Could you imagine a world without music?!?

The last story I posted made me start thinking about Music and how important it has been in my life. Could you imagine living in a country that censored your music to the point that you could only get 1 or 2 rock albums every 3 years?!? That has to be the most fucked up thing I think I have ever heard. It makes you think really hard about censorship and how far it could go.

(click Read More… for complete rant!) I remember a while back when everyone was complaining about Ice-T and his “rap” song, Cop Killer. It just goes to show you how much attention people actually pay. Cop Killer is a Hard Rock song, performed by a Hard Rock band that Ice-T happened to be the lead singer for. Warner Bros. gave him the axe over that song and album because they were receiving heat from different “organizations” condemning violent “rap” music. It may seem like a far cry from what China is doing, but IMHO it is one step closer. You may not like what you hear. You may not agree with the words, but you have to let them be heard, no matter what…..!

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