointe Du Hoc:
o Readjusted ticket bleed

o DVSS conditional spawn of two tanks and APCs instead of one each for team NOT holding the middle flag.

The Swamp:
o Adjusted ticket bleed

o Updated map layout to include multiple entry points for Axis
o Added two kubelwagons when bases closet to Axis base are captured
o Adjusted British base AT gun to permit firing on bridge

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